NASSR Annual Conventions, 1993-1999

Note: The formatting of the following program follows the original. We have made only minor changes throughout, correcting obvious errors and making some listings more uniform to facilitate electronic searching.

Inaugural Conference of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism

26-29 August 1993

Windermere Manor, The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

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Thursday, August 26

8:30-10:00 Registration and Coffee (Grand Hall)

10:00-11:30 Concurrent Sessions

1) Romantic Margins (Amphitheatre)
Moderated by Joel Faflak (Western Ontario)
"Glossing Over the Ancient Mariner," James Holt McGavran Jr. (North Carolina)
"'Visibility Should Not Be Visible': Blake's Borders and the Regime of Sight," David Clark (McMaster Univ.)
"Marginal Glosses, Illuminated Texts, Punctuation, & Ideologies of Visual Syntax," Donald Ault (Florida)

2) Re-Writing Genre, Re-Writing Ideology (North Meeting Room)
Moderated by Karen Herbert.
"The Narrative Familiarization of Gender in Mary Lamb's 'Measure for Measure,'" Thomas C. Crochunis (Rutgers)
"Rewriting Shakespeare: Otello, Romanticism and Bourgeois Ideology," Grace Kehler (Western Ontario)
"A Cinderella Among the Muses: Barrett Browning and the Ballad Tradition," Marjorie Stone (Dalhousie)

3) Romantic Refigurings of Classical Rhetorical and Poetic Genres (Special Session Organised by Don Bialostosky [Penn State]) (Meeting Room A)
Moderated by Don Bialostosky.
"'Between Poetry and Oratory': Coleridge's Romantic Effusions," J. Douglas Kneale (Western Ontario)
"The Rhetoric of Improvisation: Michael and Quintillian's Institutio Oratorio," Scott Harshbarger (Hofstra)
"The Georgic Disposition of Prelude I," Bruce Graver (Providence)

11:30-1:00 Lunch (Grand Hall)

1:00-1:15 Provost's Introductory Comments (Lounge, Saugeen-Maitland)

1:15-2:30 Plenary Session (Lounge, Saugeen-Maitland)
Moderated by Thomas J. Collins (Provost, Western Ontario).
"Reading:  The Wordsworthian Enlightenment," Geoffrey H. Hartman (Yale)

3:00-4:30 Concurrent Sessions

1) The Historical Novel and Civil Society (Special Session Organised by L. M. Findlay [Saskatchewan]) (Amphitheatre)
Moderated by Corinna Rohse (Western Ontario).
"Fictions of Civility in Scott and Hegel," L. M. Findlay
"The Historical Novel and Civil Society: Revolution and Romanticism," Gary Kelly (Alberta)
"The Subject in History: William Godwin's Historical Fiction," Gary Handwerk (Washington)

2) Framing the Subject: Portraits and Frontispieces (North Meeting Room)
Moderated by Lorraine Clark (Trent).
"Engendering a Female Self: Mary Darby Robinson's Works in the 1790s," Eleanor Ty (Wilfrid Laurier)
"Portraits of Prudent Men: Heroes as Cool as Colambre," Andrew Fenwick (Ottawa)
"The Genre of Creation: Blake's Revisions to the Title Plate to Europe," Peter Otto (Melbourne)

3) The Subversive Byron (Meeting Room A)
Moderated by Rachel Billigheimer.
"Subverting Epic Subversions: Lord Byron versus Mrs. Hemans," Andrew Elfenbein (Minnesota)
"Byron's 'Laughter from a Dunce': The Liberating Force of Romantic Irony in Don Juan," Christopher Strathman (Notre Dame)
"Generic Disparity in Byron," Mervyn Nicholson (Cariboo)

4:30-5:00 Refreshments (Grand Hall and Amphitheatre)

