1995 ACR Annual Meeting

American Conference on Romanticism
Annual Meetings, 1994-1998

Note: The formatting of the following program follows the original. We have made only minor changes throughout, correcting obvious errors and making some listings more uniform to facilitate electronic searching.

2nd Annual Meeting

Marquette University September 21-24, 1995

Conference Organizer: Diane Long Hoeveler

Thursday, September 21, 1995

3:00 - 5:00: Registration

3:30 - 5:00:

Jean-Pierre Barricelli,
University of California-Riverside
President of ACR


"Future Directions in Romantic Inquiry"


Stephen Behrendt, University of Nebraska
Julie Ellison, University of Michigan
Gene Ruoff, University of Illinois-Chicago


Diane Long Hoeveler, Marquette University

6:30 - 7:30: Cudahy 001:
Welcome: Dean Thomas Hachey,
College of Arts and Sciences,
Marquette University


Julie Ellison, University of Michigan,
"From Comparison to Culture"

Reception following address in the Haggerty Museum

Friday, September 22, 1995

8:30 - 10:00: SESSIONS 1 - 5

Session 1: Ballroom A: Blake I

Julie Rak, McMaster University
"The Eye of Resistance: Power/Genealogy in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell"
Maia Boswell, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
"The War between the S/Words: Gender and Exteriority in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell"
Laura Lovasz, Indiana University
"Illustrating the Bible in the Age of Revolution"
William Van Pelt, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
"Blake, Nietzsche, and the Rhetoric of Nihilism"

Moderator: James Stanger, University of California-Riverside

Session 2: Ballroom B: Schlegel

Hans Hendrik Wielgosz and Anne-Kathrin Wielgosz, Walsh State University
"Ruins of Romanticism"
Anna Barker, University of Iowa
"Romantic Fragmentation: The Genre of the Absolute"
Matthew Hartman, Johns Hopkins University
"The Political Imperative: F. Schlegel on Kant"
Jan Mieszkowski, Johns Hopkins University
"But what if art isn't supposed to be interesting?: On 'das Interesse' and 'das Interessante' in Schlegel and Kleist"

Moderator: Henry H. H. Remak, Indiana University

Session 3: Ballroom C: Women Writers I

Frances R. Botkin, University of Illinois-Chicago
"A Community of Women in Maria Edgeworth's Helen, A Tale"
Jamie Stanesa, Iowa State University
"Augusta Evans' Beulah and the Limits of Romantic Individualism"
Sharon M. Setzer, North Carolina State University
"Mary Robinson's Walsingham and the Contingencies of Sexual Masquerade"
Cheryl Reitan, University of Minnesota-Duluth
"'Would a brighter morrow ever come?': Utopia and Fern's Ruth Hall"

Moderator: Dan Albergotti, University of Alabama

Session 4: Ballroom D: Romantic Rhetorics I

Kate Ronald, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Hephzibah Roskelly, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
"Reclaiming Romantic Rhetoric"
Frank Hubbard, Marquette University
"The Romantic Origins of Rhetorical Theories"
Emily Wicktor, St. Cloud State University
"Dark Romanticism: Poe's Reactionary Rhetoric in the Nineteenth-Century American Romantic and Transcendental Movements"

Moderator: Laurence Porter, Michigan State University

Session 5: Ballroom E: Revising Romanticism: The Long Romantic Century

Mark Ledden, Emory University
"Thoughts Towards a Long Romanticism, 1750-1850"
Charles Mahoney, University of Connecticut
"Following Hazlitt"
Lissa Holloway-Attaway, Georgia Tech
"From Revolution to Romanticism, Independence to Identity: William Bartram's Constitutional Journey"

Moderator: Mary Favret, Indiana University, response

10:15 - 11:45: SESSIONS 6 - 10

Session 6: Ballroom A: Percy Shelley

Robert M. Corbett, University of Washington
"Echoes of Sacrifice: Violence and The Cenci"
Leslie J. Robinson, Indiana University
"Beatrice Cenci Off and On Stage"
Daniel Mozes, CUNY-Graduate Center
"Shelley's Dramatic Skepticism: The Cenci versus Fazio"
Marc Redfield, Claremont Graduate School
"Shelley and the Poetics of Radical Loss"

