eE Array results for "Golgonooza"

1. on <t711> / He builded Golgonooza on the Lake of Udan Adan / Upon   FZ5-60.3; E340
2. r deep / But when returnd to Golgonooza Los & Enitharmon / Felt all the   FZ5-62.9; E342
3. ated with grief they returnd back to Golgonooza <t719> / Enitharmon   FZ5-63.10; E343
4. onders of labour / They Builded Golgonooza Los labouring builded pillars high   FZ7a-87.6; E368
5. rrents of tears / Los sat in Golgonooza in the Gate of Luban where &   FZ7a-98[90].2; E370
6. hen I can sigh forth on the winds of Golgonooza piteous forms / That vanish aga   FZ7a-98[90].20; E370
7. em forth delighted upon the winds of Golgonooza <t855> / From out th   FZ7a-98[90].28; E370
8. on the wind <t865> / Of Golgonooza Los stood recieving them &l   FZ8-99.25; E372
9. e Divine Countenance shone / In Golgonooza Looking down the Daughters of Beulah   FZ8-100[1st].8; E372
10. pirit / Los builds the Walls of Golgonooza against the stirring battle / T   FZ8-101[2nd].40; E374
11. p> / Feeling the hand of Los in Golgonooza & the force / Attractive of his   FZ8-101[2nd].43; E374
12. oms & Los employd the Sons / In Golgonooza s Furnaces among the Anvils of time &   FZ8-103.36; E376
13. Beelzeboul <t891> / In Golgonooza Los's anvils stand & his Furnaces ra   FZ8-113[1st].3; E376
14. ders of the Grave / Eastward of Golgonooza stands the Lake of Udan Adan In &l   FZ8-113[1st].23; E377
15. & Palamabron / Cut him off from Golgonooza . But Enitharmon in tears / Wept   FZ8-107[115].14; E380
16. breathd forth on the Winds / Of Golgonooza her well beloved knowing he was Orc'   FZ8-107[115].28; E380
17. trah & Palamabron Cut sheer off from Golgonooza / Enitharmons Moony space & in   FZ8-107[115].38; E381
18. Generation / They Builded Great Golgonooza Times on Times Ages on Ages / F   M3.39; E97
19. eady / James calls for fires in Golgonooza . for heaps of smoking ruins / I   M5.40; E99
20. by Living Proportion / From Golgonooza the spiritual Four-fold London etern   M6.1; E99
21. avellers to Eternity. pass inward to Golgonooza . / Los the Vehicular terror   M17.30; E111
22. en behind Satans Seat to the City of Golgonooza / Which is the spiritual fourfo   M20.39; E114
23. and Palamabron met us at the Gate of Golgonooza / Clouded with discontent. & br   M22.27; E117
24. my four mighty ones are let to me in Golgonooza / Still Rintrah fierce, and Pal   M24.10; E119
25. f Satan, before Luban in the City of Golgonooza . / But   M24.49; E120
26. 0 But . / But . / But Golgonooza is namd Art & Manufacture by mortal   M24.50; E120
27. the Souls howl round the Porches of Golgonooza / Crying O God deliver us to th   M25.12; E121
28. Allamanda: / And in the City of Golgonooza : & in Luban: & around / The Lak   M26.24; E123
29. the Wine-press of Los is eastward of Golgonooza , before the Seat / Of Satan. Lu   M27.1; E124
30. vated land / Around the City of Golgonooza in the Forests of Entuthon : / H   M27.43; E125
31. s to be Vegetated, into / Great Golgonooza , free from the four iron pillars of   M29.48; E128
32. ntinual labouring in the Furnaces of Golgonooza / Orc howls on the Atlantic: En   M31.26; E130
33. hd, but they / Could not behold Golgonooza without passing the Polypus / A   M35.19; E135
34. it without annihilation. / For Golgonooza cannot be seen till having passd the   M35.22; E135
35. ing into two Streams, one flows thro Golgonooza / And thro Beulah to Eden benea   M35.50; E136
36. the Churches / Meeting again in Golgonooza beyond Satans Seat / The Wil   M35.53; E136
37. de the Fount above the Larks nest in Golgonooza / Luvah slept here in death & h   M35.58; E136
38. , at the eastern / Gate of wide Golgonooza & the Lark is Los's Messenger 219   M35.67; E136
39. rth again / In the East Gate of Golgonooza , & the Twenty-eighth bright / L   M36.9; E136
40. n beyond / The Mundane Shell in Golgonooza , but the Fires of Los, rage / I   M37.56; E138
41. While I write of the building of Golgonooza , & of the terrors of Entuthon : /   J5.24; E147
42. to destroy the Furnaces, to desolate Golgonooza : / And to devour the Sleeping   J5.29; E147
43. refore Los stands in London building Golgonooza / Compelling his Spectre to lab   J10.17; E153
44. ge / With iron & brass Building Golgonooza in great contendings / Till his   J10.63; E154
45. tarry depth; / And they builded Golgonooza : terrible eternal labour! /   J12.24; E155
46. d fourfold, / The great City of Golgonooza : fourfold toward the north / An   J12.46; E156
47. rth. / And the North Gate of Golgonooza toward Generation; / Has four s   J12.61; E156
48. the Southern Gate: / Around Golgonooza lies the land of death eternal; a La   J13.30; E157
49. ath: on all sides surrounding / Golgonooza : Los walks round the walls night and   J13.55; E157
50. day. / He views the City of Golgonooza , & its smaller Cities: / The Lo   J13.56; E157
51. ntuthon Benythons deep Vales beneath Golgonooza . <t265> / An   J14.34; E158
52. the banks of the Thames, Los builded Golgonooza , / Outside of the Gates of the   J53.15; E203
53. All these Center in London & in Golgonooza . from whence / They are Created   J72.28; E227
54. hedrons golden Halls: in the City of Golgonooza / And Los's Furnaces howl lo   J73.1; E228
55. With the innumerable multitudes of Golgonooza , round the Anvils / Of Death. B   J73.6; E228
56. Earth / The Concave Earth round Golgonooza in Entuthon Benython , / Even to   J78.17; E234
57. imes it shall assimilate with mighty Golgonooza : / Touching its summits: & some   J83.43; E242
58. arose upon his Watch, and down from Golgonooza / Putting on his golden sandals   J83.75; E242
59. n sending fibres of love / From Golgonooza with sweet visions for Jerusalem, wa   J86.41; E245
60. for Jerusalem & Shiloh, in immortal Golgonooza / Concentering in the majestic   J86.44; E245
61. Love with brazen Compasses / In Golgonooza & in Udan-Adan & in Entuthon of Uriz   J88.48; E247
62. th / And from the great City of Golgonooza in the Shadowy Generation / And   J98.55; E258
63. ipping / <note719.>10 Golgonooza ] G mended from g /   TN-FZ5; E834
64. .> 6 They . . . high] Builded Golgonooza Los labouring inspird / builded   TN-FZ7; E839