NASSR '94 (new)

NASSR Annual Convention 1994

The Political and Aesthetic Education of Romanticism

10-13 November 1994

Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

Conference Organizers: Robert F. Gleckner & Thomas Pfau, Duke University

Thursday, November 10


"Uneducated Poets" (special session organized by Alan Richardson, Boston C)
"The Untutored Muse" (Alan Richardson)
"'Children o' the Soil': Peasant Poetry and Organic Nationalism" (Scott McEathron, U of Southern Illinois)
"Romantic Ideology and the 'Natural Genius': Women Poets, Anthologies, and the Production of Poetic History in the 1790s" (Laura Mandell, Miami U)
"No Advantages of Education: John Clare's Vulgarity of Language" (James McKusick, U of Maryland Baltimore County)

"Schiller: Aesthetics and Politics" (Chair: Michael Morton, Duke U)
"Aesthetics and Politics from Benjamin to Schiller:  Rethinking the Aesthetic State" (Jonathan M. Hess, U of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
"Romanticism, Bildung, and the 'Literary Absolute'" (Marc Redfield, Claremont Graduate School)
"Schiller's Political Aesthetics: The Refinement of Liberal Democratic Man" (Michael Valdez Moses, Duke U)
"The Critique of Aesthetic Ideology: Radical Democracy and Friedrich Schiller's On the Aesthetic Education of Man" (Jacqueline LeBlanc, U of Massachussetts)

"Romanticism and the Homoerotic" (Chair: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, Duke U)
"'My very touch were to be infectious': Godwin's Caleb Williams and Homoerotic Panic" (Ranita Chatterjee, U of Western Ontario)
"Byron's Homo-Narcissism: or 'Heathcliff, I am Nellie'" (Steven Bruhm, Mount St. Vincent U)
"Sexual Pedagogies and the Lesbian Body in 'Christabel'" (Andrew Elfenbein, U of Minnesota)
"Sappho, Sexuality, and the Romantic Sublime" (Sharon Setzer, North Carolina State U)

"Sexual and Political Instruction in the Work of Mary Shelley" (Chair: Jeanne Moskal, U of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
"Learning to Curse: Translation, Rape, and Instruction in Mary Shelley's Proserpine" (Mary Loeffelholz, Northeastern U)
"Women and Education in Mary Shelley's Lodore" (Ann M. Frank Wake, Elmhurst College)
"Ghostly Pedagogies: Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, and the Writing of Poetic Identity" (Ghislaine McDayter, Duke U)
"'The god undeified': Valperga and the Education of Romantic Subjects" (Daniel E. White, U of Pennsylvania)


"Scenes of Instruction in Blake" (Chair: Paul Yoder, U of Arkansas-Little Rock)
"Blake's Songs: Of Instruction and Its Experience" (Nelson Hilton, U of Georgia-Athens)
"(Con)(In)structing Albion: Blake, Gender, and Politics: 1792-95" (Catherine McClenahan, U of St. Thomas)
"Righting Albion: Blake's Canon Revision" (Paul Yoder)
"Late Kant, Middle Blake: Toward a Theory of Blake's Political Education" (Steven Goldsmith, U of California-Berkeley)

"Darstellung and the Lessons of Post-Structuralism" (Chair: James Rolleston, Duke U)
"The Crisis of Representation in Romanticism: Romantic Darstellung and Poststructuralist Critical Theory" (Irena Nikolova, U of Western Ontario)
"Postfacing the Preface in Coleridge" (Sophie Thomas, Oxford U)
"Rhetorical Pragmatism: Jeremy Bentham and the Predictability of Fiction" (Peter Roman Babiak, York U)
"The Romantic Object of Beauty and the Suppression of Art" (Laura Claridge, US Naval Academy)

"Victorian Receptions of Romanticism" (Chair: Clyde de L. Ryals, Duke U)
"'Useful herbs to take the place of weeds': The Politics of Wordsworth's Victorian Reception" (Gary Harrison, U of New Mexico)
"Feminizing Romanticism: Tennyson's Embowered Maidens and Morbid Poets" (Alice Fasano, New York U)
"Romanticism Theorized: Sartor Resartus Revisited" (Nigel Alderman, Duke U)
"Suffering Meter: Swinburne and the Sapphic Scene of Instruction" (Yopie Prins, U of Michigan)

