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The Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Chronology

The Complete Chronology (50k)
Years 1797-1816
Years 1817-1824
Years 1825-1835
Years 1836-Posthumous

About The Chronology
In this chronology, I've attempted to indicate significant dates in Mary Shelley's life, including publications, important introductions, moves and travels, births and deaths, and other events that figure prominently in her life and writings, including her journals. I've also included links to contemporary reviews and to any existing e-texts of her works.

Dates and events in this chronology were collected from materials in the bibliography. Any discrepancies between sources are indicated by a link to a note; the dates that appear in the chronology itself are either supported by more than one source or taken from a source that provides documentation for that date. Uncertain dates are enclosed in brackets: [8] May indicates the event happened on around May 8; [May] indicates the event probably happened sometime that month, and May indicates that the event happened at an unspecified date in that month.

Be advised that links to Mary Shelley's works will take you to other sites on the web. Use the BACK button on your browser to return to the chronology. Also, please note that links from the reviews that allow you to return to the chronology will take you to the complete (50k) chronology.