British Association for Romantic Studies Annual Conference, 1997

'Romantic Generations'

Fifth International Conference

of the

British Association for Romantic Studies

Devonshire Hall, University of Leeds

24-27 July 1997


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Thursday, 24 July

11.30 onwards: Registration at Devonshire Hall

2.00: Parallel Sessions 1-3

4.00: Parallel Sessions 4-6

6.00-7.00: Reception, sponsored by W.W. Norton & Co. Ltd

7.00: Dinner

8.30: Plenary I (Cora Kaplan)

Friday, 25 July

9.00: Parallel Sessions 7-10

11.00: Plenary II (Paul Hamilton)

Afternoon: Trip to Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal

7.30: Conference Dinner

The BARS BGM will take place in the Fenton Room after the Conference Dinner.

Alternatively, there will be a performance of Percy Shelley's The Triumph of Life, given by Heather Diamant, in the Kirkby Room.

Saturday, 26 July

9.15: Parallel Sessions 11-14

11.15: Plenary III (Barbara Taylor)

2.00: Parallel Sessions 15-18

4.00: Parallel Sessions 19-22

7.00: Dinner

8.30: Plenary IV: The Cambridge University Press Lecture (Iain McCalman, read by Jon Mee)

Sunday, 27 July

9.00: Parallel Sessions 23-26

11.00: Parallel Sessions 27-30

2.00: Plenary V (Mary Jacobus)

3.15: Conference closes


2.00-3.30: Parallel Sessions

SESSION 1: Chair: Michael Rossington KIRKBY

Deidre Lynch (SUNY, Buffalo), 'Gothic Libraries and the National Subject: Literary Legacies, Miscegenated Texts, and Mary Shelley'.

Caroline Franklin (University of Wales, Swansea), 'Italy and the Second Generation's Regeneration of Romantic Poetry'.

Robert Miles (Sheffield Hallam University), 'The Romantic Abject: Thomas Carlyle and Count Cagliostro'.

SESSION 2: Chair: Anne K. Mellor FENTON

Clara Tuite (University of Melbourne), 'Frankenstein's Monster and Malthus's 'Jaundiced Eye': Population, Body Politics and the Monstrous Sublime'.

Saba Bahar (University of Geneva), 'Regenerating Sympathy: Shelley's Last Man in Light of the Discourse on Population'.

Fred Botting (University of Lancaster), 'The Last Man: Writing the End of History'.

SESSION 3: Chair: Pamela Clemit EVANS

John Strachan (University of Sunderland), '"Tasks of Revaluation": Gothic in the "Thirties"'.

Philip Cox (Sheffield Hallam University), 'Romantic Regenerations: Towards a Generic History of Adaptation'.

Sebastian Mitchell (University of Southampton), 'The Generational Context of Hogg's Justified Sinner'.

3.30-4.00: TEA

4.00-5.30: Parallel Sessions

SESSION 4: Chair: Philip Cox KIRKBY

Simon Bainbridge (University of Keele), 'Regenerating and Re-gendering the Sonnet: Wordsworth, Milton and Charlotte Smith'.

David Duff (University of Aberdeen), 'Genre Memory and Generational Conflict in the Romantic Ode'.

Brent Raycroft (Dalhousie University), 'Charlotte Smith, William Wordsworth and the Haunting of the Hazelnut Bower'.

SESSION 5: Chair: David Worrall FENTON

Kevin Gilmartin (California Institute of Technology), 'Generational Politics'.

Angela Keane (University of Salford), 'The Terror of Ghosts and the Haunt of Robbers: Romantic Generations and Spectres of Burke'.

Anne Janowitz (University of Warwick), 'Ernest Jones: Beyond the Second Generation - Chartist Romanticism and the Poetics of Inwardness'.

SESSION 6: Chair: David Fairer EVANS

Deirdre Coleman (University of Sydney), 'The Unitarian Rationalist and the "Winged Spider": Anna Laetitia Barbauld and Samuel Taylor Coleridge'.

Elizabeth Eger (University of Cambridge), '"Freedom of the Mind": Cultural Regeneration in the Poetry of Anna Barbauld and Lucy Aikin'.

