1996 ACR Annual Meeting

American Conference on Romanticism
Annual Meetings, 1994-1998

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American Conference on Romanticism

Third Annual Meeting

Park City, Utah (3-5 October 1996)

Conference Organizer:

Larry H. Peer
Brigham Young University



3-5 pm


5:30 pm


Jean-Pierre Barricelli (California, Riverside)

President, American Conference on Romanticism

Followed by a Reception

6:30 pm

Plenary Session

Chair: Larry H. Peer (BYU)



8:30-10 pm: Session I


I: Romanticism, Translation, and Canon Formation

Moderator: Henry H.H. Remak (Indiana)

Neil Arditi (Virginia), "Shelley's Adonais and the Politics of Canon Formation"

Katalin Kalmár-Abbott (BYU), "The Wandering Witness: Modes of Groundlessness in Arany's

A hamis tanu"

Michael S. Macovski (Fordham), "Romantic Translation Theory: Byron's Writing of the Armenians"




8-9 am

Continental Breakfast

9-10:30 am: Sessions II and III

II: Views From Romantic Irony and Parody

Moderator: Terryl L. Givens (Richmond)

John M. Bury (Tulsa), "Sense, Sounds, Silence and Savages: Elizabeth Inchbald and Romantic Irony"

William Davis (Colorado College), "The Return of the Material: Goethe, Novallis, Schelling"

Nicholas Rennie (Yale), "Envisioning the Moment: The schöner Augenblick as Parody"


III: Romanticism and Music

Moderator: Katherine Kolb (Minnesota)

Franca R. Barricelli (Winsconsin, Oshkosh), "Romanticism, the Risorgimiento, and Music: The Failure of the Conciliatore"

Katherine Kolb (Minnesota), "Romanticism and the Modernist Music Aesthetic"

11-12:30 pm: Sessions IV, V, and VI

IV: Perspectives on Romanticism and Aesthetics

Moderator: Lotte Thrane (Copenhagen)

Andrew Franta (Johns Hopkins), "Keats and the Review Aesthetic"

Anca Mitroi (Southern California), "Apollinaire and Art Criticism"

Lotte Thrane (Copenhagen), "Read, Written, and Relived: Magda von Hattinberg's Readings of Rilke as Romantic Discourse"


V: Cases of Romantic Influence and Relations

Moderator: Cheryl Lambert (BYU)

Thomas Pace (Louisville), "Going Against the Grain: Charlotte Smith's Influence on the Poetry of William Wordsworth"

Alison Hickey (Wellesley), "Coleridge, Southey, 'and Co.': Collaboration and Authority"


VI: Romanticism and Idealisms

Moderator: Michael J. Call (BYU)

Jan Mieszkowski (Johns Hopkins), "Symbolic Language and the Freedom of Theory"

Chris Kearns (Indiana), "An Ethics of Disfiguration: The Reader's Role in Walter Benjamin's Romantic Reflection"

Claus Schatz-Jakobsen (Odense), "Wordsworth, Hartman, and the Critical Subcontext of Romantic Poetry

12:30 Box Lunch Pickup



2-3:30: Sessions VII, VIII and IX

VII: Genre Intersections in Romanticism

Moderator: Katalin Kalamár-Abbott (BYU)

Elizabeth Elam Roth (Southwest Texas State), "Aesthetics of the Balletic Unheimlich-Uncanny in Hoffman's The Nutcracker and the Mouse King and The Sandman"

Irena Nikolova (Western Ontario), "Hybrid Genres in German Romantic Aesthetics"

Francisco LaRubia-Prado (Georgetown), "Symbolic Consciousness and Allegorical Insight in Becquer's Rimas"


VIII: Romanticism and the Study of Sexuality

Moderator: Scott Simpkins (North Texas)

Hal Gladfelder (Stanford), "Bright Eyes: Queer Longings in Christabel and the Ancient Mariner"

Scott Simpkins (North Texas), "Gender Swapping in Shelley's The Last Man"

Pratima Prasad (Pennsylvania), "Liminal Sex, Liminal Text: Romantic Androgyny"


