Text 11


Hang that shit, let's have a song.

When Old Corruption first begun,
Adorn'd in yellow vest,
He committed on Flesh a whoredom--
O, what a wicked beast!
From them a callow babe did spring,
And Old Corruption smil'd
To think his race should never end,
For now he had a child.
He call'd him Surgery, & fed
The babe with his own milk,
For Flesh & he could ne'er agree,
She would not let him suck.
And this he always kept in mind,
And formed a crooked knife,
And ran about with bloody hands
To seek his mother's life.
And as he ran to seek his mother
He met with a dead woman,
He fell in love & married her,
A deed which is not common.
She soon grew pregnant & brought forth
Scurvy & Spott'd Fever.
The father grinn'd & skipt about,
And said, "I'm made for ever!"
"For now I have procur'd these imps
I'll try experiments."
With that he tied poor Scurvy down
& stopt up all its vents.