Adriana Craciun (University of Nottingham), '"The usual destiny of the imagination": Letitia Landon's critique of Wordsworth'.

6.00-7.00: RECEPTION (Foyer)

8.30-9.45: Plenary I

(Junior Common Room)

Cora Kaplan:

'Toussaint L'Ouverture: Black Heroism, Black Abjection and the Romantic Imagination'


9.00-10.30: Parallel Sessions

SESSION 7: Chair: Kevin Gilmartin MUSIC ROOM

David Worrall (St Mary's University College, Strawberry Hill), 'Keeping it in the Family: Kinship, Community and Radical Politics'.

Gurion Taussig (University of Leeds), 'Coleridge, Southey and the Politics of Friendship'.

Tim Fulford (Nottingham Trent University), 'Romanticising the Empire: Coleridge's and Southey's Naval Biographies'.

SESSION 8: Chair: Robert Miles KIRKBY

Tilottama Rajan (University of Western Ontario), 'Between Romance and History: Godwin's St. Leon and Mary Shelley's Valperga'.

Michael Rossington (University of Newcastle), 'Future Uncertain: The Republican Tradition and its Destiny in Valperga'.

Judith Barbour (University of Sydney), 'Unlooked-for Returns: William Godwin and Generational Anxiety'.

SESSION 9: Chair: Nicholas Roe EVANS

Simon Malpas (University of Wales, Cardiff), '"Trailing Clouds of Glory": The Romantic Child and the Immortality of Kasper Hauser'.

Bruce David Wyse (UNBC), 'Repetition and Forgetting in Wordsworth's Revisions to The Borderers'.

Gregory Dart (University of York), 'Paramount Impulse Not To Be Withstood: Wordsworth and the Politics of the Mountain'.

SESSION 10: Chair: Jacqueline Labbe FENTON

Keith Hanley (University of Lancaster), 'Daughterlinesses: Obedience and Control in the Wordsworths, Baillie and Scott'.

Syndy M. Conger (Western Illinois University), 'Multi-vocality in Mary Shelley's Unfinished Biography of her Father'.

Maurice Hindle (Open University), 'Victim of Romance: the Case of Fanny Imlay'.

10.30-11.00: COFFEE

11.00-12.15: Plenary II

(Junior Common Room)

Paul Hamilton:
'Rousseau's Children'


9.15-10.45: Parallel Sessions

SESSION 11: Chair: Clifford Siskin EVANS

James P. Carson (Kenyon College, Ohio), 'Charles Brockden Brown's Arthur Mervyn and the San Domingo Revolution'.

Arun Sheldon Nevader (University of California, Berkeley), 'Alternating Currents: Byron and Beckford as Criminal Subjects, and Generic Experiment in the Oriental Tales'.

Ludmilla Kostova (University of Veliko Turnovo), 'Polemicising with the Other: Claire Clairmont, Nikolai Rozhalin and the Clash of Nationalist Fictions in the Post-Napoleonic Era'.

SESSION 12: Chair: Nora Crook MUSIC ROOM

Sophie Thomas (University of Toronto, Mississauga), 'Chips off the Old Block: The Generation of the Romantic Fragment (Proliferation and Finality in The Last Man)'.

Pamela Clemit (University of Durham), 'From The Fields of Fancy to Matilda: Mary Shelley's Changing Conception of her Novella'.

Michael O'Neill (University of Durham), '"Trying to make it as good as I can": Mary Shelley's Editing of Percy Shelley's Poetry and Prose'.

SESSION 13: Chair: Tom Furniss FENTON

Paul Wright (Trinity College, Carmarthen), '"First in Beauty": Keats's Hyperion'.

Kelvin Everest (University of Liverpool), 'Art, Politics and Time: the Aesthetic and the Historical in Keats'.

Andrea Henderson (University of Michigan), 'Keats, Tighe, and the Feminine Soul'.

SESSION 14: Chair: Vivien Jones KIRKBY

Claire Grogan (Bishop's University, Quebec), 'Protecting our Daughters: The Seductive Dangers of La Nouvelle Heloïse in West, Hamilton, Wollstonecraft and Hays'.