Moderator: David Baulch, University of Washington

Session 7: Ballroom B: Comparative Romanticisms I

Rita M. Brown, Saint Louis University
"'More Poison in Your Nature Than in Mine': Keats's Lamia and Hawthorne's 'Rappaccini's Daughter'"
Debbie Lopez, University of Texas-San Antonio
"'Ungraspable Phantoms': Keats's Lamia and Melville's Yillah"
Karen Karbiener, Columbia University
"The Unexpress'd: Walt Whitman's Late Thoughts on Richard Wagner"
Kara Scambray, San Francisco State University
"Catching the Hedgehog: German Romanticism in Poe's Epigraphs"

Moderator: Chad L. Edgar, New York University

Session 8: Ballroom C: Jane Austen

Nicole Reynolds, University of Georgia
"'Her Passion for Ancient Edifices': Northanger Abbey and the Architecture of the Gaze"
Caroline Eisner, George Washington University
"Austen's Refracted Voice: The Discourse of Romantic Women in Lady Susan"
Colin Jager, University of Michigan
"Wishing for Nothing in Jane Austen's Emma"
Lisa Plummer Crafton, West Georgia College
"'I begin to think it perfectly reasonable': Wollstonecraft, Austen, and Romanticism"

Moderator: Karen Hadley, University of Louisville

Session 9: Ballroom D: Goethe

Bertina Loeffler, University of California-San Diego
"Dreaming (of) Italy: Constructed Desire and Goethe's Italienische Reise"
Eberhard Lehnardt, Utah Valley State College
"Goethe's Faust and Romanticism: Passion and Reason versus Divine Love"
Edwin Block, Marquette University
"Goethe and Romantic Figuration in Some Late Romantic Texts"

Moderator: Margaret Higonnet, Bunting Institute-Harvard University

Session 10: Ballroom E: Nationalism I

Matthew Conner, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
"The Self and the Group: Romantic Representations of the Union Army in Civil War Literature"
Robert C. Hale, Louisiana State University
"Revolution and the Low-Down Folks: A Comparison of Lyrical Ballads and Fine Clothes to the Jew"
Steven Zani, SUNY-Binghamton
"'Braining him on the spot': The Establishment of Ethical and Metaphysical Oppression in Cooper's The Deerslayer"
Clark Davis, Northeast Louisiana University
"Mutual Trust and the Friendly Loan: Melville and English Romanticism"

Moderator: Ala M. Alryyes, Harvard University

12:00 - 1:00: AMU 252: Executive Board members Luncheon Meeting

1:00 - 2:30: SESSIONS 11 - 15

Session 11: Ballroom A: Wordsworth and Philosophy

Philip Leider, University of California-Irvine
"Resisting 'the Usury of Time': Rousseau and Wordsworth on Education"
David D. Joplin, University of Denver
"Coleridge's Philosophy of Creative Perception in Wordsworth's 'Tintern Abbey' and The Two-Part Prelude"
Karen Hadley, University of Louisville
"'Who knows the individual hour?': Wordsworthian Consciousness and the Modern Moment"
Ross Hamilton, Johns Hopkins University
"Great Danes and 'Numerous Accidents in Flood or Field': Writing Accidents in Rousseau and Wordsworth"

Moderator: Robert C. Hale, Louisiana State University

Session 12: Ballroom B: New Historicist Approaches

Sheila Minn Hwang, University of California-Santa Barbara
"Nomenclature and Historical Determination in Scott's Waverley; Or, 'Tis Sixty Years Since"
Toby R. Benis, Columbia University
"Literary Ladies, Gambling Gentlemen and the Circulation of Representation"
Brian Freeman, Harvard University
"Piracy and Ideology: Byron and Scott's Literary Dialogue in The Corsair and The Pirate"
Arnold Schmidt, California State University-Stanislaus
"Politics, Identity, and Literary Piracy in Lord Byron's The Island"

