1998 ACR Annual Meeting

American Conference on Romanticism
Annual Meetings, 1994-1998

Note: The formatting of the following program follows the original. We have made only minor changes throughout, correcting obvious errors and making some listings more uniform to facilitate electronic searching.

"Cross-Currents in Romanticism"

University of California, Santa Barbara

Friday Oct. 16 - Sunday, Oct. 18

Conference Committee:

Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook, English
Didier Maleuvre, French and Itlian

Gerhart Hoffmeister, Germanic, Slavic, and Semitic:
Committee Chair

Conference Program

Friday Oct. 16

Registration: 10:00-5:00

11:00 a.m.: ACR Advisory Board Meeting

12:00 p.m.: Prism(s) Periodical Board Meeting

Sessions I-III: 1-2:30

I. Staging Romanticism: Art, Music, Science and Literature

Moderator: Klaus Mladek, UCSB

Kristin O'Rourke, UCSB
"David, Guerin, Delacroix: History Painting as Theater"
Sascha Lehnartz, Columbia
"On Fratricide Considered as One of the Fine Arts: The Staging of Cain as Romantic Hero"
Martin Puchner, Harvard
"Wagner and the Romantic Theater"
Noah Herringman, Harvard
"Humphry Davy and the Theater of Science"

II. Cross Times: Romantic Medievalism

Moderator: Julie Carlson, UCSB

Margaret Russet, U of Southern California
"Chatterton's Spirited Youth"
Julie Carlson and Louise Fradenburg, UC-Santa Barbara
"Godwin's Middle Ages"
Peter J. Manning, U of Southern California
"Scandals of History: Cobbett's 'A History of the Protestant Reformation'"

III. New Approaches to American "Romantic" Authors

Moderator: Raymond Fleming, Florida State University

John Ronan, UC-Berkeley
"Thoreuavian Hospitality and Transcendentalism"
Richard E. Brantley, U of Florida
"Emily Dickinson: More Romantic Than Modern"
Didier Maleuvre, UCSB

Sessions IV-VIIa: 2:40-4:10

IV. British Romantic Women Authors

Moderator: Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook, UCSB

Sheila Hwang, UCSB
"Language as the Last Resort: The Location of Language in 'Persuasion'"
Diana Solomon, U of Hawaii
"'Laughing Her Head Off': The Threatening Comedy of Jane Austen's Juvenilia"
Pamela Plimpton, Warner Pacific College
"Anna Letitia Barbauld and the School of Dissent"

V. East meets West 1

Moderator: Celeste Woo, College of New Rochelle

Rose May Verrico, UC-Irvine
"Emotional Paralysis: East and West"
Christine A. Coln, UC-Davis
"Converting the East vs. Converting the West: Pure Scripture and Sympathetic Curiosity in Joanna Baillie's 'The Martyr ' and 'The Bride'"
Elizabeth M. Richmond-Garza, University of Texas
"Goethe's Faust and Necromantic Nationalism: An Experiment in Protopostcolonial Tragedy"
Ann Y. Choi, UCLA
"What is Korean Romanticism?: The Poems of 'Na' and Nation"

VI. Representations of the Feminine

Moderator: Jorge Luis Castillo, UCSB

Nahoko Miyamoto, Knox College, Toronto
"Hybridity and Desire in Shelley's 'The Witch of Atlas'"
Leilani Riehle, UCLA
"The 'Persuasion' of Beauty: Gentlemanly Tastes and Anne Elliot's Good Looks"
Michelle Bloom, UC-Riverside
"The Birthmark and the Pimple: Romantic Blemishes in Fantastic Tales of Hawthorne and Gogol"
Jorge Castillo, UCSB
"The Perfect Beloved as Poetic Cipher in Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer's Rimas"

VII. Romanticism and the Visual Arts

Moderator: Nancy Goslee, University of Tennessee

Elizabeth Hornbeck, UCSB
"The Romanticism of Modernism: Architecture and the Romantic Voyage of (Self-) Discovery"
Catriona MacLeod, Yale
"Sculpture and the Wounds of Language in Brentano's 'Godwi'"
Nancy Goslee, University of Tennessee
"Personification on Display"

