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Songs from The Tyger and Other Tales: "Tyger," "She Walks in Beauty," "Ozymandias"


  • The Tyger and Other Tales

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JVC Records

"(somewhat new-age-y and flimsy for my taste) includes "La Belle Dame,""Ozymandias," "Lady of Shalott," among others." —Tom Dillingham

"In 1990 I recorded an album with Krysia Kristianne and Leslie Chew called 'Tyger and Other Tales.' It was distributed internationally by JVC Records, and sold reasonably well, particularly in Europe and Asia. It was what I would characterize as a 'concept album' – English romantic poetry set to music. Although I don’t have much of a taste for that particular genre, now. It was something I had wanted to do for a long time, probably ever since high school. Some of the music had been swirling around in my head for years...Now...JVC Records is defunct, the album is unavailable, and for that matter there is no more music business." —David Kronemyer