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Doctor Franken Film Marvin J Chomsky, Jeff Lieberman 1980 NBC (USA)
Lady Frankenstein poster Lady Frankenstein (La Figlia di Frankenstein) Film Mel Welles 1971 Condor International/New World Pictures
Gods and Monsters Film Bill Condon 1998 BBC/Lionsgate Films (USA)
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed poster Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed Film Terence Fisher 1969 Hammer Films
Frankenstein—Italian Style poster Frankenstein—Italian Style Film Armando Crispino 1975 Euro International, RPA
Last Frankenstein Film Takeshi Kawamura 1991 Bandai/BF Film/Rittor Music/Shochhiku
Frankenstein Created Woman poster Frankenstein Created Woman Film Terence Fisher 1966 Hammer Films
Frankenstein Film Glenn Jordan 1973 Dan Curtis Productions
Frankenstein General Hospital Film Deborah Roberts 1988 New Star Entertainment (USA)