Barnett, Suzanne L.

Suzanne L. Barnett's first book project, Romantic Paganism: The Politics of Ecstasy in the Shelley Circle (Palgrave, 2017), examines how the second-generation Romantics utilize the classical world as a site for and meditation on radical politics and sexuality. Her second book project considers the role of this pagan impulse in Romantic women writers specifically, including Mary Tighe, Mary Robinson, Mary Shelley, and Germaine de Staël, and reflects on how identity is constructed by discourses of celebratory and affective promiscuity. She is an associate editor of Romantic Circles Reviews & Receptions and the organizer of that site’s “Romanticism and Popular Culture” section.

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  • Introduction | Romantic Education: Romantic Pedagogies and New Approaches to Teaching Romanticism

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