Images Used in Romanticism and The Law

All images reproduced by kind permission of Douglas P. McElrath, Curator of Marylandia and Rare Books, University of Maryland College Park Libraries.

Cover Image: "A Chancery-Lane Noddle"

From A Political Lecture on Heads by the Black Dwarf. 3rd ed. J. Johnston, Cheapside, 1820.

Table of Contents, Top Center: "Juglator Regis"

From The Political Showman--At Home! Exhibiting His Cabinet of Curiosities and Creatures--All Alive, by the Author of the Political House that Jack Built. 3rd ed. Printed for William Hone, Ludgate Hill, 1821.

Table of Contents, Bottom Left: "Magna Charta"

From The Political House That Jack Built. 10th ed. Printed by and for William Hone, Ludgate Hill, 1819.

Table of Contents, Bottom Right: "Lawyer"

"This is the Lawyer, who bribes defying, banish'd the perjured," from The Political Queen that Jack Loves. Roach & Co., 1820.