VIIa. Revisioning Education: The Dissemination of Culture across National and Disciplinary Boundaries

Moderator: Mitzi Myers, UCLA

Donelle R. Ruwe, Fitchburg State College
"'Bad Rousseau': Sarah Trimmer and Anti-Jacobin Pedagogy"
Carol Strauss Sotiropoulos, University of Connecticut
"Feminist Non- Fiction Prose on Education: A Genre Study in Cross-Cultural and Culturqally-Specific Currents and Contexts"
Susan M. Allen, UCLA
"An Evening's Entertainment: Nineteenth-Century Charade, Riddle, and Enigma Books"

Sessions VIII-XII: 4:20-5:50

VIII. Session Cancelled

IX. The Impact of the French Revolution

Moderator: Fred Randel, UC San Diego

Scott Hess, Harvard
"'The Lyrical Ballads' and the Long Revolution: National Print Circulation and the Shift to a Civil Society in England and France"
William Richey, University of South Carolina
"Public Rehabilitation in Coleridge's 'Fears in Solitude'"
Thomas L. Brennan, Brandeis
"Hope Crossed, Hope Elicited: Wordsworth's Drowned Man at Esthwaite and the French Revolution"
Julie Murray, York University, Canada
"Allegories of Irony: Edmund Burke's 'Reflection on the Revolution in France' and the Resistance to History"

X. Comparative Approaches to Keats

Moderator: James McKusick, University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Jeffrey W. Gilbert, Florida State
"The Progression of Romantic Pessimism: Leopardi and Keats "
Chris Foss, Texas Christian University
"Love's Self-Deception and the Other in Keats' 'Endymion' and 'Lamia'"
Emily Sun, Yale
"Impersonality and the Maternal in Keats and Winnicott"
Denée Pescarmona, UC-Santa Barbara
"The Aggresssive Act of Salvation: John Keats's Attempt at an 'Oriental Tale' in 'The Eve of St. Agnes'"

XI. Slavic and European Romanticism

Moderator: Patrick Vincent, UC Davis

William Carter, UCSB
"'Poor Liza,' Or The Desire of German Letters"
Maria Kalinowska, Nicholas Copernicus University, Poland
"Polish Romantic Drama Seen Against the Cultural Heritage of Europe"
Nadia Grosser Nagarajan, Berkeley
"The WILD THYME. Karel Jaromir Erben's Manifesto of Czech Romantic Poetry"

XII. Comparative Perspectives on Lord Byron

Moderator: Nanora Sweet, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Dino F. Felluga, Purdue
"'With a most voiceless thought': Byron against Scott, or the Radicalism of Textual Culture"
Lloyd Davies, Western Kentucky University
"Byron's Manfred and the Mutuality of the Human: Philosophy, Art, Music"
Dan Kline, Ohio State
"Byron's Piecemeal Pageant: Active and Reactive Self-Fashioning in 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage'"

6-8 pm Reception, Faculty Club

Hosted by the College of Letters and Science
and the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts

Special Guests:
Chancellor Henry T. Yang, Dilling Yang, and Dean David Marshall

8 pm: Plenary Session.
Keynote Address:

Virgil Nemoianu, Catholic University of America:

"Is there a Romantic Center? The Case of Chateaubriand's Multiple Uncertainty"

Saturday, Oct. 17

Registration: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Sessions XIII-XVIII: 8:00-9:30

XIII. Romanticism and Sexuality

Moderator: Ellis Dye, Macalester College

Laura Nutten, Arizona State
"Percy Shelley's 'The Cenci': Pleasure, Pain, and the 'Unhappy Consciousness'"
Ellis Dye, Macalester College
"Goethe's Adelheid Von Walldorf as a Case of Repetition
Daniel Fineman, Occidental College
"Deliquescence and Delight: Putrefaction, Orgasm, and the Seminal in E. A. Poe"
Fred W. Randel, UC-San Diego
"Intertextuality, Sexuality, and Community Property in the Shelleys' Alastor"

