Years 1836-Posthumous

A Chronology of the Life of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley: 1836-Posthumous

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|Posthumous Dates|
1836  4 Feb  Jane Williams Hogg gives birth to a daughter, Prudentia Sarah Hogg; MWS will become the godmother.
[23] Mar MWS removes Percy Florence from Harrow, employs a private tutor, and moves with her son to 14 North Bank, Regent's Park.
7 Apr  William Godwin dies and is buried on 14 April in the St. Pancras churchyard, close to Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. In his will, he leaves his manuscripts and letters to MWS with the request that she chose those worthy to print and destroy the rest. The proceeds of any publications are to benefit Mrs. Godwin. 
19 Jul Henry Colburn agrees to pay Mary Jane Godwin 350 guineas for Godwin's memoirs; MWS begins work on the project, which she never completes. Mrs. Godwin also received £50 from the Royal Literary Fund and, thanks to MWS's appeal to Lord Melbourne, £300 from the Royal Bounty Fund.
[10] Oct  MWS travels to Brighton to convalesce from a recurring malady.
[Nov/Dec] "The Parvenue" by "Mrs. Shelley" appears in The Keepsake for MDCCCXXXVII (209-11). 
1837  2 Feb  MWS returns to London.
Feb Falkner. A Novel (London: Saunders and Otley) is published in three volumes; the title page attributes the novel to "The Author of 'Frankenstein;' 'The Last Man,' &c." 
Mar MWS moves to 24 South Audley Street.
[Sep/Oct] Lives of the Most Eminent Literary and Scientific Men of Italy, Spain and Portugal, Vol 3 (London: Longman, Orme, Brown, [etc]) is published. 
10 Oct  Percy Florence enters Trinity College, Cambridge.
[Nov]  MWS moves to 41d Park Street, Grovenor Square.
[Nov/Dec] "The Pilgrims" appears in The Keepsake for MDCCCXXXIX (128-55).
1838  [Jul] Lives of the Most Eminent Literary and Scientific Men of France, Vol 1 (of 2) (London: Longman, Orme, Brown, [etc.]) of The Cabinet of Biography, Conducted by the Rev. Dionysius Lardner is published. 
Aug Sir Timothy Shelley permits MWS to publish Shelley's poems, provided that the works contain no memoirs of his son. MWS gets around this restriction by writing biographical notes for the poems.
[Nov/Dec]  MWS publishes two poems in The Keepsake for MDCCCXXXIX: "Stanzas" ("How like a star you rose upon my life") (179) and "Stanzas" ("O come to me in dreams, my love!") (201). The issue also contains a story: "Euphrasia: A Tale of Greece" by "Mrs. Shelley" (135-52). 
1839  Jan-May  MWS's four-volume edition of Poetical Words of Percy Bysshe Shelley (London: Edward Moxon), with her preface and notes, is published; she dedicates the edition to Percy Florence. 
[Mar] MWS undergoes a period of severe illness, possibly brought about by the strain of editing PBS's poems. She is frequently ill for the last 10 years of her life. 
[18] Mar MWS moves to Layton House, Putney.
[1] Aug  Lives of the Most Eminent Literary and Scientific Men of France, Vol 2 (London: Longman, Orme, Brown, [etc.]) is published. 
Nov  MWS's one volume edition of Poetical Words of Percy Bysshe Shelley (London: Edward Moxon) is published. 
Dec  MWS's edition of Percy Shelley's Essays, Letters from Abroad, Translations and Fragments (London: Edward Moxon) is published in two volumes.
1840  25 Mar MWS moves to 3 The Rise, Richmond. 
[5] Jun MWS, Percy Florence, and his friends tour the Continent, arriving in Paris on 22 June. The group travels through Germany and Switzerland, spends July and August in Cadenabbia, and then proceeeds to Milan, arriving on 11 September. Percy leaves for England with his friends a week later, and MWS continues to Paris, arriving on 10 October and remaining until the end of the year. 
1841  [11] Jan MWS moves to 84 Park Street, London.
Feb Percy Florence graduates from Trinity College, Cambridge. Sir Timothy increases his allowance to £400.
[17] May MWS moves to 35 Half Moon Street.
17 Jun Mary Jane Godwin dies.
1842  Jun - 30 Aug, 1843 MWS, Percy Florence, and friends tour the Continent again, this time visiting Kissingen, Berlin, Dresden, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Paris. 
Jul-Aug MWS visits Claire in Paris, where Claire introduces her to a group of Italian exiled revolutionaries, including Ferdinando Luigi Gatteschi. 
1843  Sep  MWS moves to White Cottage, Putney.
1844  24 Apr Sir Timothy Shelley dies; Percy Florence inherits the estate and title.
Jul Rambles in Germany and Italy in 1840, 1842, and 1843 (London: Edward Moxon) is published in two volumes.
1845  Sep  Ferdinando Gatteschi, whom MWS had aided financially and whose writing she had encouraged, attempts to blackmail her with her letters to him. Through the help of Percy Florence's friend Alexander Knox, the Italian police destroy the letters on 11 October. 
Oct  George "Byron," an unknown correspondent who claimed to be Byron's son, offers to sell MWS several letters written by PBS and herself. In February 1846, he threatens to publish letters from both PBS and Harriet Shelley, but is dissuaded when MWS threatens an injunction against the publication. 
1846  [Mar] MWS moves to 24 Chester Square, Pimlico.
1848  22 Jun Percy Florence marries Jane St. John.
Aug MWS, Percy Florence, and Jane move to Field Place. In November, they also take an apartment in Warwick Square. 
1849  May Charles Clairmont's daughter, Clara Clairmont, visits MWS at Field Place. There, she meets Alexander Knox. 
16 June Alexander Knox and Clara Clairmont marry; this creates an estrangement between Claire and the Shelleys. 
26 Dec Frankenstein; or, The Model Man, by William and Robert Brough, opens at the Adelphi Theatre for a run of 26 performances. 
1851  1 Feb MWS dies at age 53 in her home at Chester Square, London. Lady Jane Shelley arranges for the remains of Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin to be moved from St. Pancras to the churchyard at St. Peters, Bournemouth, and on 8 February, MWS is buried between her parents. 
1859 28 Aug Leigh Hunt dies.
1862 21 Aug Thomas Jefferson Hogg dies.
1879 19 Mar Claire Clairmont dies.
1881 13 Aug Edward John Trelawny dies.
1884 Nov Jane Williams Hogg dies.
1889 5 Dec Percy Florence Shelley dies.
1922   MWS's drama Midas, which she wrote in 1820, is published in Proserpine & Midas: Two unpublished Mythological Dramas by Mary Shelley, ed. A.H. Koszul (London: Humphrey Milford).
1959   MWS's 1819-1829 novel Mathilda, ed. Elizabeth Nitchie (Chapel Hill, NC: UNC Press), which she wrote in 1819-1820, is published.

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