5:00-6:45 Concurrent Sessions

1) Gender and Genre (Special Session Organised by Anne Mellor [UCLA]) (Amphitheatre)
Moderated by Annette Wheeler Cafarelli (Columbia).
"A Criticism of Their Own: Romantic Women Literary Critics," Anne Mellor
"Writing on the Border: The National Tale, Female Writing, and the Public Sphere," Ina Ferris (Ottawa)
"Joanna Baillie: The Female Bard," Julie Carlson (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Respondent: Judith Page (Millsaps)

2) The Genres of Nationality (North Meeting Room)
Moderated by Kenneth Graham (Guelph).
"Nationalism and Antiquarianism:  Scott's Ivanhoe as the Wardour Manuscript," Julia M. Wright (Western Ontario)
"Nationalizing Women and Domesticating Fiction: Edmund Burke and the Genres of Englishness," Deidre Lynch (SUNY, Buffalo)
"Footnotes and Female Authority in Romantic Travel Books:  The Case of Lady Morgan," Jeanne Moskal (North Carolina)
"Expanding Chronotopes: Empire and Generic Experiment in the Early Romantic Novel," Katie Trumpener (Chicago)

3) The Ideology of Lyric (Meeting Room A)
Moderated by John B. Pierce (Queen's).
"In Defense of Lyric," Onno Oerlemans (Ottawa)
"Shelley's Epic Lyric: 'The Ode to the West Wind,'" Arkady Plotnitsky (Pennsylvania)
"'Applaud the Deed': The Theatre of Lyricism in Shelley's Adonais," Daniel Wilson (Western Ontario)
"Shelley's Fate, Fame and Adonais: The Revival of Elegy and the Survival of Romantic Idealism," Kim Wheatley (William and Mary)

7:00-9:30 Provost's Reception (Graduate Student Pub, Rm 19F, Middlesex College)

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9:00-10:45 Concurrent Sessions

1) Genre, Politics, and the Romantic Culture Industry (Special Session Organised by Jon Klancher [Boston]) (Amphitheatre)
Moderated by Richard Shroyer (Western Ontario).
"Godwin's Reflex: Politics and Genre Reform in Romantic Criticism," Jon Klancher
"I Am in Such Terror: Romantic Women Narrate Political History," Miranda Burgess (Boston)
"Fugitive Writing: Periodical Forms in Crisis," Kevin Gilmartin (California Institute of Technology)
"Illegitimate Shelley and the Gaze of High Culture in the 1820s," Neil Fraistat (Maryland)

2) Gothic Economies (North Meeting Room)
Moderated by Robert Alexander (McMaster).
"Gothic Antiquarianism," Laura J. George (Ohio State)
"'An Embarrassing Subject': Use Value, Exchange Value, and Early Gothic Characterization," Andrea Henderson (Michigan)
"The Ghost of the Counterfeit in the Genesis of the Gothic," Jerrold Hogle (Arizona)
"The Gothic Novel: How Radical a Genre?" Robert Miles (Sheffield Hallam)

3) Theories of Genre and Romantic Practices (Special Session Organised by Don Bialostosky [Penn State]) (Meeting Room A)
Moderated by Peter Thoms (Western Ontario).
"Genres from Life in Wordsworth's Art," Don Bialostosky
"The Lyric Mix: Romanticism, Genre and the Fate of Literature," Clifford Siskin (SUNY, Stony Brook)
"The Skeleton, the Black Sheep, and the Madwoman: or; Revolution in Gothic Language," Anne Williams (Georgia)
Respondent: Gene Ruoff (Illinois at Chicago)

4) Family Romances I (Board Room)
Moderated by Pamela Black (St. Frances Xavier).
"Immersion and Romantic Identity: Dorothy Wordsworth's Journals," Kay K. Cook (Southern Utah)
"Sarah Hazlitt's Journal of My Trip to Scotland, the Romantic Subject, and Women's Autobiographical Writing," Sonia Hofkosh (Tufts)
"Frankenstein, Autobiography, and the Repression of the Maternal," Monika Lee (Cornell)
"Taking by Storm: The Discourse of Spontaneity in Kleist's 'Marquise of O---,'" Jean Wilson (McMaster)