XIV. Romanticism and Biography

Moderator: Eugene Stelzig, SUNY-Geneseo

Lisa Kasmer, UCLA
"Queen Elizabeth as Figuration of the Public: The Revolutionary Epistemology Within Lucy Aiken's 'Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth'"
Steven Zani, SUNY-Binghamton
"Clubfoot, Caul and Controversy: Byron and the Biographical Foundations of Romantic Bodies
" Eugene Stelzig, SUNY-Geneseo
"Goethe Against the Grain of Rousseau: 'Poetry and Truth' as a Corrective to 'The Confessions'"
Eric Clarke, University of Pittsburgh
"Kant's Kiss: Eroticism and Romantic Hagiography"

XV. Session Cancelled

XVI. East meets West 2

Moderator: Elizabeth Richmond-Garza, University of Texas

Marie-France Latronche, San Diego State
"The Impact of India on French Romanticism"
Jesse T. Airaudi, Baylor University
"Preface to 'Lyrical Ballads,' A. D. 1492"
Pratima Prasad, Butler University
"Colonial Subjectivity and the French Romantic Novel"
Creighton W. Don, U. of Michigan
"'Indulgent Eastern Infidels': Medical Controversy and De Quincey's Opium Dreams"

XVII. Romantic Literature and Music

Moderator: Virgil Nemoianu, Catholic University of America

Lori Wagner, Elizabethtown College
"Music, Magic, and Math: The German Romantic Text"
Keith Chapin, Stanford
"Building Harmony: Architectural Music and Musical Architecture in Early Romantic Aesthetics"
Candace Skopura, Yale
"'Fantastic' Musical Narratives of E. T. A. Hoffmann and Hector Berlioz"
Suzanne Summerville, University of Alaska
"Adelbert von Chamisso: The Poet of Frauen-Liebe and Botanist on the good Ship Rurik"

XVIII. Comparative Perspectives on Novalis

Moderator: Dennis Mahoney, University of Vermont

Manfred Engel, Universität Hagen
"Romantic Literary Dreams: Novalis and De Quincey"
Kerstin Behnke, Northwestern University
"'Coming Across': Knowledge of the Sign in Novalis's Fichte Studies"
Deborah Janson, West Virginia University
"The Intersection of Nature and Culture in Novalis's 'Die Lehrlinge zu Saïs"
William Davis, The Colorado College
"The Body of the Poet: Novalis, Shelley"

Sessions XIX-XXIII: 9:45-11:15

XIX. Romanticism and the Fine Arts

Moderator: Michelle Bloom, UC Riverside

C. P. Seabrook Wilkinson, University of South Carolina
"Washington Allston: A Painter-Poet's Poems about Painters"
John E. Grant, University of Iowa
"Infernal Methods in Education, as Revealed by Blake, Goya, and Delacroix"
Michael J. Call, Brigham Young
"The Colonizing Gaze: Delacroix in North Africa"

XX. Romanticism, Race and Gender: The Case of India

Moderator: Anne Mellor, UCLA

Denise Komer, University of South Carolina
"Negotiating Between Sympathy and Subjectification: Female Travellers in India"
Marie A. Dakessian, UCLA
"Fictions of Sati: Envisioning the Bride of Death"
Julie Fromer, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"National Identity and Masculinity in De Quincey's 'Confessions of an Opium-Eater'"
Melissa Klimaszewski, UC-San Diego
"Bad Blood: Race, Gender and Fear of Miscegenation in Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein'"

XXI. Romanticism and Orientalism

Moderator: Naji Oueijan, Notre Dame, Lebanon

Angelica Maria DeAngelis, UCSB
"French Women Travelers of the Orient"
Emily Haddad, University of South Dakota
"Art and Architecture: The Islamic Orient as a (Counter-) Romantic Utopia"
Naji B. Oueijan, Notre Dame University, Lebanon
"The Romantic Selflessness: Sufism in Romanticism"

XXII. Romanticism and Cognitive Neuroscience

Moderator: Porter Abbot, UC-Santa Barbara

David S. Miall, University of Alberta
"Beyond the Picturesque: An Affective Poetics of Coleridge's Landscapes"
Beth Bradburn, Boston College
"Romantic Poetry and the Embodied Mind"
Francis F. Steen, UCSB
"The Growth of the Imagination in Wordsworth's Goslar Manuscripts"
William H. Harris, University of Tennessee
"Fixed Eyes and Moving Minds: Perception Theory and Romantic Poetry"