"The Education of John Keats" (Chair: Marilyn Gaull, New York U)
"'A Cockney Schoolroom': Keats and the Modern Academy" (Nicholas Roe, U of St. Andrews)
"Keats in the Cockney School: An Aesthetic and Political Education" (Jeffrey Cox, Texas A & M)
"Aesthetic Education in the Public Sphere: Haydon, Hazlitt, and Keats's Elgin Marbles Sonnets" (John Kandl, New York U)
"Romanticism and the Education of Psychoanalysis: Keats and (The Fall of) Hyperion" (Joel Faflak, U of Western Ontario)


Welcome: Robert F. Gleckner & Thomas Pfau (Duke U)

"Designing the World Picture" Jerome Christensen (English, Johns Hopkins U)

"Gendering the Soul," Susan Wolfson (English, Princeton U)

Respondent: Peter J. Manning (U of Southern California)

Friday, November 11


"Coleridge and the Political Education of Criticism" (special session organized by James McKusick, U of Maryland-Baltimore County)
"Transitions: The 'Logic' of the 'Wildest Odes'" (Heather J. Jackson, U of Toronto)
"Friendly Instruction: Coleridge and the Configuration of Social Knowledge" (Regina Hewitt, U of South Florida)
"The Genius of Failure, the Masquerade of Fame: Coleridge's Sociology of Literature in the Biographia Literaria" (Adrienne Donald, Princeton U)
"Coleridge's Unfinished Aesthetic Education: Coleridge, Schiller on Culture and the State" (David Aram Kaiser, U of Kentucky)

"Romanticism, Education, and the History of Science" (special session organized by James K. Chandler, U of Chicago)
"Knowing Nature: Science, Romanticism, and the Empire of the External World" (Laura Doyle, Harvard U)
"Coleridge, Shelley, and Science's Millennium" (Mark Kipperman, Northern Illinois U)
"The Body which Speaks to the Body: Pedagogies of Human Influence in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain" (Alison Winter, California Institute of Technology)
"Frankenstein: Specifying the Limits of Pedagogy" (Maureen McLane, U of Chicago)

"British Romantic Fiction: Gender and History" (Chair: Susan Thorne, Duke U)
"Courting Ruin: The Economic Romances of Frances Burney" (Miranda Burgess, Boston U)
"Falling into Quotation: Persuasion and the Fall of Woman" (John Morillo, North Carolina State U)
"Historical Fiction as Pedagogy: Scott's Travelling Education and an Approach to Romantic Historicism in the Novel" (Richard Maxwell, Valparaiso U)
"Scott's Authorised Version: From Waverley Romance to Magnum Opus Historical Truth" (Clare Simmons, Ohio State U)

"Was (or is) There an Identity We Can Call 'Romanticism'?" I (a special session organized by Jerrold E. Hogle, U of Arizona)
Introduction: "The Question of One 'Romanticism.'" (J. Hogle)
"Romantic Identity and the Community of Sentiment" (Stephen C. Behrendt, U of Nebraska-Lincoln)
"The 'Myth' of Romanticism and the Idea of Community" (Celeste Langan, UC-Berkeley)
"I don't believe in Romanticism (The University does it for me)" (John Rieder, U of Hawaii-Manoa)
Respondent: Marshall Brown (U of Washington)


"Politics, Epistemology, and Rhetoric in Shelley" (Chair: Eric Walker, Florida State U)
"Tutelary Bureaucracies: Compelling the Civic Conscience in Prometheus Unbound and The Cenci" (Michael Kohler, Johns Hopkins U)
"Unteachable Learning: On the Parting of Poetry and Madness in Shelley's Julian and Maddalo" (Silke-Maria Weineck, U of Pennsylvania)
"Art, Nature, and Analogical Inference in Shelley's 'Mont Blanc'" (Michael Vicario, Penn State U)
"The Empress's New Mind: Shelley's The Witch of Atlas as the Scene of Instruction" (Arkady Plotnitsky, U of Pennsylvania)

"The Romantic Body: Between Sustenance and Pathology" (Chair: Anne K. Mellor, UCLA)
"The Nurse's Tale: The Fostering System as National and Imperial Education" (Katie Trumpener, U of Chicago)
"Educating Mothers to be Mothers: Romanticism and the Maternal Breastfeeding Controversy" (Julie Costello, U of Notre Dame)
"John Brown's Medical Romanticism" (Martin Wallen, U of Oklahoma)
"Confessing the Body: Lamb on Drunkenness, Hazlitt on Sex" (Bonnie Woodberg, Florida State U)