Moderator: James Soderholm, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Session 13: Ballroom C: Keats and Figuration

Zachary Sng, Brown University
"Sense, Reference and the Romantic Metaphor"
Jacklyn R. Pierce, Saint Louis University
"The Poet's Song: The Role of the Poet and the Construction of Self in Keats and Yeats"
Cramer R. Cauthen, University of Louisville
"'Intrigue with the Specious Chaos': Lamia, Irigaray, and the Female Subject"
William Crisman, Penn State University-Altoona
"'Fathoming Space in Every Way' from Keats's Eve of St. Agnes to the Hyperion Poems"

Moderator: Greg Kucich, University of Notre Dame

Session 14: Ballroom D: Comparative Romanticisms II

Sarah Davies Cordova, Marquette University
"A Dancer's Obituary: Gautier's Response to Victor Hugo's Les Djinns?"
Robert Prescott, Bradley University
"Niccolo Paganini: Byronic Hero and Romantic Icon"
Byron K. Brown, Valdosta State University
"'To Make Men National and Religious Once More': Lockhart's Anti-Classicism, 1817-1824"
Elizabeth Duquette, NYU
"Cant--that being a Scotch Name, and Still to be Found in Scotland"

Moderator: Karen Karbiener, Columbia University

Session 15: Ballroom E: Felicia Hemans

Michael T. Williamson, Rutgers University
"'But When Did Fame Take Heed / Of Griefs Obscure as These': Gender and Intertextuality in Hemans's Elegiac Poetry"
Donelle R. Ruwe, University of Notre Dame
"Felicia Hemans and Torquato Tasso's Sister"
Chad L. Edgar, New York University
"Staging an Incursion: Felicia Hemans's Theatrical Debut in Vespers of Palermo"
Dan Albergotti, University of Alabama
"Byron, Hemans, and the Gender Politics of Critical Reception"

Moderator: Nanora Sweet, University of Missouri-St. Louis

2:45 - 4:15: SESSIONS 16 - 20

Session 16: Ballroom A: Romantic Narrative

Melissa Schaub, UW-Madison
"Romantic Politics and Narrative: Wordsworth's 'Simon Lee'"
David S. Hogsette, Ohio State University
"Coleridge's Poetic Taboo: Narratives of Dis-Ease and Rhetorics of Containment in the Nineteenth- Century Reviews of Christabel"
Robert Jones, University of California-Riverside
"'Long Resounding Strong Heroic Verse': The Four Zoas as Epic"
Joseph W. Sora, St. John's University
"Cross-Continental Philosophic and Applied Understandings of Romantic Didacticism"

Moderator: Maia Boswell, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Session 17: Editing New Romantic Anthologies

Anne K. Mellor, UCLA
"Recontextualizing Romanticism in History: British Literature 1780-1830, eds., Richard Matlak and Anne Mellor (1996)"
Gene Ruoff, University of Illinois-Chicago
"On Editing Critical Essays for the Kroeber-Ruoff Anthology"
Margaret Higonnet, Bunting Institute-Harvard University
"'The Worthiest Poets Have Remained Uncrowned': An Anthology of Nineteenth-Century British Women Poets"

Moderator: Stephen Behrendt, University of Nebraska

Session 18: Ballroom C: Dorothy Wordsworth

Ellen Argyros, University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley
"Imagery of Ambivalence: Cottages and Prisons in Six Poems by Dorothy Wordsworth"
Jeffrey Loo, Camden County College
"Dorothy Wordsworth's 'To my Niece Dora' (DCMS 122), an Unpublished Variant, as a Response to William Wordsworth"
Anna Leahy, Ohio University
"'Yet Still A Lurking Wish Prevails': Dorothy Wordsworth, Romanticism, and Feminist Consciousness"
John G. Pipkin, Rice University
"The Material Sublime: Transcendence, Suppression, and Gender in British Romantic Poetry"