XXIII. Wordsworth in Context 1

Moderator: Robert Anderson, Oakland University, Michigan

Adam Schnitzer, Cornell University
"Wordsworth's Family and the Romantic Century"
Yi Zheng, Tel Aviv
"'Shadowy Things that Work Endless Changes': The Other Intermediaries in Wordsworth's Education"
Matthew Schneider, Chapman University, Orange County
"The Nowhere Man and Mother Nature's Son: Competitive Collaboration In and After 'The Lyrical Ballads'"
Karen Hadley, University of Louisville
"'Marked by History': Culture, Time, and the Role of Allegory in 'The Prelude' Book VII"

Luncheon Banquet 12-2 p.m:
Address by Larry Peer,
ACR Executive Director, Brigham Young University:

"The Name and Nature of Romanticism Revisited"

Sessions XXIV-XXVIII: 2-3:30

XXIV. Wordsworth in Context 2

Moderator: Jesse Airaudi, Baylor University

Sally Corran, University of Tennessee
"Mind the Gap: Narrative Identification and Distancing in 'Lyrical Ballads'"
Lance Newman, Brown University
"Wordsworth in Massachussetts, Country- Seat Federalism, and the Politics of Nature"
Robert Anderson, Oakland University
"Romanticism, Ecology and Dwelling: Wordsworth's 'The Ruined Cottage'"

XXV. New Approaches to Shelley

Moderator: Margaret Higonnet, University of Connecticut

Clifford J Marks, University of Wyoming
"Crossing Ethical Borders in Shelley's 'Prometheus Unbound'"
Jonathan Kim, Brandeis
"The Triumph of Thought: Shelley's Minding Rousseau's Words"
James Keller, State University of New York
"'The Wilderness has a Mysterious Tongue': Phenomenological Cultural Studies in Shelley's 'Mont Blanc'"
Neil Arditi, University of Virginia
"T.S. Eliot, Paul de Man, and 'The Triumph of Life'"

XXVI. Race and Gender in German Romanticism

Moderator: Katharina von Hammerstein, University of Connecticut

Eric Bernreuter, Wayne State University
"Gender and Romanticism: Masculinity, Femininity, and Androgyny in Friedrich Schlegel's 'Lucinde'"
Kitty Millet, Cal State University, Long Beach
"Marginal Romantics and Conflicts of Conscience: Rahel Varnhagen's Search for Jewish Identity and Its Future Implications"

XXVII. Romantic Aesthetics and its Aftermath

Moderator: Nanette le Coat, University of Texas, San Antonio

Brett Bourbon, Stanford
"From Soul-Making to Person-Making"
David Pugh, Queen's University, Canada
"Echoes of Herder and Schiller in Collingwood's 'The Principles of Art'"
Petra Liedke Konow, Loyola Marymount
"No Anxiety of Influence? E. T. A. Hoffmann's Coming to Terms with his Cultural Heritage"

XXVIII. Uneasy Spaces: British Romantics Writing Home and Away

Moderator: Joetta Harty, George Washington University

Karen O-Connor-Floman, George Washington
"(Writing) Ireland Writing the East: Lady Morgan's 'The Wild Irish Girl' and 'The Missionary'"
Supriya Goswami, George Washington
"Scott's East in 'The Surgeon's Daughter'"
Joetta Harty, George Washington
"The Islanders: How the Young Brontës Expanded the Empire Without Leaving Home"
Prateeti Ballal, University of Massachussetts
"Countering Missionaries: Religious Debates in Mary Sherwood's 'Tales of Henry and Boosy'"

Sessions XXIX-XXXIV: 3:45-5:15

XXIX. US-German Cross-Currents

Moderator: John Ronan, UC-Berkeley

Katharina von Hammerstein, University of Connecticut
"'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.' Sophie Mereau-Brentano's Utopian Visions of Liberty and Equality as in France and America"
Birgit Noll, Washington University
"Melville and Jean Paul Richter "