"Models of Aesthetic and Political Instruction in Godwin, Wordsworth, and Hazlitt" (Chair: Nicholas Roe, U of St. Andrews)
"'Of Deception and Frankness': Wollstonecraft, Godwin, and the Jacobin Response to Emile" (Gary Handwerk, U of Washington)
"The man, whose eye / Is ever on himself': The Ideological Function of Aesthetic Self- Surveillance in Bell, Wollstonecraft, and Wordsworth" (Thomas Pfau, Duke U)
"Wordsworth and the Great Wheel of Education" (Alison Hickey, Wellesley C)
"Interest and Imagination: Hazlitt's Essay on the Principles of Human Action" (Deborah Elise White, Columbia U)

"Marketing Romantic Music: The Age of Lost Innocence" (special session organized by James Deaville, Music, McMaster U)
"Creating a Musical Public and Constructing Musical Modernism: The New-German School and the Euterpe Concerts in Leipzig" (James Deaville)
"Piano Arrangements in the Nineteenth Century: Marketing/Domesticating/Canonizing" (James Parakilas, Bates C)
"Re-Educating the 'Classical' Public: "The Romantic Revival and the Contemporary American Musical Scene" (Michael Saffle, Virginia Tech. U)


"Was (or is) There an Identity We Can Call 'Romanticism'?" II (special session organized by Jerrold E. Hogle, U of Arizona)
"Introduction: The Defence of Romanticism" (Jerrold Hogle)
"What Happens When Jane Austen and Fanny Burney Enter the Romantic Canon?" (William Galperin, Rutgers U)
"Romanticism, Coleridge, and the Hermeneutics of the Ethical Sublime" (David Haney, Auburn U)
"The Survival of Romanticism: Poets and Poetics Since the Early Nineteenth Century" (Jeffrey Robinson, U of Colorado-Boulder)
Respondent: Jean Hall (Cal. State U--Fullerton)

"Educating the Eye: Visual Arts and Exhibitions" (Chair: John L. Sharpe, Duke U)
"Teaching Discipline: Sketching and Drawing Manuals in British Romanticism" (Richard Sha, American U)
"Blake and the Aesthetics of the Sketch" (Joseph Viscomi, U of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
"Aesthetic Education in Blake's Illustrations to Young's Night Thoughts" (Grant Scott, Muhlenberg C)
"Romantic Exhibition and the Rise of the Viewing Public"(C. S. Matheson, U of Windsor)

"The Contours of a Feminine Romanticism" (Chair: Stuart Curran, U of Pennsylvania)
"Charlotte Smith and William Wordsworth: 'Dark Forgetfulness' and 'The Intercession of Saint Monica'" (Kari Lokke, U of California-Davis)
"An Education in Stereotypes: Hemans's 'Red Indians'" (Nancy Moore Goslee, U of Tennessee-Knoxville)
"Anna Seward's Arcadian Voice: Finding a Place in Darwin's Botanical Garden" (Elizabeth Fay, U of Massachusetts-Boston)
"Realizing a Romantic Pedagogy: Romantic Women Writers and the Romance of Real Life" (Michael Gamer, U of Pennsylvania)

"Irony, Individuality, and Aesthetic Strategy in German Romanticism" (Chair: Paul Cantor, U of Virginia)
"The Politics of Individualität in Schlegel, Novalis, and Hölderlin" (Gerald N. Izenberg, Washington U)
"Productive Rupture: the Discreet Irony of an Aesthetic Education in Kleist's Über das Marionettentheater" (Anthony Reynolds, New York U)
"Reading the Book of Nature in E. T. A. Hoffmann" (David Vandenberg, Emory & Henry C)
"The Power of Music and/or the Power of Words" (Ulrich Schönherr, Columbia U)


"The Inhibitions of Democracy in Romantic Political Thought: Thoreau's Democratic Individualism," Nancy Rosenblum (Political Science, Brown U)

"The Doubled Consciousness of Early Capitalist Culture," Steven Watts (History, U of Missouri-Columbia)

Respondents: Cathy Davidson (English, Duke U) & Michael Gillespie (Political Science, Duke U)

