Table of Contents - Legacies of Paul de Man

Introduction: Marc Redfield, "Legacies of Paul de Man."

I. Reading
Cynthia Chase, "Double-Take. Reading Paul de Man and Derrida Writing on Tropes."     abstract   essay

Jan Mieszkowski, "Reading, Begging, Paul de Man."
      abstract   essay

II. Reading History
Ian Balfour, "History Against Historicism, Formal Matters, and the Event of the Text: De Man with Benjamin."      abstract    essay

Andrzej Warminski, "Discontinuous Shifts: History Reading History."
     abstract   essay

III. Institutions of Pedagogy
Sara Guyer, "'At the Far End of this Ongoing Enterprise....'"
     abstract   essay

Marc Redfield, "Professing Theory: John Guillory's Misreading of Paul de Man."     abstract   essay

IV. Theory, Materiality, and the Aesthetic
Arkady Plotnitsky, "Thinking Singularly with Immanuel Kant and Paul de Man: Aesthetics, Epistemology, History and Politics."
     abstract   essay

Rei Terada, "Seeing is Reading."     abstract   essay

Appendix I: Marc Redfield, "Courses Taught by Paul de Man During the Yale Era."

Appendix II: Paul de Man, "Course Proposal: Literature Z."


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