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Andres Vicente Gomez

"Hugh Grant as Byron and Elizabeth Hurley as Claire Clairmont—this really seems too good to be true, but that's what the Internet Movie Database claims" —A. Richardson.

"Also features Lizzy McInnerny as Mary Shelley, Valentine Pelka as Percy Bysshe Shelley, José Luis Gómez as Polidori. The premise is that Mary Shelley somehow brings her Creature to life, and that it is then responsible for the series of deaths in her life. The biggest flaw of the film is in the skewed timeframe and inaccurate manner of these deaths—especially the death of baby William, who is far too old when he drowns (!) in the movie. The biggest strength of the film is characterization: Lizzy McInnerny plays a serious and vividly intelligent Mary, while Valentine Pelka hits the perfect balance of restrained mania in Shelley's more stressful moments. Plus, the actors bear striking resemblances to the Shelleys. Hugh Grant, despite his lack of any kind of Scottish accent, plays a suitably world-weary Byron, while Elizabeth Hurley's Claire has just the right degree of desparation. Unfortunately, Teresa Guiccioli and Jane and Edward Williams are less well fleshed out. My favorite moment is the confrontation between Godwin and Shelley: Shelley holds a pistol to his head and Godwin quotes Queen Mab at him!" —M. Sites (re-released as Rowing with the Wind Miramax video, 1999)