10:45-11:15 Refreshments (Grand Hall and Amphitheatre)

11:15-12:45 Concurrent Sessions

1) Transformations of the Visual into the Verbal (Amphitheatre)
Moderated by Paola Mayer (Toronto).
"'The Limits of Genre': The Visual and Verbal Sketch in British Romanticism," Richard Sha (American University)
"Gender Ideology and the Sublime in Visual and Verbal Art of the Romantic Period," William C. Snyder (Saint Vincent)
"Time, History, and the Structure of Aesthetic Labour: "Tintern Abbey"'s Movement Toward Form," Thomas Pfau (Duke)

2) Satire and Parody: The Unromantic Romantic Genres (North Meeting Room)
Moderator TBA.
"Parody and the Editorial State Apparatus: Genrification as Containment," Mark Jones (Queen's)
"Satire and the Construction of the Unromantic," Steven E. Jones (Loyola)
"Jane Taylor's Poetry and the Gender of Satyrism," Gary Dyer (Cincinnati)

3) Political Discourses in Literary Texts (Meeting Room A)
Moderated by Arnd Bohm (Carleton).
"The Evil Theatocracy: De Quincey, Kant and the Laws of Tragedy," Daniel O'Quinn (York)
"Generic Experiment and Ideological Argument in the Mythological Dramas of the Hunt Circle," Jeffrey N. Cox (Texas A&M)
"America, Brought to Hospital: The Romance of Medicine and Democracy in Whitman's Civil War," Robert Davis (Wittenberg)

12:45-2:00 Lunch (Grand Hall)

2:00-3:30 Concurrent Sessions

1) The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Years (Amphitheatre)
Moderated by Greg Kucich (Notre Dame).
"Genre, Gender and Writing the French Revolution," Katherine Binhammer (York)
"Robert Southey's Dream-Vision of Revolution," John Morillo (Chicago)
"The Remaking of an Allegory: Corinne's Triumphal March," Mary Helen McMurran (NYU)

2) Romantic Aesthetics (North Meeting Room)
Moderated by Ulrich Scheck (Queen's).
"Gender Ideology in German Romantic Aesthetics of Creativity," Alice Kuzniar (North Carolina)
"Gender, Aesthetics, and the Bildungsroman," Marc Redfield (Claremont Graduate School)
"Probing the Limits of Representation: Ludwig Teick's Allegorical Drama Kaiser Octavianus," Kathryn Hanson (Western Ontario)

3) Cold Pastoral: Romanticism in Canada (Special Session Organised by D. M. R. Bentley [Western Ontario]) (Meeting Room A)
Moderated by Susan Birkwood (Western Ontario).
"'Pinnacled Dim': The Height of Land in G. J. Mountain's Songs of the Wilderness (1846)," Michael Williams (Edinburgh)
"Thomas Moore, Romantic Lyricism, and the Construction of Central Canada," D. M. R. Bentley
"Ideologies of I: The Ideological Function of Life-Writing in Pre-Confederation Upper Canada," John Thurston (Ottawa)

4:00-5:15 Plenary Session (Lounge, Saugeen-Maitland)
Moderated by James Good (Western Ontario).
"Romance: Romantic Meta-Genre or Casualty of History?" Marilyn Butler (Cambridge)

5:15-5:45 Refreshments (Saugeen-Maitland)

5:45-7:00 Plenary Session (Lounge, Saugeen-Maitland)
Moderated by Elizabeth Harvey (Western Ontario).
"In Love with a Cold Climate: Wollstonecraft, Travel, and Transference," Mary Jacobus (Cornell)

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9:00-10:45 Concurrent Sessions