Jane Moore (University of Wales, Cardiff), 'Wollstonecraft, Freud and "the Enigma of Women"'.

Harriet Devine Jump (Edge Hill University College), '"My Dearest Geraldine"; or, Whatever Happened to Maria Jane'.

10.45-11.15: COFFEE

11.15-12.30: Plenary III

(Junior Common Room)

Barbara Taylor:
'The Paradoxes of Sophie: Wollstonecraft vs. Rousseau'

2.00-3.30: Parallel Sessions

SESSION 15: Chair: Claire Connolly FENTON

Julia M. Wright (University of Waterloo, Ontario) '"Of My Ancestors": Representing Colonial Effects in Irish Romantic Literature'.

Leith Davis (Simon Fraser University, British Columbia), 'N(ot)ational generations: George Petrie's The Ancient Music of Ireland'.

Patricia Horton (Queen's University, Belfast), '"A truly uninvited shade": Romantic legacies in the work of Seamus Heaney and Paul Muldoon'.

SESSION 16: Chair: Jane Moore MUSIC ROOM

Nicola Trott (University of Glasgow), 'Sexing the Critic: Mary Wollstonecraft at the Turn of the Century'.

Ashley Tauchert (University of Exeter), 'Maternity, Castration, and Mary Wollstonecraft's Historical and Moral View of the French Revolution'.

Jeanne Moskal (University of North Carolina), 'Godwin, Cervantes, and Mary Shelley's History of a Six Weeks' Tour'.

SESSION 17: Chair: Simon Bainbridge KIRKBY

Clark Lawlor (University of Aberdeen), 'Consumptive Generations: Generating the Myth of the Tubercular Poetic Genius'.

Tim Burke (St Mary's University College, Strawberry Hill), 'The Reproduction of Genius in the Poetry of Ann Yearsley: The Role of the Mother'.

Bridget Keegan (Creighton University, Nebraska), 'Regenerating Chatterton: Romantic Plebeian Poetry and its Precursors'.

SESSION 18: Chair: Keith Hanley EVANS

Whitney Womack (Purdue University, Indiana), 'Diary of Displacement: Economic and Poetic Instability in the Grasmere Journals'.

John Powell Ward (University of Wales, Swansea), 'Wordsworth's Eldest Son'.

Judith W. Page (Millsaps College, Mississippi) 'Expanding the Wordsworth Circle: Dora Wordsworth and her Literary Foremothers'.

3.30-4.00: TEA

4.00-5.30: Parallel Sessions

SESSION 19: Chair: Stephen Copley FENTON

Angela Esterhammer (University of Western Ontario), 'Kant's Children: Humboldt, Bernhardi, and Romantic Philosophy of Language'.

Philip Martin (Cheltenham and Gloucester College), 'Generations of Writing'.

Clifford Siskin (SUNY, Stonybrook), 'Generations in the Age of the System'.

SESSION 20: Chair: Syndy M. Conger MUSIC ROOM

Jennifer Kelly (University of Keele), 'From Midlands Enlightenment to Revolutionary Aftermath: Maria Edgeworth's Belinda'.

Claire Connolly (University of Wales, Cardiff), '"Plain-sailing": Generation and Genre in Maria Edgeworth's Manoeuvring'.

Lisa Vargo (University of Saskatchewan) 'Lodore and its Romantic Generations'.

SESSION 21: Chair: Michael O'Neill EVANS

David Ferris (CUNY), 'Shelley's Generation: Hellas and Aeschylus'.

Arthur Bradley (University of Liverpool), 'Shelley's Dying Words: Poetic Generation and Originality in The Triumph of Life'.

Nahoko Miyamoto (University of Toronto), 'The Impact of Geological Time in Shelley's Mont Blanc'.

SESSION 22: Chair: Emma Clery KIRKBY

Jacqueline M. Labbe (University of Sheffield), 'The Next Generation: Writing the Daughter, Reading the Mother'.

Robin Ikegami (Xavier University, Ohio), '"Learn, then, from the Incidents of my Life": A Mother's Legacy in Novels'.

