Table of Contents - _Reading Shelley's Interventionist Poetry, 1819-1820_ - Romantic Circles Praxis Series


Edited by Michael Scrivener, with responses by Steven E. Jones

Romantic Circles Praxis Series - May 2001

Editor's Introduction by Michael Scrivener

"Shelley's Agenda Writ Large: Reconsidering Oedipus Tyrannus;
or, Swellfoot the Tyrant"
by Samuel Gladden
abstract | essay

"Intervention & Commitment Forever!: Shelley in 1819, Shelley in Brecht, Shelley in Adorno, Shelley in Benjamin"
by Robert Kaufman
abstract | essay

"Shelley, Adorno, and the Scandal of Committed Art"
by Mark Kipperman
abstract | essay

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