Appendix C: Yoder’s Rules of Tour

Appendix C: Yoder’s Rules of Tour

1.        These rules are devised by my concert buddy, my older daughter and myself, based on years of road trips together, often for days at a time, in close quarters, and under difficult conditions.

2.        Above all, remember this is supposed to be fun.

3.        Carry your own water. (Obviously this has implications beyond just water.)

4.        Don’t keep the rest of the group waiting on you.

5.        Clean up after yourself as soon as you finish anything. Don’t make other people deal with your mess.

6.        Be sure you have your tickets and money.

7.        Check the weather and bring appropriate clothing. Be prepared to carry the clothes you bring (see #2 above).

8.        No whining. (Okay, so I don’t always follow this one myself, but it is a goal to strive for.)

9.        Keep your expectations flexible. Things that turn out differently than you thought they would or wanted them to may end up being the best of all

10.        Wherever you are is the coolest place to be at any given moment. Accept it. (See #7 above.)