1997-98 ACR Annual Meeting

American Conference on Romanticism
Annual Meetings, 1994-1998

Note: The formatting of the following program follows the original. We have made only minor changes throughout, correcting obvious errors and making some listings more uniform to facilitate electronic searching.

American Conference on Romanticism Fourth Annual Meeting

University of Georgia, January 22-25, 1998

Conference Organizer: Anne Williams

Registration, Holiday Inn Lobby: 2:30-5:30

First Session: 3:30-5:00

1. Gothic/Romantic I, Athena I :

Chair: Anne Williams, University of Georgia

b. "The Tigers in the Woods: Gothicism and Wordsworth's Lucy Poems"
Laura Dabundo, Kennesaw State University

c. "Gothic Ruins and Arches: Trauma Theory and the Liminal"
Diane Long Hoeveler, Marquette University

2. The French Revolution, Athena II:

Chair: Nelson Hilton, University of Georgia

a. "Coleridge, France, and the Morning Post Essays of 1802"
James W. Scannell, University of Connecticut

b. "The Bastille Revisited"
Nicole Reynolds, University of Georgia

c. "Spectacular Specters of Renaissance and Revolution: Romantic Audiences and Actors' Alternatives"
Celestine Liu, New York University

3. Wordsworth, President's Room:

Chair: Elizabeth Rackley, Emory University

a. "Victorian or Romantic? Moral and Sexual Themes in Wordsworth's The Excursion"
Catherine Ramsdell, Auburn University

b."'Still Glides the Stream': Form and Function in Wordsworth's The River Duddon"
Daniel Robinson, Widener University

c. "'Throwing Words Away': Hysterical Subversion and the Hysterical Masculine Voice in Wordsworth's 'We are Seven'"
Colleen Donovan, University of Georgia

4. Natural Sounds and Senses, Corporate Room:

Chair: Katherine Montweiler, University of Georgia

a. "The Power of Sound in The Prelude"
Elizabeth L. Colledge, Independent Scholar

b. "Romanticizing Nature: Emerson and Frost"
Guiyou Huang, Kutztown University

c. "The Genius Loci and the Shade of Coleridge"
Kathryn Pratt, Vanderbilt University

Reception: Taylor-Grady House, 634 Prince Avenue: 6:00-8:00 p.m.

(Buses leave Holiday Inn at 5:50 p.m.)

Registration, Holiday Inn Lobby: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Continental Breakfast: 7:30-10:00

First Session: 8:00-9:30

1. Gendered Spaces: Athena I:

Chair: Celestine Liu, New York University

a. "Gendered Space in the Works of William Wordsworth and Caspar David Friedrich"
Ray Fleming, Florida State University

b. "The Secret Casket and the Deathly Woman in Cooper's The Deerslayer"
David Callahan, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

c. "'Mother-Church': Potential Deconstruction of Masculine Authority/Feminine Submission in Jane West's Letters to a Young Man"
Julie Straight, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2. Land and Labor, Athena II:

Chair: Thomas Peterson, University of Georgia

a. "Thoreau's Beanfield and Utopian Socialism"
Lance Newman, Brown University

b. "Reconstructing Nature: 'Humanized Landscapes' in Jane Austen and Contemporaries"
Rodney Farnsworth, Indiana University-Purdue University

c. "The Landed Revolution: Rural Economy and Nationalist Politics, 1776-1815"
Christine Bolus-Reichert, Indiana University

3. "L'amour passion," Georgia East:

Chair: Charles Mahoney, University of Connecticut

a. " 'Between Avoidance and Acknowledgement': Love's Open Secret in Lafayette's La Princesse de Cleves"
Anne-Lise François, Princeton University

b. "Julie, or the Apotheosis of the Veil"
Ross Hamilton, Barnard College

c. "The Misfortunes of Virtue, The Virtue of Folly"
Rajani Sudan, University of Texas at Arlington

d. "The End of the Affair"
Charles Mahoney, University of Connecticut

4. Women and the Nation: Georgia West:


a. "The Political Music of Bettina von Arnim and Johanna Kinkel"
Marjanne E. Goozé and Ann Willison Lemke. University of Georgia

b. "One Woman's Text as a Critique of Imperialism: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein"
Kathleen Koljian, University of Connecticut

