Selected Foreign Fictions


Fictions of Byron: An Annotated Bibliography
by G. Todd Davis

Selected Foreign Language Fictions


Ange, ou Demon. Edward Magnien. 1836.

Lord Byron a Venezia. Gian Battista Cipro. 1837.

Les Amours Secretes de Lord Byron. Anonymous. 1839.

Scena Della Vita de Lord Byron. Anonymous. 1847.

Lord Byron's Letzte Liebe. Alexander Buchner. 1862.

Le Premier Amour de Lord Byron. Elie Foures. 1885.

Lord Byron's Letzte Liebe. Karl Bleibtreu. 1886.

Manden-Hustruen og Lord Byron. Mathilda Malling. 1912.

Vampires de Paris. Edited by Francis Lacassin. 1981.


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