IX: Romanticism and Feminism

Moderator: Diane Long Hoeveler (Marquette)

Helynne H. Hansen (Western State), "Two Generations of Feminist Romanticism: The Legacy of Madame de Staël to Hortense Allart"

Melissa Sites (Maryland), "Romanticism and Domesticity in Shelley's Valperga and Lodore"

Linda Lang-Peralta (UNLV), "The Woman Writer and the Female Exile"

4-5:30 pm: Sessions X and XI

X: New Views of Romantic Discourse

Moderator: Fred V. Randel (California, San Diego)

Lloyd Davies (Western Kentucky), "Contemporary Covenantal Theory and Romantic Hebraism in Hamann and Coleridge"

Karen Hadley (Louisville), "'Back to the Future'?: The Narrative of Allegory in Critical Accounts of Romanticism"

Eugene Stelzig (SUNY, Geneseo), "Affirming 'The Happy Few': European Romanticism and the Aristocracy of Consciousness"


XI: New Views of Romantic Desire

Moderator: Ilona Klein (BYU)

Geraldine Friedman (Purdue), "Schooling National Fantasy: Melancholy and Desire in the Construction of Great Britain"

Ranita Chatterjee (Utah), "Transformations of Desire: Godwin, Shelley, and the Constructed Mother"

Terryl Givens (Richmond), "Romantic Agonies: Human Suffering and the Ethical Sublime"

6:30 pm

Plenary Session

Chair: Larry H. Peer (BYU)



8-9 am

Continental Breakfast

9-10:30 am: Sessions XII, XIII and XIV

XII: Romanticism and Nationality I

Moderator: Scott Sprenger (BYU)

Sibylle Maria Fischer (Duke), "Producing 'Literature': A Case from Nineteenth-Century Spanish America"

Maria Consuelo Cunha Campos (Rio de Janeiro), "Romanticism and the Formation of Nationality: A Comparative Approach"

Gerhart Hoffmeister (California, Santa Barbara), "The Problem of Nationalism and Cultural Identity in the Age of Goethe: Dialectics of National and Global Views in Herder, A.W. Schlegel, and Goethe"


XIII: The Urban and The Romantic

Moderator: William Crisman (Penn State, Altoona)

Mark Hansen (Southwest Texas State), "The Technological Uncanny: Keats and the Industrial Revolution"

Megan Becker-Leckrone (California, Irivine), "Making a Stump Speech Out of it"

William Crisman (Penn State, Altoona), "Theories of Voyeurism and De Quincey's Autobiographical Writings"


XIV: A Potpourri of Romantic Topoi

Moderator: Fred Randel (California, San Diego)

Didier Maleuvre (California, Santa Barbara), "Homelessness and the Aesthetics of Misplacement: The Romantic Museum"

David L. Mosley (Goshen), "The Wanderer as Topic and Trope in Early Nineteenth-Century German Culture"

Fred V. Randel (California, San Diego), "Coleridge's 'Hymn Before Sunrise' and the Discourses of Mountains"

11 am-12:30: Sessions XV, XVI, and XVII

XV: Romanticism and Nationality II

Moderator: Gerhart Hoffmeister (California, Santa Barbara)

Russell Moore (Illinois), "Ernest Renan and the Text of French National Identity and Consciousness"

Steve Newman (Johns Hopkins) " 'A Bondage Sweetly Brook'd: Colonial History, the Idea of Sequence, and the Balland in William Wordsworth's Poems Written During a Tour of Scotland"

Nancy Moore Goslee (Tennessee), "Rebellion, Sovereignty, and Nationalism in the William Wallace Theme"


XVI: Romanticism and Psychoanalitic Views

Moderator: Diane Long Hoeveler (Marquette)

Chris Foss (Viterbo), "Prefigurations of Kristevan Psychoanalitic Theory in Shelley's Prose"

Gaura Shankar Narayan (Columbia), "Psychoanalysis, Narrative and a Story Untold in Keats's 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci'"

Diane Long Hoeveler (Marquette), "The Uneasy Dreams of Ann Radcliffe"