Peter Garside (University of Wales, Cardiff), 'Female Authorship after Wollstonecraft: What Happened to the Women's Novel 1800-1830?'.

8.30-9.45: Plenary IV

(Junior Common Room)


Iain McCalman
'Scandal, pornography and the public sphere in Britain, 1780-1820'
(To be delivered by Jon Mee)


9.00-10.30: Parallel Sessions

SESSION 23: Chair: Fred Botting FENTON

Debbie Lee (University of Arizona), 'Monsters and Cannibals: Frankenstein and the Anthropology of Slavery Legislation'.

Anne K. Mellor (UCLA), 'Frankenstein, Racial Science and the Yellow Peril'.

Peter J. Kitson (University of Wales, Bangor), 'Romantic (De)generations: Cannibalism, Race and Romanticism'.

SESSION 24: Chair: Jeanne Moskal MUSIC ROOM

Chris Jones (University of Wales, Bangor), 'Caves of Fancy; Fields of Delusion: Prophecy and Bereavement in Mary Wollstonecraft and the Shelleys'.

Julie Carlson (UC Santa Barbara), 'Shelley's Proserpine: That Myth of Generation'.

Marjean D. Purinton (Texas Tech University), 'Polysexualities and Romantic Generations in Mary Shelley's Mythological Dramas, Midas and Proserpine'.

SESSION 25: Chair: John Whale EVANS

Mary Anne Nunn (Central Connecticut State University), 'Heir, Air, Eyre: Generated Echoes - Ovid, Shelley, Shelley, Brontë'.

Steven Vine (University of Wales, Swansea), 'Generating Crypts: the Poetry of Emily Brontë'.

Laura E. Roman (University of Oxford), 'De Quincey and Human Progress'.

SESSION 26: Chair: Deirdre Coleman KIRKBY

Kathryn J. Ready (University of Ottawa), 'Petrarchan Convention in LEL's The Improvisatrice: Perplexing the Male Romantic I/Eye'.

Karen Hadley (University of Louisville), '"Mark'd ... for her own": Barbauld, Propriety, and the Poetic Appropriation of Patriarchal Privilege'.

Laura Mandell (Miami University), 'Anna Laetitia Barbauld and the Gendering of the Writerly Soul'.

10.30-11.00: COFFEE

11.00-12.30: Parallel Sessions
SESSION 27: Chair: Philip Martin FENTON

Jeffrey N. Cox (Texas A&M University), 'William Wordsworth, Second Generation Romantic'.

Diego Saglia (University of Bath), 'Satanic Generations: The Demonic Variety of British Romanticisms'.

Gavin Budge (University of Central England), 'The "Young" and "Old" Romantics: Poetry as Revelation versus Poetry as Sensuality'.

SESSION 28: Chair: Clara Tuite MUSIC ROOM

Emma Clery (Sheffield Hallam University), 'Horace Walpole's The Mysterious Mother and the Culture of Female Desire'.

Marie Mulvey-Roberts (University of the West of England), 'The Corpse, the Corporeal, and the Corpus: Reviving Mary Wollstonecraft in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein'.

Lisa Plummer Crafton (University of West Georgia), '"Insipid decency" and Monstrous Female Sexuality in Wollstonecraft and Shelley'.

SESSION 29: Chair: Peter Kitson EVANS

Kevin D. Hutchings (McMaster University), '"The Nature of Infinity": Blake's Environmental Poetics'.

June Sturrock (Simon Fraser University), 'Obliterating Generation and Gender: Urizen as Ceres in The Four Zoas, Night the Ninth'.

SESSION 30: Chair: Maurice Hindle KIRKBY

Robert A. Brinkley (University of Maine) and Aled Ganobscik-Williams (Miami University), 'Writing from the Place of the Other: Profane Illumination and the Generation of Cultural Narratives in Frankenstein'.

Graham Allen (University College, Cork), 'Mary Shelley's Intertextual Art: Wandering Generations'.

Lorraine Morris (University of Durham) '"Evil Forebodings": Mary Shelley's Creative Presentiments'.

2.00-3.15: Plenary V
(Junior Common Room)

Mary Jacobus: 'A Woman Named Solitude'

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