Guidelines for Electronic Citation

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In citing Romantic Circles resources in bibliographies, you will want to follow the form established for online documents.

Author Last Name, Author First Name. "Title of Document." Title of Online Source. Editor (if available). Date Published (if available). The number range or total number of lines, pages, paragraphs (or whatever numbering system is used). Publisher, or sponsor of site. Day, month, year document accessed from the online source. <Online address of the document (URL)>.

Jackson, H.J. "What Was Mr. Bennet Doing in his Library, and What Does It Matter?" Romantic Libraries. Ed. Ina Ferris. February 2004. Pars. 8-10. Romantic Circles. 25 October 2004. <>

Southey, Robert. Wat Tyler. Ed. Matt Hill. Act II:36-44. Romantic Circles. 25 October 2004. <>.

For more information about citing electronic sources, consult the MLA online handbook.