Text 18


[stands, gives PHILOSOPHERS a deadly look; walks to center stage. PHILOSOPHERS' ears pick up on the words "pussy" and "cock"] 

This frog he would a-wooing ride, 
        Kitty alone--Kitty alone-- 
This frog he would a-wooing ride: 
        Pussy alone & I. 
Sing cock, I carry Kitty alone: 
        Kitty alone--Kitty alone-- 
Cock, I cary Kitty alone: 
        Pussy alone & I.


Charming! Truly elegant! And I ask the Gods no more. [proudly joins GITTIPIN]


Hang your serious songs. [raucous dance around the pub and in the ears of the lovers] 

Fa ra so bo ro 
        Fa ra bo ra 
Sa ba ra ra ba rare roro 
Sa ra ra ra bo ro ro ro 
Sarapodo no flo ro.


To hell with Italian songs! Let's have English. English genius for ever! [pushes SIPSOP into his chair and addresses the lovers] Here I go: 

Hail Matrimony, made of Love, 
To thy wide gates how great a drove 
        On purpose to be yok'd do come! 
Widows & maids & Youths also, 
That lightly trip on beauty's toe, 
        Or sit on beauty's bum. 


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