1798 13

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Britain's Pre-Eminence
The Gentleman's Magazine, LXVII (December 1798), pp. 1066-1067

    When Danish fury terror spread,
And desolation, through our isle;
His gallant bands great Alfred led,
And rescued from his foes the spoil.

    In arts of peace, no less than war,
Excelling, wholesome laws he made;
His wisdom and parental care
The basis of our freedom laid.

    As rose the fabric by degrees,
So gradual grew the infant state,
Which now the world, admiring, sees,
Alike in arms and commerce great.

    Rich ships, impell'd by ev'ry gale,
Bring to her crowded ports their stores;
Her fleets at large triumphant sail,
And with their thunders guard her shores.

    Rous'd by our vict'ries on the main,
Once more shall Austria take the field,
Fight her lost glory to regain,
And make proud Gallic legions yield.

    The realms enslav'd by France shall brave
The victor's rage, and burst their chains;
And Turk and Russian join to save
From lawless pow'r their wide domains.

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