Saturday, November 12


"Aesthetic Valuation and Social Process: the Reviewers Reviewed" (Chair: John Kandl, New York U)
"The Pedagogy of Enlightened, Radical, and Romantic Readers: An Example from John Thelwall" (Michael Scrivener, Wayne State U)
"Making the Romantic Ideology: Hazlitt, Coleridge, and the Wat Tyler Affair" (Robert K. Lapp, Dalhousie U)
"Rape, Patricide, and Execution: A Play on Violence" (Young-ok An, U of Southern California)

"Language, Theory: Implicating the Political" (special session organized by Carol Jacobs, SUNY-Buffalo)
"The 'End of Art' in Friedrich Hölderlin's 'Stimme Des Volkes'" (Eva Geulen, U of Rochester)
"The Sublime of the Nation and the German Question" (Ian Balfour, York U)
"Res publica: Carl Schmitt, Friedrich Schlegel, and 'Political Romanticism'" (Matthew Hartman, Johns Hopkins U)
"The Force of the Positive: The Hyperions of Keats and Marx" (Tom McCall, U of Houston)

"Women Poets and the Romantic Aesthetic" (special session organized by Stephen C. Behrendt, U of Nebraska-Lincoln and Harriet Kramer Linkin, New Mexico State U)
"Women and Della Cruscanism, Women and Romanticism" (Judith Pascoe, U of Iowa)
"The Merging of Public and Private: Charlotte Smith's Beachy Head" (Kay Cook, Southern Utah U)
"Staging History: Catherine Macaulay, Joanna Baillie, and Felicia Hemans" (Greg Kucich, U of Notre Dame)
"One Sings, the Other Doesn't: Letitia Landon and Mary Tighe, or How Women Poets Image the Romantic Aesthetic" (Harriet Kramer Linkin)

"Shakespeare and the Scene of Romantic Literary Instruction" (special session organized by Charles Mahoney, U of Connecticut-Storrs)
"Savoyard Shakespeare: Wordsworth in the Hills of Paris" (Reeve Parker, Cornell U)
"Master Betty Masters Shakespeare: Managing the Queer Character of Youth" (Julie Carlson, U of California-Santa Barbara)
"Patrolling the Bard: Hazlitt, Coriolanus, and Romantic Apostasy" (Charles Mahoney)


"Music and Culture in French and German Romanticism" (special session organized by Jeffrey Kallberg, U of Pennsylvania)
"Some Romantic Images in Beethoven" (Maynard Solomon, New York)
"Practicing Music and the Practice of Sex : Sex and Music in French Romantic Discourse" (Jeffrey Kallberg)
"Romantic Music under Siege in 1848" (Sanna Pederson, U of Pennsylvania)

"Education, Romantic Aesthetics, and the Denial of Rhetoric" (special session organized by David Ferris, Queens College & CUNY Graduate Center)
"Rhetoric and Denial on Keats's Urn" (David Ferris)
"Poetic Education: Shelley's 'Defence' and the Crisis in Romanticism" (Roger Blood, Yale U)
"Language and the 'Body Politic'" (Claudia Brodsky-Lacour, Princeton U)

"From Picturesque to the Sublime: The Cognitive Structure of the Romantic Image" (Chair: Annette Wheeler Cafarelli)
"Jane Austen and the Picturesque: Aesthetic Instruction and Romantic Epistemology" (Jill Heydt-Stevenson, U of Texas-San Antonio)
"The Lessons of Imitatio Christi and Imitatio Naturae in the Work of Caspar David Friedrich" (Hillary A. Braysmith, U of Southern Indiana)
"The Political Aesthetic of Adam Müller and Caspar David Friedrich's Landscape Painting" (Peter Foley, U of Arizona)
"'Sur les épaules d'un pauvre esclave': Salvation, ésperance, and Equality in Géricault's Raft of Medusa" (Albert Alhadeff, U of Colorado-Boulder)

"Pastoralism, Eroticism, Enlightenment, and Geometry in Wordsworth's Prelude" (Chair: Judith W. Page, Millsaps C)
"Teaching the 'Art of Seeing': Pastoral Vestiges in Thomson and Wordsworth" (Kevis Goodman, Yale U)
"Wordsworth's Nationalist Geometry" (William Jewett, Yale U)
"Soldier Boys and Male Romantic Poets" (James Holt McGavran, U of North Carolina-Charlotte)
"'The light of circumstances, flash'd / Upon an independent intellect': Education and Progression in The Prelude" (David Garcia, Cornell U)

