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A Call to Arms Allan Mallinson 2002 Scorpion Press
A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice Alex Goodwin 2015
A Quiet Adjustment Benjamin Markovits 2008 W. W. Norton & Company
A Very English Agent Julian Rathbone 2002 Little Brown and Company
A Visit to William Blake's Inn Nancy Willard 1981 Harcourt Brace & Company
Allegra Susanna Roxman 1996 Dionysia Press
Austenland book cover Austenland Shannon Hale 2007 Bloomsbury USA
Beheld Ed Bemand 2006 Kennedy & Boyd
Blake Set to Music: A Bibliography of Musical Settings of the Poems and Prose of William Blake Donald Fitch 1990
Brittle Innings Michael Bishop 1994 Bantam Books