Moderator: Sarah Zimmerman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Session 19: Ballroom D: Romantic Ideologies I

Joseph Bizup, Indiana University
"Romanticism and the Ideology of the Factory System"
Franca R. Barricelli, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
"Romanticism and Political Change in Venice: The Early Theatre of Ugo Foscolo
Ala M. Alryyes, Harvard University
"The Romantic Poles and the Social Contract: The Nation and the Child in Locke and Rousseau"
Mark B. N. Hansen, Southwest Texas State University
"Kleist's Die Marquise von O-- and the Becoming-Woman/Becoming-Technological of the Kantian Subject"

Moderator: Mike Wiley, New York University

Session 20: Ballroom E: Keats and Gender

Mary E. Finn, University of Alabama
"A Basil Plant for Isabella: Rot vs. Romance"
Heather Jakob, West Virginia University
"Poetic Inspiration or Seized Power? The Sapphist and Keats's Portrayal of the Female"
Gaura Shankar Narayan, Columbia University
"Gender and Poetic Inheritance in Keats's Odes"
Jonna Froelich, Marquette University
"The Knight's Demise: The Feminine/Masculine Dichotomy in 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci'"

Moderator: Michael D. Moore, Wilfrid Laurier University

4:30 - 5:00: Ballrooms C & D:

Performance by Susan M. Levin,
Professor of Humanities,
Stevens Institute of Technology:

"Songs by Romantic Women Composers"

6:30 - 7:30: Ballroom E:

Stephen C. Behrendt,
George Holmes Distinguished Professor of English,
University of Nebraska,

"Trading in the Old Model:
Shopping for a New Romanticism"

Saturday, September 23, 1995

8:30 - 10:00: SESSIONS 21 - 25

Session 21: Ballroom A: The Brontes and Romantic Narrative

Jacqueline Dello Russo, University of California-Davis
"Tipp(l)ing the Balance of the Romantic Hero: Writing Romantic Excess in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall"
Stephen Bernstein, University of Michigan-Flint
"Bronte, Dante, and the Romantic Scene of Reading in Wuthering Heights"
Katharine Capshaw Smith, University of Connecticut
"Charlotte Bronte's Shirley and Romantic Revision"
Lise Busk-Jensen, University of Copenhagen
"The Bildungsroman as Genre in Women's Literary History in the Romantic Period"

Moderator: Larry Peer, Brigham Young University

Session 22: Ballroom B: Comparative Romanticisms III

Heather Sullivan, Trinity University
"The Postponed Narratives of Desire in Ludwig Tieck's Novel Franz Sternbalds Wanderungen"
Laurence M. Porter, Michigan State University
"Sta viator: The Grave in Romantic Poetry"
Michael J. Call, Brigham Young University
"Atala's Body: Girodet and the Representation of Chateaubriand's Romanticism"
G. Timothy Gordon, Southwest Texas State University
"'Delight in My Last Fall'--Transience in/Transcendence over 'The Dark Earth': Rilke's Duino Elegies, Roethke's North American Sequence"

Moderator: Randall L. Beebe, Eastern Illinois University

Session 23: Ballroom C: Byron

Jason P. Harris, University of Louisville
"Dionysian Humanism in Byron's Manfred"
Christy A. Porter, Indiana State University
"Individualism in Don Juan: Byron's Hybrid Style and the Formation of the Modern Sense of the Individual"
James Soderholm, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
"Byron, Wordsworth, and 'Pride of Place'"
Jonathan Gross, DePaul University
"Lady Melbourne, Lord Byron and the Story of Joseph"

