Class Email Discussion List: Grades

Class Email Discussion List: Grades

30% of your grade will be based on the average of your postings to the class list—your List Assignments. After you have been shown how to access your email account and to post messages to the English 335A List (that means, after you have learned to send email messages to the whole class), you will post messages once a week answering a specific question.

Rules for completing List Assignments:

  • List Assigments should be posted before you attend the class for which they are due.

  • Further comments and responses on the List Assignment question, reactions you have to your classmates' comments, for instance, that are made after the due date will be counted.

  • List Assignments are due whether you attend class or not.


Your List Assignments will be graded. An "A" message will

  1. Answer the question assigned.
  2. Quote two or three passages from the texts being discussed and fully explain what those quotations mean.
  3. Be comprehensible and well written.

You can raise your grade by 1/2 point if you respond in two or three thoughtful paragraphs to another student's posting. You can also raise your grade by correcting any stylistic or grammatical problems noted in my response to your posting. Only your 8 highest List Assignment grades will be counted; you can therefore choose to skip two of those assignments during the semester. No assignments are accepted after the due date, and responses to the comments of others must be timely to count for your grade.