XVII: Social Science Views of Romanticism

Moderator: Michael J. Call (BYU)

Debbie Lee (Arizona), "Monsters and Cannibals: Frankenstein and the Antrhopology of Slavery"

Rodney Farnsworth (Indiana/Purdue, Fort Wayne), "Romantic Thought as Complex Adaptive System: A Case Where Complexity Theory Might Apply"

Michael J. Call (BYU), "Reading Madness: Gericault's Portraits of the Insane"

12:30 pm

Box Lunch Pickup

Summit Hallway


12:45-1:45 pm


2-3:30: Sessions XVIII, XIX, and XX

XVIII: Romanticism and Levinas

Moderator: Franca R. Barricelli (Wisconsin, Oshkosh)

Robert Jones (California, Riverside), "The Sublime Other: Persecution, Transcendence and Anonymity in Shelley's Prometheus Unbound"

Jack Jacobs (Auburn), "Teaching 'Saying' by Annihilating 'Said': Connections Among Coleridge, Blake and Levinas"

James Stanger (California, Riverside), "William Blake Represents the Other"


XIX: Romanticism and Postmodernity

Moderator: Marjean D. Purinton (Texas Tech)

Vivaldo M. Ferreira (Brandeis), "Mallarmé and Ritual"

Piotr Parlej (Russel Sage), "Romanticism and Postmodernity: The Case of Friederich Schlegel"

Marjean D. Purinton (Texas Tech), "Conceptually Defined Romanticism: Jeanette Winterson's The Passion as a Romantic Novel"


XX: Romanticism and Education

Moderator: Ilona Klein (BYU)

Anna Barker (Iowa), "Charlotte Smith's Conversations Introducing Poetry: From Nature Through Nurture to Cultural Challenge"

Patricia Lee (Colorado), "As Nature Teaches: Wordsworthian Education as a Relinquishing of the Self"

Daren Hodson (Augustana), "Literature and Fichte's Educational Program"

4-5:30 pm: Sessions XXI, XXII, and XXIII

XXI: Romantic Dialogism

Moderator: John Pipkin (Saint Louis)

John Pipkin (Saint Louis), "Keats, Derrida, Tighe and the Perlocutionary Speech Act in 'Sonnet to Sleep'"

Scott Sprenger (BYU), "Balzac on Painting: Realist or Romantic"

Anna Engle (Emory), "Utopias of Unity, Distopias of Fragmentation: Imagining the Subject in Kant's Kritik der Urteilskraft, Novalis' Heinrich von Ofterdingen, and Kleist's Prinz Friedrich von Homburg"


XXII: Romanticism in/of/as Historical Shift

Moderator: Cheryl A. Lambert (BYU)

Cheryl A. Lambert (BYU), "'Protection from or Projection of the Self': Scientific and Romantic Responses to Enlightenment Epistemology"

Yi Zheng (Pittsburgh), "Beginnings: The Anxieties of Modernity and the Mutilated Wardrobe of Interitance–Burke's Historical Aestheticism"

Bridget A. Rousell (Oklahoma), "Robespierre's Rhetoric and Revolution: common Ground of Romanticism and Reason"


XXIII: Romantic Theater and Its Connections

Moderator: Jan Wilson (McMaster)

Amy M. Muse (Auburn), "Gothic Terror and Catharsis: Coleridge's Remorse and the Presentation of Consciousness"

Sara Cox (Washington, St. Louis), "Reading in Translation: Mori Ogai's Translations of Heinrich von Kleist and the Role of Romanticism in Meiji Japan"

Jean Wilson (McMaster), "Romanticism, Rape, and Comic Irresolution in Kleist

6:30 pm

Conference Banquet

Recognition of American Conference on Romanticism Book Award Recipient

Report on Past Activities and Plans for the Coming Year

Membership and Treasury Report

The American Conference on Romanticism gratefully acknowledges the support of the Brigham Young University College of Humanities, Office of Honors and General Education, David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies, and Departments of Humanities, Classics, and Comparative Literature.

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