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The Containment and Re-Deployment of English India

About the Contributors

Siraj Ahmed is Assistant Professor of English at Texas A&M University. His article in this collection is one of a series of eight linked essays he has written on the first half-century of British rule in India. He is currently working on a study of the relationship between Marxist concepts of dehumanization and anticolonial aesthetic practices. | go to the abstract | go to the essay |

L. M. Findlay is Professor of English and Director of the Humanities Research Unit at the University of Saskatchewan. He has broad-ranging interests in nineteenth-century literature, in Marxist theory, and in public intellectuals. His forthcoming publications include a co-edited collection of essays on Academic Freedom (Purich Press) and a new translation and edition of The Communist Manifesto (Broadview Press). He is also at work with Aborginal colleagues on a research project entitled "Decolonizing the University." | go to the abstract | go to the essay |

Daniel O'Quinn is Assistant Professor in the School of Literatures and Performance Studies at the University of Guelph and works primarily on the intersection of sexuality and coloniality in the literature and theatre of the late-eighteenth century. His articles on Mary Wollstonecraft, Elizabeth Inchbald, Thomas De Quincey and others have appeared in ELH, Theatre Journal, Studies in Romanticism, Nineteenth Century Contexts, October, and European Romantic Review. | go to the abstract | go to the essay |

Rita Raley is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Minnesota. She has published articles on English studies in British India, globalization, and language and postcolonial studies in Ariel and Diaspora. She is currently at work on a book, Global English and the Academy, and another project on literature, new media, and complexity. | go to the abstract | go to the essay |

Susan B. Taylor is Assistant Professor of English Literature at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. She is the author of pieces on Elizabeth Hamilton, Jane Austen, Bram Stoker, and feminist theory. | go to the abstract | go to the essay |

Kate Teltscher is a Senior Lecturer in the School of English and Modern Languages at the University of Surrey Roehampton. She is the author of India Inscribed: European and British Writing on India, 1600-1800 (Oxford UP, 1995.) She is currently writing a book about George Bogle. | go to the abstract | go to the essay |