Geoffrey Hartman and Harold Bloom:
Two Interviews


Orin N. C. Wang | Marc Redfield | Laura Quinney

Orrin N. C. Wang, "Introduction."

An introduction to a pair of wide-ranging conversations, one between Geoffrey Hartman and Marc Redfield and the other between Harold Bloom and Laura Quinney. While differing in tone, setting, and topics, both conversations reaffirm the centrality of Hartman and Bloom in any history of the study of Romanticism for the last half century.

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Marc Redfield, "Wordsworth, Poetry, Romanticism: An Interview with Geoffrey Hartman."

This text consists of an interview with the great Romanticist and Wordsworth scholar Geoffrey Hartman. Romanticism is a mainstay of the conversation between Hartman and Marc Redfield, centering on Hartman's life-long shaping of Wordsworth as the paradoxically both radical and measured bearer of modernity. Their discussion also touches upon a wide range of topics that include the necessity of a multi-linguistic approach to literature, the nature of terror, and how Hartman and Harold Bloom read differently.

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Laura Quinney, "An Interview with Harold Bloom."

Harold Bloom talks about his latest book, Jesus and Yahweh. He summarizes his views on the relation of the Hebrew Bible to the New Testament, and answers queries about his analysis of the character of Yahweh.

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