XXX.Comparative Perspectives on Foscolo

Moderator: Larry Peer, Brigham Young University

Moira Di Mauro-Jackson, Southwest Texas State University
"Foscolo, Leopardi and Gautier: Different Visions of the Function of Poetry in the Romantic Era"
Ilona Klein, Brigham Young
"German Coeval Reception of Ugo Foscolo's Writings"
Cecilia Boggio, University of Southern California
"A Comparative Study in Canonicity: Ugo Foscolo and Lord Byron"
Davidi Stimilli, Northwestern University
"The Birth of the Smile: Romantic Cosmogonies in Foscolo and Rilke"

XXXI Mary Shelley, 'Frankenstein'

Moderator: James McGavran, University of North Carolina

Beth Weisenberger, Indiana University
"A Space Between: Considering Romantic Adolescence"
Chris Hamilton, UCLA
"Frankenstein vs. Frankenstein: Mary Shelley, James Whale, and the Homoerotic"
James Holt McGavran, University of North Carolina
"'Insurmountable Barriers to our Union': Male Bonding, Homosexual Panic, and Death on the Ice in Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein'"
Gaura Shankar Narajan, Columbia
"World Extension in Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein'"

XXXII. Domesticity and Empire

Moderator: Julie Weller, George Washington University

Catherine Ganze Smith, George Washington
"The Desiring Harem: Reading Empire in Elizabeth's Gaskell's 'Cranford'"
Joffrey Hotz, George Washington
"Empire and the Aesthetics of 'Home': Wordsworth's 'The Prelude' and 'The Recluse'"
Julie Weller
"A New Other in 'Mansfield Park': Fanny Colonized"

XXXIII: Comparative Perspectives on Heine

Moderator: Gerhart Hoffmeister, UCSB

Susan Bernstein, Brown University
"Paganini in Paris: Music, History and Reference"
Larson Powell, Columbia U.
"Towards a Theory of Heine's Humor"
Charles Senger, UC-San Diego
"Hegel, Heine and the French Revolution"

XXXIV. Comparative Perspectives of French Romanticism

Moderator: Didier Maleuvre, UCSB

Scott Sprenger, Brigham Young
"French Fantastic Literature: Romantic or Realist?"
Scott M. Tann, UC-Davis
"Invasion of Spaces in the Historical Novel of the French Restoration"
Robert R. Daniel, Saint Joseph's University
"The 'Nouvelle École' in France from 1820 to 1832: Shakespeare and Walter Scott (Mis-) Appropriated"
Margaret Higonnet, University of Connecticut
"Effigies and Endings: Narratives of Suicide"

Saturday 5:30 p.m.:
Business Session,:

Larry Peer, ACR Executive Director, Brigham Young University
Margaret Higonnet, ACR President, University of Connecticut

Sunday, Oct. 18

Sessions XXXV-XL: 8-9:30

XXXV. US and European Cross-Currents 1

Moderator: Manfred Engel, Fernuniversitaet Hagen

Joselyn M. Almeida, Boston College
"'New and Ample Materials for Poetic Description': Williams' and Humboldt's New Continent "
Faith Barrett, UCBerkeley
"'The Word Made Flesh': Blasphemy and the Lyric Address in Baudelaire, Mallarmé and Dickinson."
Morag Anne Harris, Université di Bologna
"'Who is this Schiller?': Coleridge's Transmission of the Development of Aesthetic Theory and Mode between Europe and America"

XXXVI. Romantic Pilgrimages

Moderator: David Hugh, Queen's University, Canada

Heather Frey, Indiana University
"Traveling Towards a Novel Self: Travel Writing and Self-Creation in Frances Burney's 'The Wanderer' and Sir Walter Scott's 'Waverley'"
Peggy J. Ackerberg, Harvard
"Swapping Romanticism: Chateaubriand in Native America"
Donna Kimzey, Reinhardt College
"'Poetical Pilgrims': Romantic Journeys to Vaucluse and Arquà"
Gerhart Hoffmeister, UCSB
"Madame de Staël in Weimar: Constructive Misunderstandings"

