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From Koerner's Poems

“C. Redding”
[Cyrus Redding][1]
The Morning Chronicle (January 30, 1815)

Stately thy domes arose,—lofty and vast,
    Thy golden palaces once glittered bright,
    The eye was ravish'd with the dazzling sight,
From splendor, on to splendor hurrying fast.

Till suddenly they sank in glowing flame!—[2]
    Ee'n now I see thy children's patriot hands
    At every roof fling high the flaming brands,
That, with thy ruins, left thee but a name!

Let folly's tribe the voice accusing raise,
    And the bold deed the act of madness call—
    Consume ye palaces! Ye temples fall!
The Russian Phoenix braves th' infuriate blaze!
Soon shall ye tower again with glories due,
And sainted George[3] uprear his conquering lance anew!


1. Cyrus Redding, a journalist, Paris correspondent for The Examiner in 1815. A staunch supporter of the Fox tradition, Redding was working editor of TheNew Monthly Magazine (1821-1830).

2. The Russians, under the leadership of Count Fedor Rostopchin, burned Moscow on September 15-19, 1812.

3. [Author's note]: "St. George is the tutelary Saint of Moscow."

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