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Friday, August 26, 2005 11:00 am


Fw: request for permission to use item from Sierra magazine

That's fine. Thanks for asking Toni. For future reference, you may find our
Terms & Conditions of Use interesting:

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> Toni Wein <>
> 08/25/2005 04:03 PM
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> cc
> Subject
> requset for permission to use item from Sierra magazine
> Dear Staff,
>  As a proud member of Sierra Club for a long time, I frequently cull
> its pages for materials that I can bring into my classrooms at
> California State University, Fresno. Your survey, "Measure Your
> Ecological Footprint" (Jan./Feb. 2003), made a nice addition to
> several courses I taught about British Romanticism and the sense of
> place, in which I exhorted students to emulate the Romantics by
> sharpening their green sensitivities to their own local places. This
> course has become the topic of an essay that will be ublished in a
> forthcoming e-journal entitled The Romantic Circles Pedagogy
> Commons. Because this is an e-journal of pedagogical articles for
> other teachers, they have requested that our essays be acompanied by
> hyper-linked files that might be useful to instructors who want to
> employ our ideas. Accordingly, I am requesting your permission to
> make "Measure Your Ecological Footprint" such a link. I would also
> recommend that you make it an archive on-line on your site as well,
> since it has a galvanizing effect.
> Please respond at your earliest convenience. The revised and final
> version of the essay is due to the publisher by September 30.
> Thank you for all your inspiration.
> Sincerely,
> Professor Toni Wein
> Department of English, CSUFresno



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