817. Robert Southey to Thomas Southey, 5 August [1803]

817. Robert Southey to Thomas Southey, 5 August [1803] ⁠* 

Dear Tom

I think you should send Edward on board the first ship that will take him. but if you have the choice of two – why perhaps the brig is best on account of prize money. yet a midshipmans prize money can be but trifling & as you say there is a risqué in sickening him. Rickman has applied for a frigate in the North Seas – the Immortalité Capt Owen. [1]  the success of this application is very uncertain – & he must take the first appointment. On the whole I should wish him with Grove. [2]  you however must be the best judge.

I write thus briefly because you desire an immediate answer & there should be no delay. when next you write tell me how many you are yet short of complement. a haul of twelve in one day was a fine chance. I am as vexed at your delay as you – yet the war will be long enough & you will make a fortune yet.

Margery is but poorly. teething. I told you in my last that I had written about Amadis [3]  – probably you may have heard of it by this time –

God bless you

R S.

Friday Aug. 5.


* MS: British Library, Add MS 47890. ALS; 1p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] Edward Campbell Rich Owen (1771-1849; DNB), Captain of the frigate Immortalite. Later knighted, he was an Admiral, and MP for Sandwich 1826-1829. BACK

[2] Samuel Grove (d. 1817), naval officer and colleague of Tom Southey’s. BACK

[3] Southey’s translation of Amadis of Gaul (1803). BACK

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