English 550 - Romantic Journeys

ENGLISH 550 Fall 2001:

Esther Schor, x4080 (eschor@princeton.edu)
32a McCosh: office hours T, 2:30-4:00, Th 3:30-4:20 and by appt.

I - Required Texts:

Wordsworth, William. The Prelude (Norton)
Godwin, William. Caleb Williams (Penguin)
Williams, Helen Maria. Letters Written in France (Broadview)
Lord Byron: The Major Works (Oxford)
Equiano, Olaudah. The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano (Broadview)
De Stael, Germaine. Corinne, or Italy (Rutgers)
Scott, Sir Walter. The Heart of Midlothian (Oxford)
Mellor, Anne K. and Richard E. Matlak. British Literature 1780-1830 (Harcourt)
Reader--available from Pequod, U-store office [abbreviated R]

II - Syllabus of Readings (*indicates focus for seminar):

Wk 1 W Sep 19--no class

F Sep 21 (NB change of time:) 9:30am-12:30pm, Firestone B2J

Introduction (packet)
Sir Francis Bacon, "Of Travel"
William Hazlitt, "On Going on a Journey"
Samuel Rogers, "Foreign Travel, from Italy, A Poem"
William Blake, "The Mental Traveller"
John Keats, "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer", "On Seeing the Elgin Marbles"

Wk 2 W Sep 26 Rural Topographies

William Wordsworth, *The Excursion Bk I [The Wanderer] (M&M 608-621)
From Home at Grasmere (M&M 656-7)
*Charlotte Smith, Beachy Head (M&M 244-256)
Dorothy Wordsworth, Grasmere Journals (M&M 660-667)
John Clare, poems (M&M 1248-1253)
William Cobbett, from Rural Rides (R)

Wk 3 W Oct 3 Parallel Journeys

*William Godwin, Caleb Williams
S. T. Coleridge, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" (M&M 734-43)
James Buzard, “Introduction” and “Tourist and Traveller” (R)

Week 4 W Oct 10 The Journey of Life

William Wordsworth, "Michael, A Pastoral Poem" (M&M 586-592)
"Ode, Intimations of Immortality" (M&M 603-5)
*The Prelude I-IV, VI, XI, XIII (1805)

Week 5 W Oct 17 Revolutionary France

Edmund Burke, from Reflections on the Revolution in France (M&M 13-19)
*William Wordsworth, The Prelude IX-XII
*Helen Maria Williams, Letters Written in France (61-150)
Arthur Young, from Travels in France ... during the Years 1787, 1788 and 1789 (R) [www.socsci.mcmaster.ca/~econ/ugcm/3ll3/youngart/france.pdf]
Chris Jones, “Travelling hopefully: Helen Maria Williams and the Feminine Discourse of Sensibility” (R)

Week 6 W Oct 24 Swiss Sublimity/The Byronic Pilgrim

Percy Shelley, "Mont Blanc" (M&M 1063-4)
Mary Shelley, from History of a Six Weeks’ Tour (Switzerland; Germany) (R)
Letters...from Geneva, 1816 (R)
from Frankenstein, Vol II ch 2 (R)
*Byron, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage
Jane Stabler, “Byron’s Digressive Journey” (R)


Week 7 W Nov 7 The Transit of Slaves

from The Mansfield Judgment (1772) (M&M 53-8)
Thomas Clarkson, from History of ...Abolition (M&M 74-81)
*Mary Prince, from History of Mary Prince (M&M 869-880)
*Olaudah Equiano, An Interesting Narrative 39-253

Week 8 W Nov 14 La Bella Italia

*Germaine de Staël, Corinne, or Italy
Mary Shelley, Preface to Rambles in Italy and Germany in 1840, 1842 and 1843 (R)
P. B. Shelley, "Lines Written Among the Euganean Hills" (R)
Hemans, “Properzia Rossi,” “Corinne at the Capitol” (M&M 1232-3; 1246)

Week 9 W Nov 21 Class canceled

Week 10 W Nov 28 East to West

Southey, "Curse of Kehama" (R)
Coleridge, "Kubla Khan" (M&M 729)
Percy Shelley, "Alastor" (M&M 1054-1062)
*Keats, "Hyperion, a Fragment" (M&M 1285-94)
"Fall of Hyperion" (M&M 1314)
Edward Said, “The Scope of Orientalism” (R)
Nigel Leask, “‘Sharp Philanthropy’: Percy Bysshe Shelley and Romantic India” (R)

Week 11 W Dec 5 In Quest of Byron

*"Don Juan"
James Buzard, “Tourism and Anti-Tourism: Conventions and Strategies” (R)

Week 12 W Dec 12 In Quest of Byron

*"Don Juan"
Susan Wolfson, “‘Their She Condition’: Cross-Dressing and the Politics of Gender in Don Juan” (R)


Week 13: W Jan 9 Scott and the Borderlands

*The Heart of Midlothian
Andrea Henderson, “Centrality and Circulation in The Heart of Mid-lothian” (R)

III - Writing Requirements:

a) Three 1-2 page "starter papers" to be read aloud in class.

b) A final essay (approx. 20 pages) is required. Due Tues. January 15, 2002.

c) Participation in class email exchange.

IV - Course Website

ENG 550 Course Website—Access through Blackboard