c. "Stranger to Herself: Gender, Nation, and Exile in the Poems of Charlotte Smith"
Leigh-Anne Urbanowicz-Marcellin, University of Georgia

d. "Re-discovering 'Corsica'"
Katherine Montweiler, University of Georgia

Second Session: 9:45-11:15

1. Manzoni and the European Romantics, Athena I :

Chair: Larry Peer, Brigham Young University

a. "Letters from Exile: on the Post-Nationalism of Manzoni's French Writings"
Susanna F. Ferlito, University of Minnesota

b. "The Paradoxical Romanticism of Manzoni's Il Cinque Maggio"
Thomas E. Peterson, University of Georgia

c. "1815, What Gets Restored in Italy? From masses to Masses: Manzoni and Cuoco do Vico"
Sante Matteo, Miami University of Ohio

2. The Sublime, Athena II:

Chair: Ray Fleming, Florida State University

a. "Shelley, Turner, and the Romantic Sublime"
Chris Foss, Texas Christian University

b. "The Burkean Sublime and Blake's Anti-Rhetorical Strategy in America: a Prophecy"
Stephen A. Raynie, Louisiana State University

c. "Sublime Seductions: The Erotics of Violence in Byron's Werner"
Daniela Garofalo, University of Maryland

3. Mary Robinson, Georgia East:

Chair: Anne Mellor, UCLA

a. "From Lyrical Ballads to Lyrical Tales: Mary Robinson's Strategies of Production"
Ashley J. Cross, Manhattan College

b. "Public Women, Domesticity, and the Body in Mary Robinson's 'Monody to the Memory of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France'"
Ellen L. O'Brien, University of Connecticut

c. "Social Archetypes and Lyric Structures"
Margaret R. Higonnet, University of Connecticut

4. Gothic/Romantic II: Hauntings, Georgia West:

Chair: Michael Gamer, University of Pennsylvania

a. "The Greater Romantic Lyric and 'the Manner of Mrs. Radcliffe'"
Michael Gamer, University of Pennsylvania

b. "The Fake Gothic Ghost and Its Haunting of Romanticism"
Jerrold E. Hogle, University of Arizona

c. "'If You Would But Open your Eyes': Seeing through Gothic Mystery in the Stories of Maria Edgeworth"
Susan Essman, University of Pennsylvania

11:30-1:00 Lunch
Luncheon Meeting for the ACR Board, President's Room

Third Session: 1:00-2:30

1. Romantic Architectures, Athena I:

Chair: Jennifer Bloomer, Iowa State University

a. "Spectral Details, Historical Ghosts, and Architectural Sightseeing in John Ruskin's The Stones of Venice"
Karen Burns, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

b. "Moldering Dusts, Gloomy Shadows, and Faint Gleams: 'Mysterious Expectations' in the Basement"
Helene Furjan, Princeton University

c. "A Sea in the Center: Romantic Strains in Gottfried Semper's Villa Garbald"
Mikesch Muecke, Iowa State University

d. "Merely Scratching the Surface: Sgraffito, Dressings, and Posing Subjectivities"
Durham Craut, Universty of Pennsylvania

2. National Landscapes, Athena II:

Chair: John H. Jones, Jacksonville State University

a. "'Qu'il est beau d'avoir une patrie': Discourses of Nationalism in Rousseau's Julie, ou la nouvelle Héloise"
Leanne Maunu, Indiana University

b. "Face (of) the Nation: Wordsworth's and Constable's Portraits of 'Englishness'"
Christine Roth, University of Florida

c. "Topographies of Defiance in Selected Wordsworth Landscapes"
Ron Broglio, University of Florida

3. Margaret Fuller, Georgia East:

Chair: Katharine Rodier, Marshall University

a. "'Genius at home on earth': Transcendental and Democratic Impulses in Margaret Fuller's 'Lives of the Great Composers'"
Katharine Capshaw Smith, University of Connecticut

a. "Transatlantic Connections: Bettina Brentano von Arnim, Margaret Fuller, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Emily Dickinson"
Katharine Rodier, Marshall University

c. "Romanticism and Gender in Margaret Fuller's Pre-Dial Literary Reviews"
Lori A. Beste, University of Connecticut

