About this Volume

About this Volume

For the past several years Romantic Circles Pedagogies Commons has published special volumes that speak to specific issues within romanticist pedagogy, such as Romanticism and Technology, Teaching Global Romanticism, or Teaching the Romantic with the Contemporary. For this 2-part volume, assembled during the COVID-19 crisis, we purposely stepped back and focused more broadly on essays that offer innovative approaches to teaching Romanticism. By focusing on innovative pedagogies that seek to redefine “the Romantic” in various ways and consider Romanticism as a place of engagement rather than administration, we hope to rethink rather than recapture some of the more universalist claims for our discipline. The essays collected are keen examples of this revisionary and processual pedagogy. They ask us to reconsider our relationship to the two key moments of any pedagogical project, what was and what is yet to be.

About the Design and Markup

This volume was encoded at the University of Maryland, College Park by Technical Interns Dominique Joe and Dana Maller with guidance from Technical Editors Cayla Eagon and T. J. McLemore at Romantic Circles. The initial transformation from WORD Doc to TEI P5 was made using the OxGarage tool, with further TEI markup modifications according to RC house style. TEI renders text in archival quality for better preservation and future access. Laura Mandell and Dave Rettenmaier developed the modified versions of the XSLT transforms provided by the TEI that were used to convert the TEI files into HTML.

About the Romantic Circles Pedagogies Commons Series

The Romantic Circles Pedagogy Commons is a peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to the presentation of essays about teaching that offer sample teaching materials as well, from printable handouts to "digital-born" teaching materials.