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On the French Navy Being Cover'd with Glory
The Hull Packet (August 18, 1801)

By land no more Great Nation fight,
    You've triumph'd there in story;
But now by sea we own your might,
    You're cover'd o'er with Glory!—
Tailors of Fame, those BRITISH TARS,
    Humanely to equip you,
Let no rude hand in future Wars
    Of such a Covering strip you.

HOWE took your measure first in June,
    ST. VINCENT cut for Spain, Sir,
And DUNCAN work'd so neat, and soon,
    He made the Dutchmen vain, Sir.[1]

These Tailors should your praises share,
    For well they work in stile, Sir;
And eke the Master-workman rare,
    The Tailor of the Nile, Sir.


1. Richard Howe, John Jervis Lord St. Vincent, and Adam Duncan were heroes of the British Admiralty.

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Romantic Circles Pedagogies Hangout: The Interdisciplinary Legacies of Donald Ault

This wide-ranging discussion on Blake and comics scholar Donald Ault, Emeritus Professor at the University of Florida, is the third in a series of ongoing conversations about romanticism and pedagogy. Participants include Roger Whitson (Washington State University), Ron Broglio (Arizona State University), Tof Eklund (Full Sail University), Laurie Taylor (University of Florida), and Zach Whalen (University of Mary Washington). You can read the letters the participants wrote to Ault here, and below is an embedded audio response from Ault. 


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