4. Subverting Domestic Ideologies, Georgia West:

Chair: Emily Hipchen, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

a. "The Creations of Character in Wollstonecraft's Maria"
Carol Manthey, Vanderbilt University

b. "'Noble Creature' or 'Wily Witch'?: Domestic Influence in Joanna Baillie's The Family Legend"
Christine A. Colon, University of California, Davis

c. "'Ruin'd'! The Interplay of Ruin and Ruine in Achim von Arnim's Grafin Dolores, Isabella von Agypten and Die Majoratsherren"
Crystal Mazur Ockenfuss, University of Virginia

Fourth Session: 2:45-4:15

1. Byron, Athena I:

Chair: Dan Albergotti, Auburn University

a. "Undefaced Rogues, Rakes, and Libertines: The Construction of Byron's Dark Heroes and their Restoration Counterparts"
Christy A. Williams, Indiana State University

b. "The English Patient: Prescription and Proscription in Byron's Contemporary Reception"
David Janssen, University of Georgia

c."'The Time Is Out of Joint'--and So Am I': Don Juan's Play with Abysmal Time"
Claire May, University of South Alabama

2. Migrations of Musical Romanticism Athena II:

Chair: David Haas

a. "Shostakovich's Distant Dialogues with Romanticism"
David Haas, University of Georgia

b. "The Far-Flung Legacy of Chopin's Nocturnes"
Faye Kesler, Berry College

c. "This Dreadful Winnowing-Fan': Laurence Binyon, Edward Elgar, and a Romantic Rhetoric of War"
Alan Houtchens and Janis P. Stout, Texas A&M University

3. Frankenstein, Georgia East:

Chair: Paula Feldman, University of South Carolina

a. "Ethics, Physiognomics, Frankenstein"
Scott J. Juengel, University of South Alabama

b. "'Who Killed Justine Moritz?' and other 'Whodunits': Mary Shelley's Frankenstein as Detective Fiction"
Kristine Byron, University of Connecticut

c. "Mary Shelley's Cautionary Narrative: Frankenstein as Therapy"
Matthew C. Brennan, Indiana State University

4. The Poetry of Natural Science, Georgia West:


a. "The Deep Ecology of Coleridge's Ancient Mariner"
David Joplin, Black Hills State University

b. "The Code of the Mountains: Eighteenth-Century Geology and Ludwig Tieck's Runenberg"
Heather I. Sullivan, Trinity University

c. "The 'Artless Nosegay': Polite Science, Feminine Poetics, and Beachy Head"
Donelle R. Ruwe, Fitchburg State College

5. Poetic Labors, President's Room:

Chair: Alyson Bardsley, College of Staten Island / CUNY

a. "The Imagination in the Literary Marketplace"
Kathleen O'Brien, Boston University

b. "Origin and Originality: Imagining the Bard in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Britain"
Melanie K. Hutsell, Indiana University

c. "Fin de Siècle Frontiers and the Corresponding Sand-Musset Epistolary Scandal"
Anne E. McCall, Tulane University

Plenary Session: University of Georgia Chapel, 4:30-6:00

"Romanticism and the Unconscious: Building a Mind"

Alan Richardson, Boston College

Banquet: Conservatory, State Botanical Garden of Georgia, 7:00-10:00 p.m.
(Busses leave Holiday Inn at 6:45 p.m.)

Registration, Holiday Inn Lobby: 8:00-12:00

Continental Breakfast, 7:30-10:00

First Session: 8:00-9:30

1. Irony, Parody, Jokes, Athena I:

Chair: James Holt McGavran, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

a. "The Archi'text'ure of Romantic Irony: Diderot's Romantic Subversion of Scientific Observation and Literary Narration in Jacques le Fataliste"
Cheryl A. Lambert, Brigham Young University

b. "Epic Parody and the Romantic Criticism of Jane Austen"
Nash Mayfield, Mercer University

c. "Finding the Jokes in Keats's Urn"
William Richey, University of South Carolina