XXXVII. "Romantic Science" 1

Moderator: Scott Sprenger, Brigham Young University

Cheryl A. Lambert, Brigham Young University
"Experience and/as Knowledge: Romanticism and/as Science"
David J. Mickelsen, University of Utah
"Eccentric Synecdoche: Jean-Marc-Gaspard Itard and Victor, the 'Wild Boy' of Aveyron"
David Ogden, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Conceiving Femininity: Enlightenment Optics and the Wordsworthian Visual Imagination"
Eric Sonstroem, Indiana University
"Ilya Prigogine's 'Order Out of Chaos' and Blake's Coherently Fragmented Cosmology"

XXXVIII. Romanticism and the Irish

Moderator: Michael Pippenger, Indiana University

Marjean D. Purinton, Texas Tech University
"Cross-Atlantic Representation of the Irish in Romantic Drama"
Marie-Jose Tienhooven, University of Rochester
"'If This Be Art It Deserves to Be Nature': The Revolutions of Maria Edgeworth"
Abbie Cory, UC-San Diego
"Public or Private? Women and the Irish Rebellion of 1798"

XXXIX. Romanticism and Politics

Moderator: Stephanie Kuduk, Stanford

John Isbell, Indiana University
"The People's Voice, 1776-1848"
Kenneth McNeil, Ohio State
"Ossian, Translation, and the 'Other' as National Origin"
Leanne Maunu, Indiana University
"'All our Principles, All We Owe to God': National Identity, Gender, and the French Revolution in Charlotte Smith's 'Desmond'"
Art Strum, Stanford
"The Ethics of 'Forms' and 'Principles': A Kantian Critique of Political Romanticism"

XL: Diasporas: Dispersing Language, Race, and Gender

Moderator: Donelle Ruwe, Fitchburg State College, MA

Kari Lokke, UC-Davis
"Jewishness as Futurity in Bettine von Arnim's 'Die Günderode'"
Patrick Vincent, UC-Davis
"Translation as Tactic of Female Authorship: Karolina Pavlova"
Nanora Sweet, University of Missouri-St. Louis
"Hemans, Rushdie, and 'The Moor's Last Sigh'"
Inca Rumold, De Paul University
"'Border Crossings' in Else Lasker- Schüler's 'Die Wupper'"

Sessions XLa-XLIV: 9:40-11:10

XLa. Writing and Rewriting the Romantic Novel

Moderator: Martina Eidecker, Gerogia State

Dennis Mahoney, University of Vermont
"'Novels arise out of the Shortcomings of History': Penelope Fitzgerald's Use of Novalis' Writings in 'The Blue Flower'"
Martina Elisabeth Eidecker, Georgia State
"Connections and Relations: Romantic Elements as Subversives and Constructive Discourse in Irmgard Morgner's Literary Works. An Exemplary Study of 'Gauklerlegende'"
Eva-Maria Barthel, University of Washington
"Mathematical Mysticism: Novalis and Musil"
Stefan Hoeppner, University of Oregon
"Traces of Romantic Narrative in the Writings of Arno Schmidt"

XLI. Romanticism and British Society

Moderator: Diane Hoeveler, Marquette University

Anne Mellor, UCLA
"Hannah More, Agent Provocateur"
Stephen C. Behrendt, University of Nebraska
"Mourning, Myth, and Merchandising: The Public Death of Princess Charlotte"

XLII. Romantics Reading Masterpieces of the Past


Adeline Johns-Putra, Monash University, Australia
"Woman's Seed: Romantic Women Poets Rewriting the Bible"
Jennifer Randonis, Arizona State
"Spiritual Progression in Milton's 'Paradise Regained' and Blake's 'Jerusalem'"
Diana Behler, University of Washington
"August Wilhelm Schlegel as an Intermediary of Older European Literature to the 'Modern' German Age"
Monika Ritzer, Universität Leipzig
"Euripides versus Calderon. Two Versions of Romantic Tragedy: A. W. Schlegel's 'Ion' and F. Schlegel's 'Alarcos'"

