1804 8

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James Bisset
The Monthly Mirror, XVIII (July, 1804), pp. 54-55

By the Author of "The Patriotic Clarion"

On the Price of Dollars, bearing the Impression of the King's
Head, being raised from 4s. 9d. to 5s.

When the head of King George, on King Charles's of Spain,
    Was stamp'd on each Dollar—the wits of the town,
Have often remark'd, "that the heads of the twain
    (Although mighty kings) were not both worth a CROWN!"

But times now are alter'd—their value's more high,
    (Though foes our finances still strive to derange,)
For these who the heads of the monarchs espy,
    Declare them, "now worthy of CROWNS in exchange!"

Museum, Birmingham, 18 Jan. 1804.

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