2. Romantic Significations, Athena II:

Chair: Leanne Maunu, Indiana University

a. "Revolutionary Politics in Madame de Stael's Delphine: A Linguistic Battlefield"
Margaret E. Mitchell, University of Connecticut

b. "'How Much You Have Changed From What You Once Were': Rousseau's Confessions as Philosophical Autobiography"
Eugene Stelzig, SUNY Geneseo

c. "Helen Maria Williams's Paul and Virginia and the Experience of Mediated Alterity"
Anna Barker, University of Iowa

d. "The Gesture in Narrative, Art, and Theory: Diderot, Jean Paul, and Sterne in the Context of an Ongoing Debate between Verbalist and Visualists"
Özlem Ögüt, Purdue University

3. Romantic Educations, Georgia East:


a. "The Emergence of Useful Knowledge from Mid-Eighteenth to Early Nineteenth-Century Britain"
Lauren Marsh, University of Minnesota

b. "The Romantic-Idealist University"
Timothy Clark, University of Durham, UK

c. "Wordsworth in the Victorian Schoolroom"
Karen Manarin, University of Alberta

4. Romanticism and Imperialism, Georgia West:

Chair: David Callahan, Universidad de Aveiro, Portugal

a. "Byron, Italy, and the Poetics of Liberal Imperialism"
Daryl S. Ogden, Georgia Institute of Technology

b. "The Caraguin: A Tale of Transatlantic Romanticism"
Joselyn M. Almeida, Boston College

c. "Theatrical Structures of Imperialism"
Marjean D. Purinton, Texas Tech University

Second Session: 9:45-11:15

1. Sister Arts, Athena I:

Chair: Beth Ann Neighbors, University of Georgia

a. "Intimations: Of Painting Death"
Didier Maleuve, University of California, Santa Barbara

b. "The Sister Arts: Representation and Aesthetic Experience in Theophile Gautier's Mademoiselle de Maupin"
Lena Udall, University of California at Los Angeles

2. Imagining Female Subjectivity, Athena II:

Chair: Guiyou Huang, Kutztown University

a. Sentimental Ethics and Corporeal Contingencies in George Sand's Indiana"
Mary Hanson Harrison, Northwestern University

b. "'Kingdom of Shadows': Intimations of Desire in Mary Shelley's Mathilda"
Diana Perez Edelman-Young, University of Georgia

c. "Self and Nature and the Female Romantics: Rosalia de Castro and Annette von Droste-Hulshoff"
Ingrid Martinez-Rico, Utah State University

3. A New Europe? Staël Dismantles Napoleon, Georgia East

Chair: Karyna Szmurlo, Clemson University

a. "Writing the Nation: Germaine de Staël"
Suzanne Guerlac, Emory University

b. "The Very Smell of its Soil: Bonaparte's Construct of Nation vs. Staël's "
Madelyn Gutwirth, University of Pennsylvania

c. "The Napoleon Apocalypse: England, Russia, and Mme. de Staël"
John Isabell, Indiana University

4. Gothic/Romantic III: Critiques, Georgia West

Chair: Adriana Craciun, Loyola University, Chicago

a. "The Jew in the Gothic: Maria Edgeworth's Harrington"
Judith Page, Millsaps College

b. "Blest be the gloom': Anne Bannerman's Gothic Critique of Truth"
Adriana Craciun, Loyola University, Chicago

c. "Gothic Bureaucracy"
Marc Redfield, Claremont Graduate School, CA

5. Belated Romantics, Executive Room

Chair: Roxanne Eberle, University of Georgia

a. "Nelly Dean: Emily Brontë's Subversive Hero"
Valerie Smith Matteson, University of Connecticut

b. "Gaskell's Oriental Other and the Recolonization of Cranford"
Jeffrey Cass, Texas A&M International University

c. "My Ma(s)ter, My (M)Other: Burning Down the House in Jane Eyre"
Crystal Collis Landrum, Reinhart College

d. "Seamus Heaney's De-Romanticizing Vision of Poetry"
Yuichi Midzuanoe, Chiba University, Japan

Luncheon Meeting for the Prism(s) board, President's Room

Third Session: 1:00-2:30 p.m.

