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Songs from Ginsberg Sings Blake: Songs of Innocence and Experience: "The Lamb," "Echoing Green," "Little Blake Boy"


  • Ginsberg Sings Blake: Songs of Innocence and Experience

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Thin Air Video

"A video of Ginsberg performing his Blake settings, with Steven Taylor and Heather Hardy (electric violin), entitled Ginsberg Sings Blake: Songs of Innocence and Experience, contains more than two dozen of the Songs (Thin Air Video)." —Melissa Sites. "There's a similarly hilarious yet 'it works!' recording of selected Songs of I & E from about the same period by Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky--Ginsberg claimed Blake gave him the original tunes in a vision (or so I remember the jacket copy saying, back in 1973 when I lived in a house on Haight & Laguna that had this—I just checked and it doesn't come up. BTW this recording made such an impression on me that I can sing many of the tunes some 25 years later. . . . By chance, the New Yorker that just arrived has a piece on the auction of some of Allen Ginsberg's personal effects, with special attention to his harmonium (and mention of his Blake settings). It says that "Steven Taylor" was Ginsberg's main musical collaborator—is this the same as the neo-Fugs' Steve Taylor? If so, that's a nice tangle for our thread." —Alan Richardson "The same. The Fugs have often played with Ginsberg, and include a setting of (selections from) Howl on one of their early albums (well before Taylor joined them). Taylor's angelic tenor is a bizarre contrast to Ginsberg's voice and the cacaphony generated by the rest of the Fugs. I remember seeing Ginsberg and Taylor together in the late eighties, singing Ginsberg's setting of many of Blake's songs to the accompaniment of a harmonium." —Jack Lynch