Appendix B: Field School Group Agreement

Appendix B: Field School Group Agreement

1.        We agree to have initial conversations with our roommates about sharing the room; we agree to communicate clearly and vocalize our issues, to be considerate and respectful of each other in general, and to compromise as needed. We agree to give each other some space and time to resolve difficulties and conflict. If needed, in cases of significant differences between roommates, we as a group agree to shuffle the rooms.

2.        We agree to be open to interacting with everyone in the group; everyone should belong to the Facebook Field School group and be invited to participate in larger group activities.

3.        We agree to do our best to be on time. In case we are late, we agree to let someone know we will be late (eg. someone in our buddy group). In the case someone is late for an excursion, our policy will be to continue to our destination and have the person meet us at our destination.

4.        Once we know where we are roomed, we will form groups of three or four to create a buddy system, for checking in on each other and communicating if we will be late. In case of a lost member or a member in difficulty, we agree to contact the FS Director.

5.        We agree to keep an eye on each other in social situations and generally be responsible while out: eg. outings, night clubs.

6.        We agree to recognize that we should be willing to ask for help if we need it and willing to receive it if someone offers it to us. If you are the helper, be willing to help if asked, but be careful not to impose your knowledge/help.

7.        We agree to have a preliminary conversation and possibly an agreement about how we want to work together as a group on our on-site field presentations; and we generally agree to share the workload.

8.        We agree to support each other in situations where a group member is feeling vulnerable or mistreated.

9.        We agree to do our best to have money/cash on hand to pay our way. We agree to return any money borrowed in a timely manner. In cases of group events, keep others’ budgets in mind (eg. offer options with different price ranges).