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NINES (Networked Infrastructure for Nineteenth-Century Electronic Scholarship) is a scholarly organization devoted to forging links between the material archive of the nineteenth century and the digital research environment of the twenty-first. Our activities are driven by three primary goals:

to serve as a peer-reviewing body for digital work in the long 19th-century (1770-1920), British and American;
to support scholars’ priorities and best practices in the creation of digital research materials;
to develop software tools for new and traditional forms of research and critical analysis.

The NINES Collex interface is at the center of these efforts. It aims to gather the best scholarly resources in the field and make them fully searchable and interoperable; and to provide an online collecting and authoring space in which researchers can create and publish their own work.

NINES also is home to Juxta, a tool for comparing and collating multiple documentary instances of the same work; and to Ivanhoe, a collaborative game-space for interpreting textual and other cultural materials. Other interpretive tools and applications are in the planning stages.

The Cynic Sang: The (Un)Official Blog of the William Blake Archive

Begun in 1996, the Blake Archive was conceived as an international public resource that would provide unified access to major works of visual and literary are that are highly disparate, widely dispersed, and more and more often severely restricted as a result of their value, rarity, and extreme fragility. The Archive contains fully searchable electronic editions of many copies of Blake’s 19 illuminated works in the context of full, up-to-date bibliographic information about each image, scrupulous diplomatic transcriptions of all texts, detailed descriptions of all images, extensive bibliographies, a searchable electronic version of the standard print edition, and other essential scholarly information, plus a steadily growing representation of Blake’s works in other artistic media.

The blog is a collaborative effort, wherein staff of the Blake Archive discuss recent and upcoming projects, digital humanities, and William Blake.

NASSR Graduate Student Caucus

The NASSR Graduate Student Caucus (NGSC) is intended as a venue, under the aegis of NASSR (North American Society for the Study of Romanticism), for graduate students interested in the study of Romanticism to make contact with one another and to share intellectual and professional resources. We are committed to working together to further the interests, not only of the graduate student community in Romantic studies, but also of the broader profession, by helping to train active and engaged scholars who will continue to strengthen and advance themselves and the discipline.

The Hoarding

NOTE: The Hoarding is currently on hiatus

This blog is devoted to reporting recent work in British Romantic and Victorian literature, including books, articles, digital resources, and conferences. My particular interests are poetry, digital scholarship, and the history of the book. Please send information and requests.

Hoarding Bloggers:

Andrew Stauffer is an associate professor in the Department of English at the University of Virginia, where he serves as the Director of NINES, a federation of peer-reviewed, online scholarly projects in nineteenth-century studies.

Joanna Swafford is a PhD candidate in the Department of English at the University of Virginia, where she is currently completing a dissertation on poetry and parlor songs of the Victorian era.

John Savarese is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is at work on a book about poetic theory and the sciences in Romantic-era Britain.