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1990 to 2014

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Image Comics

Blake's Urizen appears in ... Todd McFarlane's occult superhero comic Spawn. -Wikipedia

Wanda Blake and Granny Blake are also characters that feature in the text. Wanda Blake is Al Simmons's widow; after his death, she married Simmon's best friend, Terry Fitzgerald, and had a daughter with him, Cyan. She kept her maiden name both times when getting married, much to her grandmother's dismay. She later has twins with Terry, which turns out badly, as they are both reincarnations of God and Satan. Wanda is named after the wife of Spawn creator, Todd McFarlane. Granny Blake, or Mary Blake, is Wanda's grandmother. A woman of great faith and wisdom, and one of the few humans that Al has confided in since he returned from Hell.