1. Scotland, Athena I:

Chair: Suzanne Gilbert, University of Sterling, Scotland

a. "Mixed Heritage: Susan Ferrier's The Inheritance Revises Scott's Guy Mannering"
Alyson Bardsley, College of Staten Island/CUNY

b. "Baillie's Metrical Legends: Monuments to Nationhood"
Nancy Moore Goslee, University of Tennessee

c. "Waverley and the Romantic Highland Warrior: The Male Exotic as National Ideal"
Kenneth McNeil, The Ohio State University

2. Money Matters: Collecting and Consumerism, Athena II:


a. "Objects of Middle-Class Desire: Literary Annuals in England and America
Paula Feldman, University of South Carolina

b. "Accounting for Fanny: Reading Inventory Texts in Mansfield Park and The Loiterer"
Emily Hipchen, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

c. "English Political Economy in The Cenci"
Hadley J. Mozer, Baylor University

d. "'And Thus Difficult ... is the Blameless Use of Riches!': Frances Burney's Cecilia as an Indulgent Consumer of Useless Commodities"
Beth Ann Neighbors, University of Georgia

3. Romantics Read the Renaissance, Georgia East:

Chair: Lance Wilder, University of Georgia

a. "Repainting Shakespeare's The Tempest in Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda's Sab"
Miguel A. Cabanas, University of Connecticut

b. "Mary and Charles Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare: Female Love and Reasonable Marriage in A Midsummer Night's Dream, As You Like It, and The Merchant of Venice"
Darlene Ciraulo, University of Georgia

c. "'Petrarch's Castle': Women Romantic Writers, Petrarch and the Gothic"
Donna L. Kimzey, Reinhardt College

4. Masculine Crises, Georgia West:

Chair: Chris Foss, Texas Christian University

a. "Masculinity Training: Molding the Male Subject in Austen's The Watsons"
Scott Simpkins, University of North Texas

b. "Melancholy Masculinities: Hawthorne's Narrator and a Few Good Americans?"
Sonja Streuber, University of California at Davis

c. "Same-Sex Tensions and Self-Banishment in Several Wordsworth Texts"
James Holt McGavran, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Fourth Session: 2:45-4:15

1. Victorian Readings of the Romantics, Athena I:

Chair: Henry H.H. Remak, Indiana University

a. "'Living in Art': Shelley, Tennyson, and the Structure of Poetic Responsibility"
Dan Albergotti, Auburn University

b. "LaMotte-Fouque, Manzoni, Byron, and the Victorian Domestic Novel: The Heir of Redclyffe Inherits Romanticism"
June Sturrock, Simon Fraser University

c. "Tennyson and the Spasmodics: A Vindication"
Priscilla June Glanville, University of South Florida

2. Coleridge, Athena II:

Chair: David Brauer, University of Georgia

a. "Coleridge, Consciousness, and Cognitive Psychology"
Beth Bradburn, Boston College

b. "Glowing Ardor and Cool Ferocity: Political Enthusiasm and Poetic Terror in 'Kubla Khan' and 'The Ancient Mariner'"
David S. Hogsette, New York Institute of Technology

c. "Standing at Mont Blanc: Coleridge and Midrash"
Lloyd Davies, Western Kentucky University

3. Building the Canon, Georgia East:

Chair: Karen Manarin, University of Alberta

a. "Thomas Carlyle and the Question of Literary History"
Claus Schatz-Jakobsen, Odense University

b. "Authorizing Diversity for the American Literary Canon: Some Thoughts from Coleridge"
Lou Caton, Auburn University

c. "The Critical Unconscious: Romantic Canonization and its Discontents"
Shannon Zimmerman, University of Georgia

4. Building National Culture and Other Wordsworthian Constructions, Georgia West:

Chair: Kenneth Johnston, Indiana University

a. "Wordsworth's 'Leveling' Muse in 1798"
James Heffernan, Dartmouth College

b. "The Politics of Compassion: 'The Cumberland Beggar' and '[The Discharged Soldier]'"
Yu Liu, Niagara County Community College

c. "The New Morality of "Lyrical Ballads"
Kenneth Johnston, Indiana University

5. Romantic Whitman, President's Room:

Chair: Sonja Struber, University of California, Davis

a. "'A queer, queer race, of novel fashion': Whitman and the Urban, Working-Class Sublime"
David Peterson, University of Georgia

b. "Self-Advertising as Poetic Strategy in Leaves of Grass"
Brady Earnhart, University of Virginia

c. "Balance, Moderation, Health: The Practice of Nature in Walt Whitman's "Specimen Days"
William H. Major, Indiana University