Moderator: Arnold Schmidt, California State University-Stanislaus

Session 24: Ballroom D: Romantic Influences

Alison Hickey, Wellesley College
"Double Bonds: The Lambs, Coleridge, and Collaborative Authorship"
Jill A. Schreiber, West Virginia University
"The Ravage of Nature, the Silence of the Lamb: Gender Politics in Romanticism"
William Richey, University of South Carolina
"Wordsworth and the Poetry of the Recent Past"
Marty Slaughter, Vanderbilt University
"'War is hell': Byron's Don Juan VII-VIII as Dantesque Descent"

Moderator: Fred V. Randel, University of California-San Diego

Session 25: Ballroom E: Orientalism I

Nanora Sweet, UM-St. Louis
"The Orientalist Frontier and its Romantic Unraveling"
Brian Goldberg, Indiana University
"'Where Black Gates were Shut Against Sunrise Evermore': India and the Architecture of Images in Lamia and The Fall of Hyperion"
Emily Haddad, Harvard University
"Oriental Nature: The Aesthetics of the Unnatural in English and French Romanticism"
Barbara Lekatsas, Hofstra University
"Greece in Romanticism; Romanticism in Greece"

Moderator: Mary E. Finn, University of Alabama

10:15 - 11:45: SESSIONS 26 - 30

Session 26: Ballroom A: Keats and Bicentennial Ruminations

Ken Bugajski, Marquette University
"A Reputation Writ in Water: Keats and the Variance of Critical Response"
Greg Kucich, University of Notre Dame
"Keats in Transition: The Bicentennial and its Provocations"
Steven L. Jones, Loyola University
"Keats as (self-)Satirizing Della Cruscan"
Brennan O'Donnell, Loyola College
"The Sage of Mickle Lore, Yclept Typographus: Keats, British Romantic Poetry and the Culture of Print"

Moderator: Christofer C. Foss, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Session 27: Ballroom B: Blake II

Ryan Lankford, Georgia Institute of Technology
"The Rhizomic Romantic: Defiance in Blake's Variable Text"
David M. Baulch, University of Washington
"'The Sublime of the Bible': Blake's Milton as Aesthetic Revisioning of Milton's Christian Epic"
James Stanger, University of California-Riverside
"Between a Discourse and a Hermeneutic of the Body: Blake and Joanna Southcott's Supplement of Reading"
Sally Corran, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
"In Their Dreams: The Visions of Blake and Byron"

Moderator: William Van Pelt, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Session 28: Ballroom C: Romantic Psychologies

Judith Harris, George Washington University
"'The Brain is Wider than the Sky': Emily Dickinson's Self-Correcting Imagination"
Christina M. Pages, University of South Carolina
"Emerson and Thoreau: Matter and Mind of Transcendentalism"
Ellen O'Brien, University of Connecticut
"Spatializing the Mind: Brain Imagery and the Theatre of Consciousness in Keats's Fall of Hyperion"

Moderator: Nicole Reynolds, University of Georgia

Session 29: Comparative Romanticisms IV

Andrew R. Ziarnik, University of Illinois-U-C
"Close Encounters of the 'Other' Kind: E.T.A. Hoffmann's Innovative Use of the Wandering Motif in Die Elixiere des Teufels"
Anke Finger, Brandeis University
"Romantic Nationalists or Nationalist Romantics?: Cultural Ideologies in the Music Criticism of E.T.A. Hoffmann and W. H. Fry"
Paola Mayer, University of British Columbia
"The Self-Disrupting Subject: The Destabilizing Function of the Literary Uncanny"
Amanda Holmes, University of Oregon
"The Influence of German Romanticism on Fernan Caballero's La gaviota, the First Spanish Novel of Customs

Moderator: Kurt Fosso, Lewis and Clark College

Session 30: Ballroom E: Romantic Economies

Mervyn Nicholson, University College-Kamloops, British Columbia, "Malthus, Freud, and Apocalyptic Language"
Andrew Franta, Johns Hopkins University
"The Enlightened Reader: Historicizing Genre in Caleb Williams"
Neville F. Newman, McMaster University
"'The Whole Child': De Quincey, Bell and School Government"

