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The Age of War
The Courier (November 8, 1798)

Hence, stupid Peace! thy pride and song
    No more shall childish joy impart,
A nobler zeal inspires the throng,
    They pant to learn the killing art.
This is THE AGE OF WAR the age
When ev'ry bosom swells with rage,
    And burns with military fame,
When Mamlucks,[1] Pr--sts,[2] and foplings arm,
Whilst Europe sounds the loud alarm,
    And pride her children's breasts inflame.

O! what a vast resistless train
    The Minister can now command!
The threats of enemies are vain,
    They'll find their graves if they should land.
See heroes now of ev'ry trade,
In military garb array'd,
    Pimps, Pr-l-t-s,[3] Taylors, Lawyers shine,
Embodied to support the laws,
In their good King and Country's cause,
    The gen'rous Yeomanry combine.

Long may they wield the shining sword,
    While watchful fleets the heroes guard,
And, seated round the social board,
    Eat beef and pudding undeterr'd.
Long may the Church and State protect,
And heav'n-born R------[4] respect;
    Tho' business should neglected lie,
Enroll'd to guard the rights of P-tt,
Whenev'er their MASTER shall think fit,
Those Warriors in his cause will die.


1. Slave-soldiers.

2. [Priests].

3. [Prelates].

4. [Royalty].

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