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Katherine Gustafson studies the intersections between social and literary formation in the long eighteenth century, in particular the history of Romantic children's literature, the rise of the novel, and the histories of publishing, advertising, and readership. She is currently working on her first book project, Coming of Age: Adolescents, Publishers, and the Novel, 1719-1814. Gustafson received her B.A. from Kenyon College and her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. She will be joining Indiana University Northwest in the fall of 2014 as an Assistant Professor.

Suzanne L. Barnett's first book, Romantic Paganism: The Politics of Ecstasy in the Shelley Circle (Palgrave, 2018), examines how the second-generation Romantics utilize the classical world as a site for and meditation on radical politics and sexuality. She is an co-editor of Romantic Circles Reviews & Receptions and the organizer of that site’s “Romanticism and Popular Culture” section.