Moderator: Sheila Minn Hwang, University of California-Santa Barbara

1:00 - 2:30: SESSIONS 31 - 35

Session 31: Ballroom A: Ethics and Romanticism

Betsy Bolton, Swarthmore College
"Defeating the Enemy, Passion: Joanna Baillie's Moral Drama"
Kevis Bea Goodman, Yale University
"The Task of Telling: Conversation and Communal Mourning"
R. Clifton Spargo, Marquette University
"Begging Questions of Responsibility in Wordsworth's Poetry"
William Jewett, Yale University
"Be Thou Me"

Moderator: Michael T. Williamson, Rutgers University

Session 32: Ballroom B: Comparative Romanticisms V

Bianca Theisen, Johns Hopkins University
"Incessant Inversions: The Temporalization of History in German Romanticism"
Warren Johnson, University of Alabama
"Carmen and Exotic Nationalism"
William Major, Indiana University
"Romancing Pathology: Anatole Broyard's Intoxicated by My Illness"
Anne D. Steiner, Central State University
"Sula and the Blakean Law of Contraries"

Moderator: Brennan O'Donnell, Loyola College

Session 33: Ballroom C: Romanticism and the Visual

Matthew C. Brennan, Indiana State University
"Wordsworth and Portraiture: 'Visible Quest of Immortality'?"
Elizabeth Ann Neighbors, University of Georgia
"Painting Words: The Representations of Fact and Thought in the Work of William Wordsworth and John Constable"
Troy Holaday, Ball State University
"Romantic Expression Defined in the Critical Communication of Coleridge and Allston, American Romantic Painter"
Melissa Valiska Gregory, Indiana University
"The Riveted Eye: Visual Representations of Slave Bodies in John Stedman's Surinam"

Moderator: Jeffrey Loo, Camden County College

Session 34: Ballroom D: Romantic Ideologies II

Rebecca DeNeve, Florida State University
"Four Romantic Scientists: White, Darwin, Davy, and Somerville"
Eric Gidal, University of Michigan
"West, Haydon, and the Ideologies of Ekphrasis"
Claudia Trew, Florida State University
"Fordyce, Wollstonecraft, and Austen: Female Education, a Locus of Male Desire"
Gwynne Durham, Yale University
"Redeeming the Common Day: Wordsworth, Spenser, and the Labor of Return"

Moderator: Sharon M. Setzer, North Carolina State University

Session 35: Ballroom E: Nationalism II

Jonathan Steinwand, Concordia College
"The Aesthetic Imperative: Translating the French Revolution into German and English (Romanticisms)"
Ann T. Gardiner, New York University
"Coppet and the Invention of Nationality"
Kathleen E. Ricker, Loyola University, "Matthew Arnold and the Celtic Sublime"
Nancy Weston, St. Cloud State University
"The Artistic Affirmation of Growing National Pride: Daniel Maclise Depicts Ireland and the Irish"

Moderator: Lisa Plummer Crafton, West Georgia College

2:45 - 4:15: SESSIONS 36 - 40

Session 36: Ballroom A: The Gothic

Julie Shaffer, Illinois State University
"The Limits of Female Power: Imagining Queens and Female Visionaries"
Diane Long Hoeveler, Marquette University
"Professionalizing Gender: The Female Gothic, Beating Fantasies, and the Civilizing Process"
Kathleen O'Brien, University of Oregon
"From Terror to Horror, From Surveillance to Subversion: Domestic Ideology in the Female Gothic"

Moderator: Donelle R. Ruwe, University of Notre Dame

Session 37: Ballroom B: Relational Knowledge of Self and World

Linda Hanson, Ball State University
"Wordsworth's Intuited and Intuitive Audience"
Brad Sullivan, Ball State University
"Wordsworthian Model of Knowing, Speaking and Acting"
Rebecca Wheeler, Ball State University
"Seeing through the Journey to the Self in the Travel Writing of Mary Wollstonecraft and Dorothy Wordsworth"

