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Headline Book Publishing

"A far-future science fiction tetralogy in which an Articial Intelligence reconstruction of John Keats plays a major role. They're long books and quite a commitment of time, but they're excellent, and the treatment of Keats's life (and death) is very movingly integrated into the story. . . . Aside from the fact that the words "I was an English major" seem to scream from every page (the first novel is a version of Canterbury Tales, among other things), [the novels] are very engrossing and explore Keats's life and poetry in a fascinating way. Essentially, [the Keats AI] becomes involved in (what else?) the entire fate of the galaxy." —A. Stein. "I skimmed [Endymion], whose Romantic allusions were Keatsian but nicely oblique in ways. Its symposium section reminds me, as Romantic dialogues do, of Wordsworth's Excursion times Julian and Maddalo." —N. Sweet