Guest Editor: Laura Mandell

CFP: "Innovations"; an issue of the Romantic Pedagogy Commons

This issue of The Romantic Pedagogy Commons will evolve in three stages.

First, you are invited to submit any innovative course materials, from Transatlantic syllabi and assignments to those that offer new ways of redefining Romantic-era literature, shifting the focus of a course from high romantic literature to that produced in accordance with other aesthetics. Materials could be innovative in other ways as well: digital-born materials are welcome, as are assignments using online resources.

But you need not ALREADY BE an innovative teacher in order to participate. You are invited to submit any assignments, no matter how traditional, that you would like to see made innovative.

Class materials are due July 1, 2004.

Second, my assistant editor Katherine Seiffert and I, will transform the materials—at least, those that have been submitted for revamping—into digital, interactive assignments, relying on some of the new pedagogical theories about computer and visual pedagogy (see, for example,

Innovative materials will be published on line, along with assessment tools, by August 15, 2004.

Third, you are invited to participate in a) trying these innovative materials—either the ones we received as submissions, or the ones we created; b) using our assessment tools; and c) writing a short (3000-word) article about your experience.

Articles are due January 12, 2005.

ANYONE IS WELCOME TO USE THE MATERIALS AND SUBMIT AN ESSAY, WHETHER OR NOT YOU SUBMITTED THE PEDAGOGICAL MATERIALS TO BE TRANSFORMED OR USED. We are particularly interested in essays from Romanticists who could split up their classes, using "innovative" and "traditional" versions of the same assignment, administer assessments of those versions, and then write about the difference in learning outcomes.

Please send your proposals, submissions, and offers to participate to:

Laura Mandell
Department of English
Miami University Oxford, OH 45056