XLIII. Ecological Strains in Romantic Studies

Moderator: Mark Lussier, Arizona State

Gary Harrison, University of New Mexico
"Illicit Spaces: The Discourse on Enclosure and the Disciplining of the Rural Poor, 1780-1815"
Kevin Hutchings, McMaster University
"Against Materiality? Blake's Vala and the 'Vast Form of Nature'"
James McKusick, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
"Coleridge, 'Kubla Khan', and the Theory of the Earth"
Mark Lussier
"Chaos, Gaia, Eros: Ecologies of Mind in 'Prometheus Unbound'"

XLIV: Romanticism and Modernism

Moderator: Dino Felluga, Purdue University, West Lafayette

Robert Kaufmann, Stanford
"Critical Poetics Then and Now: Romanticism, Modernism, Frankfurt School Aesthetics"
Edgar Landgraf, Johns Hopkins
"The Inspiration of Language: German Romanticism and its Simulation of Meaning"
Stephen Adam Schwartz, University College, Dublin
"The Romanticism of Cultural Studies"
Edward Duffy, Marquette University
"A Plea for Letting Stanley Cavell Call on Shelley"

Sessions XLV-L: 11:20-1:10

XLV. Oppositional Cultures in Romantic England

Moderator: Andrew Franta, Johns Hopkins

Kevin Gilmartin, California Institute of Technology
"Counter-Revolution as Cultural Reconstruction"
Mark Canuel, University of Illinois at Chicago
"Wordsworth's 'Treasonous Growth'"
Andrew Franta, Johns Hopkins
"Shelley and the Poetics of Political Indirection"
Stephanie Kuduk, Stanford
"E. J. Blandford, Allen Davenport and Spencean Poetics: Poetry and Working-Class Radicalism after the Napoleonic Wars"

XLVI. Censorship, Copyright and the Law

Moderator: Mark Rose

Kyle Grimes, University of Alabama
"William Hone and the Radical Samizdat"
Gwenann Seznec, Brooklyn
"Censorship in French Romantic Theater: Victor Hugo and the Grotesque"
Celest Woo, New York University
"Rereading Romantic Censorship: An Enabling Mechanism in Revolutionary Times"
Lisa Cesarani, New York University
"Publish or Perish: Cornelius Mathews, Herman Melville and the Fight for International Copyright"

XLVII. Session Cancelled

XLVIII. "Romantic Science" 2

Moderator: Daryl Ogden, Gerogia Institute of Technology

Mary Lynn Johnson, University of Iowa
"What's Lost in the Englishing of Lavater's 'Physiognomische Fragmente'?"
Vince Willoughby, UCSB
"The Glory of Technologized Motion"
Anne Frey, Johns Hopkins
"'With What Motions Moved': The Physics of Communication in Thomas De Quincey"
Paul Privateer, Arizona State
"Goethe's 'Elective Affinities' and the Ideology of Attraction"

XLIX. British Romantic Women Authors 2

Moderator: Marjean Purinton, Texas Tech University

Sarah Frantz, University of Michigan
"'I trust that, in this land of freedom, I am safe from your violence': Sensibility, Print Culture, and Transatlanticism in Mary Brunton's 'Self-Control'"
Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook, UCSB
"Landscaping Nationalism: 'Celtic Fringe' Landscapes in Two British Novels"
Diane Long Hoeveler, Marquette
"Reading the Wound: Mary Shelley's 'Mathilda' and Trauma Theory"
Kevis Goodman, UC-Berkeley
"'Whether to Work or to Feel': Affective Labor and Literary Historiography in William Wordsworth and Charlotte Smith"

L. Romanticism as Weltlitertur

Moderator: Edward Duffy, Marquette University

Michael Pippenger, Indiana University
"Aussie Rules Romanticism: The Origins of Australian National Tropes"
Karen Karbiener, Columbia University
"The Eagle's 'I': Whitman's Furtive Backward Glances, 1846-1848"
Stephen Pierson, Purdue University
"Friedrich Schlegel, M. M. Bakhtin, and the Romantic Dialogic in Whitman's Early 'Leaves'"
Juliette Parnell-Smith, University of Nebraska
"Flora Tristan's Novel 'Méphis': Romanticism as Literary Propaganda"

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