794. Robert Southey to Grosvenor Charles Bedford, 9 June 1803

794. Robert Southey to Grosvenor Charles Bedford, 9 June 1803 ⁠* 






So Mr Grosvenor Charles Bedford – there are to be Cabinets [1]  among my friends – & I am not to be of the Cabinet Council! – And there are to be Authors among my friends – & I am not to have a presentation copy! & there are to be secrets & slights, & neglects, & incivilities & I am not to be affronted. Mr Grosvenor Charles Bedford. – Mr Grosvenor Charles Bedford but I will be affronted in the first place. Zounds! And I will have a presentation copy Mr Grosvenor Charles Bedford, or else – you Mr Upholsterer <or Joiner,> or Cabinet-Maker – or else – or else [2] 

Are not you now a pretty fellow – a formosus homo [3]  – a καλος άυήρ [4]  – & aye & a gallows άυήρ [5]  to serve me such a trick? but give me leave to tell you Mr Bedford that the secrets of Cabinets are not so inscrutable as you Cabinet Ministers may suppose. The secrets of Mr Addingtons [6]  Cabinet get abroad, & the proceedings of Mr Bonapartes [7]  Cabinet get into the newspapers & there are ways & means whereby the secrets of Mr Bedfords Cabinet reach the ears of Mr Bedfords friends.

My address is No 12. St Jamess Place. Kingsdown. Bristol. & the Bristol Coaches all call at the White Horse Cellar. Piccadilly, & will safely convey the numbers of the Cabinet to


yr very humble Servant

Robert Southey.

June 9th. 1803.


* Address: Grosvenor Charles Bedford Esqr/ 28 Gerrard Street./ Soho/ London./ Single
Postmarks: BRISTOL/ JUN 9 1803; B/ JUN 10/ 1803
Endorsement: 9 June 1803
MS: Bodleian Library, MS Eng. Lett. c. 23. ALS; 3p.
Previously published: John Wood Warter (ed.), Selections from the Letters of Robert Southey, 4 vols (London, 1856), I, p. 218. BACK

[1] Probably an anonymous publication by Bedford. It could be connected to the short-lived periodical The Cabinet (1803). BACK

[2] or else: Written in larger letters. BACK

[3] The Latin translates as ‘Handsome fellow’. BACK

[4] ‘Handsome man’. BACK

[5] The Greek translates as ‘Man’. BACK

[6] Henry Addington, Viscount Sidmouth (1757-1844; DNB), Prime Minister 1801-1804, Home Secretary 1812-1822. BACK

[7] Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821, First Consul 1799-1804, Emperor of the French 1804-1814). BACK

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