1) Romantic Genres and the Popular Press (Special Session Organised by Paul Magnuson [NYU]) (Amphitheatre)
Moderated by Donald Goellnicht (McMaster).
"Political Allegory and Repression in the 1790s Popular Press," Michael Scrivener (Wayne State)
"Byron and Mediation," Paul Magnuson
"Keats in The Examiner," John Kandl (NYU)
"Determining the Reader: Sartor Resartus and the Ideology of Capitalism," Kristen Leaver (Toronto)

2) Revisiting the Romantic Ideology (North Meeting Room)
Moderated by Michael Sider (Western Ontario).
"Cold War Liberalism and the New Romanticism," Jonathan Gross (DePaul)
"Romantic Ideology and the Evasions of Criticism," Steven E. Cole (Temple)
"Wordsworth and Romanticism in the Academy," John Rieder (Hawaii at Manoa)
Respondent: James McKusick (Maryland)

3) Is a Medium a Genre? (Special Session Organised by Marshall Brown [Washington]) (Meeting Room A)
Moderated by Treena Evans (Western Ontario).
"Gender, Genre, and the Parlour Piano," Ruth Solie (Smith College)
"Washington Allston and the Sister Arts Tradition," David Miller (Allegheny)
"Is a Pig a Poke, or the Baby the Bathwater: Reasons Why it Must Depend," Morris Eaves (Rochester)
Respondent: Marshall Brown

10:45-11:15 Refreshments (Grand Hall and Amphitheatre)

11:15-12:45 Concurrent Sessions

1) Philosophical Genre Theory in German Romanticism (Special Session Organised by Cyrus Hamlin [Yale]) (Amphitheatre)
Moderated by Gnter Hess (Western Ontario).
"Origins of Philosophical Genre Theory," Cyrus Hamlin.
"The Generic Sublime," Ian Balfour (York)
"Esoteric Genre Theory: Nietzsche, Heidegger, Cronenberg," Geoffrey Waite (Cornell)

2) Aspects of Orientalism in Romantic Poetry (North Meeting Room)
Moderated by Teresa Hubel (St. Mary's).
"Orientalism, Self, and Gender in the Verse Narratives of Southey and Byron," Thomas J. Orman
"'Illustration Purely Oriental': Annotations as Generic Necessity in Lalla Rookh," Clare A. Simmons (Ohio State)
"For all Who Heard Should Cry 'Beware! Beware!': An Enquiry into the Ideological Resonances of S. T. Coleridge's 'Supernatural' Poems," Sukeshi Kamra (Okanagan)

3) Political Theatre (Meeting Room A)
Moderated by Kathryn Freeman (Miami).
"English Romantic Women Writers and Theatre Theory," Catherine Burroughs (Cornell College)
"Spectacle of the Guillotine: Helen Maria Williams on the Reign of Terror," Deborah Kennedy (Mount Saint Vincent)
"Coleridge's Osorio: The Theatre of Politics, the Politics of Theatre," Steven Bruhm (Bishop's)

12:45-2:00 Lunch (Grand Hall)

2:00-3:30 Concurrent Sessions

1) Sub-Versions of Epic (Special Session Organised by Stuart Curran [Pennsylvania]) (Amphitheatre)
Moderated by John T. Ogden (Manitoba).
"Romantic Constructions, Epic Subversions," Karen Weisman (Waterloo)
"Transgressive Heroines from Joan of Arc to Margaret of Anjou," Stuart Curran
"Aurora Leigh: Epic Solutions to Novel Ends," Herbert Tucker (Virginia)

2) The Aesthetic Absolute: Poetry, Science, Philosophy (North Meeting Room)
Moderated by Martin Kreiswirth (Western Ontario).
"Romanticism, Criticism, Organicity," Paul Youngquist (Penn State)
"Concretizing the Infinite Ideal: Toward a Synthesis of Chaos and Logos in Friedrich Schlegel's Symbolic Concept of Romantic 'Poetry' and the 'Roman' Form," Lori Wagner (Pennsylvania)
"Poetry as Super-Genre in William Wordsworth: Presentation and Ethics," David P. Haney (Auburn)

