July 1803 War Song
July 1803 and 1804 Britons, to Arms!!!
July 1803 and July 1806 On the Battle of Hohenlinden
August 1803; 1804; 1 July 1805 The Oracle Consulted
August 1803 [What's to be done to save the State?]
July and August 1803 The Voice of the British Isles
August 1803 Serious Advice to Bonaparte
October 1803; 1804 Buonaparte’s Will
October 1803 Mary of Carron
November 1803 Stop to a Stride
November 1803 [The subjoined Verses were intended as an Anthem]
November 1803; 1804 Harlequin’s Invasion
27 December 1803 For Christmas Day, 1803
1803 The Orphan Sailor-Boy
1803 The Soldier’s Prayer In the Field of Battle
September 1803 English, Scots, and Irishmen
1803 To a dead Jack-Ass
1803 A British War Song
1803; 1804; 27 November The Ploughman’s Ditty


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