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January, 1795
[Mary Robinson]
The Morning Post (January 29, 1795)


Pavement slip'ry; People sneezing;
Lords in ermine, beggars freezing;
Nobles, scarce the Wretched heeding;
Gallant Soldiers—fighting!—bleeding!


Lofty Mansions, warm and spacious;
Courtiers, cringing and voracious:
Titled Gluttons, dainties carving;
Genius, in a garret, starving!


Wives, who laugh at passive Spouses;
Theatres, and Meeting houses;
Balls, where simpring Misses languish;
Hospitals, and groans of anguish.


Arts and Sciences bewailing;
Commerce drooping, Credit failing!
Placemen, mocking subjects loyal;
Separations; Weddings Royal!


Authors, who can't earn a dinner;
Many a subtle rogue, a winner!
Fugitives, for shelter seeking,
Misers hoarding, Tradesmen breaking!


Ladies gambling, night and morning;
Fools, the works of Genius scorning!
Ancient Dames for Girls mistaken,
Youthful Damsels—quite forsaken!


Some in luxury delighting;
More in talking than in fighting;
Lovers old, and Beaux decrepid;
Lordlings, empty and insipid.


Poets, Painters, and Musicians;
Lawyers, Doctors, Politicians;
Pamphlets, Newspapers, and Odes,
Seeking Fame, by diff'rent roads.


Taste and Talents quite deserted;
All the laws of Truth perverted;
Arrogance o'er Merit soaring!
Merit, silently deploring!


Gallant Souls with empty purses;
Gen'rals, only fit for Nurses!
Schoolboys, smit with Martial spirit,
Taking place of vet'ran merit!


Honest men, who can't get place;
Knaves, who shew unblushing faces;
Ruin hasten'd, Peace retarded!
Candour spurn'd, and Art rewarded!

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