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Sonnet to Peace
The Tomahawk (January 4, 1796)

See, from the fading embers of despair,
    Reviving HOPE beams on the opening day;
And glorious prospects with the new-born year[1]
    ARISE, bedeck'd in all their colours gay.

O'er England's land, lo! angel forms appear,
    Still hov'ring round to guard her sea-girt shore;
And flit triumphant thro' th' expanse of air,
    To welcome PEACE, who visits her once more.

And see, she comes array'd in form divine,
    Led on by FAME and sturdy VICTORY!
On her right hand rich PLENTY rears her shrine,
    And on her left is smiling LIBERTY.

    Sylvans and sea nymphs in the chorus sing,
    While PEACE once more extends her downy wing.



1. Refers to peace negotiations held between France and Britain at Lille in 1796-1797. Hopes for peace inspired many anticipatory peace poems, but the negotiations failed.

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