Moderator: David Endicott, Ball State University, response

Session 38: Ballroom C: Wordsworth and Coleridge

Lloyd Davies, Western Kentucky University
"Native Language or Foreign Rhetoric: Friederika Brun and Coleridge in the Vale of Chamouni"
Brent Stevens, University of South Carolina
"Coleridge's Flawed Compass: The Marginal Gloss to The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"
Fred V. Randel, University of California-San Diego
"The 1798 Origins of Wordsworth's Poetics of the Cave"
Kurt Fosso, Lewis and Clark College
"Genre and Politics in Wordsworth's Salisbury Plain"

Moderator: Ramona M. Silver, California Institute of Integral Studies

Session 39: Ballroom D: Comparative Romanticisms VI

Grace Anne Morsberger, University of California-Berkeley
"Beauty and the Beast: The Androgynous Demon in Lermontov and Pushkin"
David L. Gehrenbeck, Brown University
"Romantic Revolution: The 1825 Decembrist Revolt in Russia"
Richard Kaplan, UCLA
"Romantic and Realist Rubble: The Foundation for a New National Literature in Melville's Pierre and Dostoevsky's Poor Folk"
Larry Peer, Brigham Young University
"Pushkin's Use of the Term 'Romantizm'"

Moderator: Paola Mayer, University of British Columbia

Session 40: Ballroom E: Orientalism II

Naji B. Oueijan, Notre Dame University-Lebanon
"Orientalism: The Romantics' Added Dimension"
Katherine Holderbaum, University of Southern California
"George Sand's Indiana as Romantic Orientalism"
Peter Christensen, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
"William Beckford's Newly Published Oriental Tales: Fulfilled Love under the Eye of Providence"
Paul Kei Matsuda, Purdue University
"The Wanderer Theme in Matsuo Basho: An Eastern Perspective on the Romantic Wanderer and Wandering"

Moderator: Sarah Davies Cordova, Marquette University

4:30 - 5:00: Ballrooms C & D:


Performance by Dr. Joan Metelli, soprano,
Ball State University:
"Romantic Vocal Music from France, Germany,
England, Spain, and Italy"

6:00 - 7:00: Ballrooms C & D:

Anne K. Mellor, UCLA

"Mary 'Perdita' Robinson, or Who Gets to Tell
the Story of 'Romantic' Female Sexuality?".

7:00: Ballrooms A, B, & E:

Sunday, September 24, 1995

8:30 - 10:00: SESSIONS 41 - 45

Session 41: Ballroom A: Romantic Rhetorics II

Kristi Yager, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
"The Anxiety of Influence: How Expressivism Uses and Abuses the Rhetoric of Nineteenth- Century Romanticism"
Elizabeth Dorn, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
"Expressing Heritage: Academic Writing According to Charles Lamb's Romantic Metaphor of Meaning"
Laura Micciche, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
"Dorothy Wordsworth, Feminist Expressivists, and Conditions of Neglect"

Moderator: Katharine Capshaw Smith, University of Connecticut

Session 42: Ballroom B: The Heritage of Romanticism

David Foster, Drake University
"Oscar Wilde, Insincerity, and the Construction of Identity"
Michael D. Moore, Wilfrid Laurier University
"Romantic Nature: Hopkins, Barthes, and Genre Formation"
Nikita Nankov, Indiana University
"The Holistic Dream: Umberto Eco on the Author of the Open/Closed Work"
Michael A. Schwartz, Brandeis University
"From Shelley to Joyce: The Devolution of Modern Identity"

Moderator: William Brewer, Appalachian State University

Session 43: Ballroom C: Comparative Romanticisms VII

James Donelan, Yale University
"Hoelderlin and Shelley: The Consequences of Poetic Philosophy"
Christofer C. Foss, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Shelley, Jameson, and the Dialectic of Utopia and Ideology"
Jennie Wang, University of Northern Iowa
"Romantic Love as Interrogative Power in Faulkner's Go Down, Moses"
William Musgrave, University of California-Berkeley
"Burke's 'Custom,' Bourdie's 'Habitus,' and the French 'Monster of a Constitution'"