Plenary Panel Discussion, University of Georgia Chapel: 4:30-6:00

"Building Romanticism: 1953-1998"

Nelson Hilton, University of Georgia, moderator
M.H. Abrams, Cornell University
Anne Mellor, University of California at Los Angeles
Jerome McGann, University of Virginia

Concert: University of Georgia Chapel, 8:00 ARCO String Quartet

First Session: 8:00-9:30

1. Blake, Athena I:

Chair: Nancy Moore Goslee, University of Tennessee

a. "Resonating Resins: Grounds for Sounding Blake's Book of Urizen"
Lisa Kozlowski, University of Georgia

b. "Addressivity and the Reader in the Building of Jerusalem"
John H. Jones, Jacksonville State University

2. Gothic/Romantic IV: Stages and Spaces, Athena II:

Chair: Thomas Crochunis

a. "Writing Gothic Theatrical Spaces"
Thomas Crochunis, Somerville, MA

b. "'The Common Crowd But See the Gloom': Reading the Growing Giaour"
Erik Simpson, University of Pennsylvania

c. "Donjons, Ducats, and Daughters: The Popular Adaptation of Ivanhoe"
Thomas Lepri, University of Texas, Austin

3. The Ruins of Poetry, President's Room:


a. "Gustavo Adolfo Becquer and Poetic Architecture"
B. Brant Bynum, Converse College

b. "(De) Constructing 'the Poet's dream': The Castle and the Triumph of History in William Wordsworth's 'Elegiac Stanzas'"
David Brauer, University of Georgia

c. "Scott and the Ballad of 'Lamkin': Transgressing the Father's Castle Wa'"
Suzanne Gilbert, University of Sterling, Scotland

4. Transatlantic Connections, Corporate Room:

Chair: Leslie Petty, University of Georgia

a. "Destructive Knowledge: Mary Shelley, Hawthorne, and the Gothic"
Kellie Donovan Wixson, Tufts University

b. "Out of Space, Out of Time: The Inferno's Influences in Poe's 'Dream-Land'"
Casey Clabough, University of South Carolina

c. "Bringing the 'One Life' into the Twentieth Century: Robert Penn Warren and the Romantic Tradition"
Lesa Carnes Corrigan, University of Alabama

Second Session: 9:45-11:15

1. Intimations of Mortality, Athena I:


a. "'Death is in the world': Byron and Mortality"
Sandra M. Saunders, Western Carolina University

b. "Intimations of Mortality: William Wordsworth's Evolving Representations of Immortality, 1797-1807"
Mark Rollins, University of Georgia

c. "Reconstructing the World: The Loss of Innocence and the Struggle with Mortality"
Shawna Thorp, University of Nebraska

2. The Wordsworthian Child, Athena II:


a. "'The Most Unnatural Crime': Infanticide, Revolution and Narration in Wordsworth's Poetry"
Ann Wierda Rowland, Yale University

b. "The Wordsworth-Child in The Prelude: Remembering 'Days Disowned by Memory'"
Lance Wilder, University of Georgia

c. "Paternalism and the Death of the Patriarch in Wordsworth's and Constable's Landscapes"
Elizabeth Rackley, Emory University

3. Women and the Wilderness,President's Room:

Chair: Carol Manthey, Vanderbilt University

a. "Points of Departure: William Wordsworth and Charlotte Smith"
Judith Davis Miller, Sacred Heart University

b. "The Parlour Bird's Flight into Wilderness: The Changing Role of Women in Society and American Wilderness"
DeAnna Spurlin, State University of West Georgia

c. "Cultural Revolution of the Familiar and the Female Vagrant: The Texture of Wordsworth's 'Nature'"
Yi Zheng, Max Planck Institute, Berlin

4. Anna Jameson and the End(s) of Romanticism, Corporate Room:

Chair: Christy Desmet, University of Georgia

a. "Not so Ennuye: Anna Jameson's Diary and the Limits of Romantic Feminine Melancholy"
Tricia Lootens, University of Georgia

b. "Rape and the Romanticization of Shakespeare's Miranda"
Jessica Slights, McGill University

c. "Nation and Domicile: Pictures, Women, and Picturesque Tourism in Anna Jameson's 'House of Titian'"
Laurie Kane Lew, Center for the Study of Women, UCLA

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