3) Family Romances II: Romantic Pairs (Meeting Room A)
Moderated by Mary Arseneau (Ottawa).
"Mary Shelley, William Godwin, and the Ideologies of Incest," Ranita Chatterjee (Western Ontario)
"Gender, Genre and Writing the Nation: Henry Brooke's versus Charlotte Brooke's Ireland," Leith Ann Davis (Simon Fraser)
"Sentimental Exchanges: Percy Bysshe Shelley and Charlotte Dacre," Barbara Gelpi (Stanford)

3:30-4:00 Refreshments (Grand Hall and Amphitheatre)

4:00-5:15 Concurrent Sessions

1) The Discursive Coleridge (Amphitheatre)
Moderated by Robert K. Lapp (Dalhousie).
"Imagination, Patriarchy and Evil: Reconsidering Coleridge's Theory of the Imagination," Anthony John Harding (Saskatchewan)
"The Regulation of Freedom and the Purity of Genre in Schelling and Coleridge," Martin Wallen (Oklahoma State)

2) Ideologies of Place (North Meeting Room)
Moderated by Julie Fenwick (Ottawa).
"Gimme Shelter: Sanctuary and the Formation of Historical Fiction," Richard Maxwell (Valparaiso)
"'Bodily Accommodations': Keats's Landscapes and the Eighteenth-Century Topographical Genre," Elizabeth Jones (Toronto)
"Coleorton's 'Classic Ground': Wordsworth, Beaumont and the Ideologies of Place," Thomas Pearson (Iowa)

3) Reconstituting the Political Landscape (Meeting Room A)
Moderated by June Sturrock (Simon Fraser).
"John Thelwall and the Politics of Genre," Judith Thompson (Dalhousie)
"Blake's Jerusalem and the Language of Constitutions," Angela Esterhammer (Western Ontario)

5:45-7:00 Plenary Session (Lounge, Saugeen-Maitland)
Moderated by Milton Wilson (Toronto).
"Autonarration and Genotext in Mary Hays' Memoirs of Emma Courtney," Tilottama Rajan (Western Ontario)

8:00Barbeque and Cash Bar (Windermere Manor Patio)

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10:00-11:45 Concurrent Sessions

1) Gendering the Romantic Text (Special Session Organised by Anne Mellor [UCLA]) (Amphitheatre)
Moderated by Hildegard Nabbe (Waterloo).
"'Mother Outline': A Critique of Gender in Blake's Aesthetics," Peter Georgelos (Western Ontario)
"The Feminine Milton: Gender and Genre in the Epic Excursion," Esther Schor (Princeton)
"Trans-figuring Byronic Identity," Nicola Watson (Northwestern)
Respondent: Nelson Hilton (Georgia)

2) Wordsworth, Dialogics and Politics (North Meeting Room)
Moderated by Paul Keen (Trinity College Dublin)
"Genre and Politics in Wordsworth's Salisbury Plain," Kurt Fosso (Westminster)
"'Poor Susan's' True Colours," Adela Pinch (Michigan)
"Wordsworth's Voices: Ideology and Self-Critique in the Prelude," Brooke Hopkins (Utah)
Respondent: Nancy Moore Goslee (Tennessee)

3) Reception and Perception: Re-Viewing Romanticism (Meeting Room A)
Moderated by A. Elizabeth McKim (St. Thomas).
"Telling Tales About Genre: Poetry in the Romantic Novel," Mary A. Favret (Indiana)
"Christabel's Reviewers and the Politics of Genre," Lauren Fitzgerald (NYU)
"Readers Reading Themselves," J. Andrew Hubbell (Maryland)
Respondent: Lisa Vargo (Saskatchewan)

12:00-1:30 NASSR Business Meeting over refreshments.

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