Moderator: George Justice, Marquette University

Session 44: Ballroom D: Romantic Sexualities

Julie Costello, University of Notre Dame
"Mad, Bad and Murderous Mothers: Romantic Infanticides and the Threat of Alterity"
Ashley Cross, Benedictine College
"'Of Female Softness': Bared Breasts, Nursing Fathers, and Natural Signs"
Margaret Breen, Hartwick College
"Lesbian Whiteness in Coleridge's Christabel"

Moderator: Toby R. Benis, Columbia University

Session 45: Ballroom E: Romanticism and Gender

Jill Ehnenn Angelino, George Washington University
"Writing Against, Writing Through: Subjectivity, Vocation and Authorship in the Work of Dorothy Wordsworth"
Sarah Zimmerman, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Dorothy Wordsworth and the Ethics of Romantic Lyricism"
Randi Patterson, University of Waterloo
"(Re)Producing Poetry's Generic Body: Williams, Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Barbauld"

Moderator: Cramer R. Cauthen, University of Louisville

10:15 - 11:45: SESSIONS 46 - 50

Session 46: Ballroom A: Romanticism and Historical Contexts

Randall L. Beebe, Eastern Illinois University
"The Aftermath of War: The Politics of Hope and Nationalism in Shelley's Laon and Cythna"
Mike Wiley, New York University
"Wordsworth's Unmapping of England"
Yi Zheng, University of Pittsburgh
"Romanticism of the Familiar and Female Vagrancy"
Josh Gidding, College of the Holy Cross
"Wordsworth's Difficulty and the New Historicism: A Dissenting View on the Imagination of History"

Moderator: Julie Costello, University of Notre Dame

Session 47: Ballroom B: Women Writers II

William D. Brewer, Appalachian State University, "Charlotte Smith and Capitalism"
Kari Lokke, University of California-Davis
"Charlotte Smith and the Politics of Transcendence"
Kristen A. Hoffman, Marquette University
"Joanna Baillie and the Female Complaint"
Daniel Riess, University of Virginia
"Prophet of Loss: Letitia Landon and the Collapse of Romanticism"

Moderator: Devoney Looser, Indiana State University

Session 48: Ballroom C: Frankenstein

Marjean D. Purinton, Texas Tech University
"The Stage, the Family, and Science: The Comparative Romantic Mythmaking of Frankenstein"
Heather Hewett, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Frankenstein, Travel Literature, and the Gaze: The Anthropology of Mary Shelley"
A.J. Caschetta, New York
"Visual and Literary Gothic; or, What Hollywood Did to Frankenstein"
Ramona M. Silver, California Institute of Integral Studies, "Frankenstein and the Romantic Consciousness: A Philosophical and Literary Evolution"

Moderator: Robert Jones, University of California-Riverside

Session 49: Ballroom D: Comparative Romanticisms VIII

Jeannine Johnson, Yale University
"Defense of Poetry in Prose and Verse: Shelley and Keats"
Margaret Reid, Marquette University
"Remembering the Revolution: Competing Rhetorics in Early Romanticism"
Seth Sondag, Marquette University
"The Mythology of the Victim: Shelley's Prometheus Unbound and the Archetypal Suffering Poet"

Moderator: Debbie Lopez, University of Texas-San Antonio

Session 50: Ballroom E: Reading De Quincey Reading

Victoria Chevalier, Cornell University
"Opium-eater and Cigar Makers: Prosaic Subjects and Sublime Community in De Quincey and James Weldon Johnson"
Emily Jenkins, Columbia University
"Execution: Murder and Writing in Thomas De Quincey"
Daniel O'Quinn, University of Guelph
"Hearing the Herd in Herder"
Adam Schnitzer, Cornell University
"'The Sublimest Ascent': Death and the Breast in Wordsworth and De Quincey

Moderator: Charles Mahoney, University of Connecticut

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