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Knockabout Comics

"Do we all know about the comic book version of Rime? It's a lovely, lovely parody, complete with an albatross that just won't die--it keeps climbing back up the side of the ship. Reminds me of R Crumb in a way--not that it's that violent but in its drawing." —Megan O'Neill

"The comic book is by Hunt Emerson, who tells me it was inspired by MAD magazine parodies. It's brilliant. A few pages of it are available online as illustrations to a recent article by me, published in *Romanticism on the Net*: Also, it's out in a new edition in London (Knockabout Comics). Knockabout also has an efficient Website where you can order it [paper and hardback versions; look in their catalogue under "e" for "Emerson"]." —Steven E. Jones