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The Political Christian;
or, Mr. P---t's Prayer for the Approaching General Fast,
Since the Hand of God has led the French into Holland
The Morning Post (February 5, 1795)

The Triple Flag should France display,
    And cloud Britannia's Sun;
Be this our Pray'r both night and day,
    O Lord thy will be done!

For thou art just in all thy ways,
    Attach'd to truth alone;
Should Gallia make our cities blaze,
    O Lord thy will be done!

If, rescu'd from the iron hand,
    Of hard Oppression's Son,
She'd destined for this happy land,
    O Lord thy will be done!

For thou art good to all alike,
    Creation's all thy own;
If we're the victims thou would'st strike,
    O Lord thy will be done!

If K---s by poison are to fall,
    By pistol, sword, or gun;
Or rule in vengeance o'er us all,
    O Lord thy will be done!

For Thou art Wisdom self-confest,
    From thee all blessings run;
Though Millions pine, let K---s be blest,
    O Lord thy will be done!

But if, regardless of the Times,
    Injustice stain the Throne,
May vengeance reach Oppression's crimes,
    O Lord thy will be done!

For thou art firmer in thy rage
    Than Adamantine stone;
From base Corruption clear this Age,
    And thus thy will be done!


1. [Author's note]: "Vide Mr. Pitt's Speech."

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