Golgonooza Text

Exemplifing an interpretation of Blake's invented name "Golgonooza" as from the Greek 'logon zooa,' or "living word," "animated text," this piece demonstrates several ways that, by means of digital processing, Blake's work might be made more physically dynamic. Macromedia's Flash program is used to create dissolves through an aligned sequence of different copies of the same plate ("The Voice of the Ancient Bard"), so that the text and image are at once the same in outline but continually "glowing with varying colours immortal, heart-piercing / And lovely" (Milton, pl. 11, ll. 32-33). A format for simultaneous presentation of the differently sequenced 'unique copies' of The Book of Urizen is suggested, as is an interactive format for The Four Zoas. The piece includes some incidental reflections on the curiosity of public-domain text and copyright image, the organization of the Blake Archive, and the need for the ability to deep-link to its resources.