"Re-mapping Romanticism: Of Domestic and Oriental Subjects" (Chair: John Waters, Duke U)
"Reading Habits: Scenes of Miseducation in the Romantic Line" (Marlon Ross, U of Michigan)
"Wordsworth's Aesthetic Appropriation of Nature: A Problematic Step Toward Eco- ideology" (Martha Bohrer, Miami U)
"Eastern Non-Dualism and the Sublime in Late Eighteenth-Century English Poetry" (Kathryn Freeman, U of Miami)
"Theory and History in Romantic Orientalism and Romantic Studies" (Susan B. Taylor, U of Colorado-Colorado Springs)


"Reverse Instruction: Romanticism and Postmodernism" (Chair: Timothy Morton, New York U)
"Legislators of the Post-Everything World: Shelley's Defence of Adorno" (Robert Kaufman, U of California-Berkeley)
"Educating Postmodernism: or, Reading Backwards from Postmodern Fiction to John Clare" (Theresa M. Kelley, U of Texas-Austin)
"Fantastic Modernity, Fantastic Reflexivities: Keats, Jameson, and the Postmodern Urn" (Orrin Wang, U of Maryland at College Park)
"Imitating Silence: Byron, Hood, Poe, and Campion" (Carol Jacobs, SUNY-Buffalo)

"Politics and Ireland: The Edgeworths" (Chair: Nigel Alderman, Duke U)
"The Edgeworths and the Interests of Education" (Mark Canuel, Johns Hopkins U)
"Maria Edgeworth: Teacher and Critic" (Francis Botkin, U of Illinois-Chicago)
"'His eyes upon us': The Lesson of the Informer in Edgeworth's 'Lame Jervas'" (Julia M. Wright, Concordia, Montreal)
"'The Little Remnant': Alterity, Femininity, and the National Tale" (Ina Ferris, U of Ottawa)

"Uneducated Poets: Expanding the Canon" (Chair: Scott McEathron, U of Southern Illinois)
"Theoretical Conditions of the Expansion of the Romantic Poetic Canon" (John Waters, Duke U)
"Lubin's Literacy: John Clare and the Possibilities of the Peasant Poet" (Bridget Keegan, Samford U)
"Patronage and the Peasant-Poet in the early Romantic Period: Theorizing the Beginnings of Ann Yearsley, Robert Bloomfield, and Felicia Hemans" (Chad Edgar, New York U)
"The Ghosts of Competing Literacies in John Clare's Autobiography" (Richard Swartz, U of Southern Maine)

"Theorizing Romantic Drama" (Chair: Robert F. Gleckner, Duke U)
"Joanna Baillie's Poetic Aesthetic: Passion and 'the plain order of things'" (Catherine Burroughs, Cornell C)
"Liberal Self-Fashioning in Shelley's Cenci" (Linda Brigham, Kansas State U)
"Byron as a Teacher of the Barred Subject: Manfred and the Ethics of Desire" (Sinkwan Cheng, State U of New York-Buffalo)

"The Teachings of Nature in German Romanticism" (special session organized by Alice Kuzniar, U of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
"'Voran leuchtest du.' What Kepler Taught the Romantics About Nature" (Nicholas Halmi, U of Toronto)
"Towards a Mystical Physics: An Aspect of Friedrich Schlegel's Theory of Universalpoesie" (Paola Mayer, U of Toronto)
"On Being the 'Last Kantian in Nazi Germany': Dwelling with Animals after Schelling" (David Clark, McMaster U)


"The Interdisciplinary War Machine: Saluting French Revolution Studies," Alan Liu (English, UC-Santa Barbara)

Respondents: Cynthia Chase (English, Cornell U) & William Reddy (Duke U)

Sunday, November 13


"Teaching Violence in Romanticism" (special session organized by Mary A. Favret, Indiana U)
"Teaching Byron's Giaour as Riddle and Message" (Cheryl Fallon Giuliano, UCLA)
"'Rouzing the Faculties to Act': Blake's Scenes of (Violent) Instruction" (Nicholas Williams, Indiana U)
"Learning What Hurts: 'The School-Mistress,' the Rod, and the Poem" (Adela Pinch, U of Michigan)
"Radical Poetry 101: Wordsworth and Contemporary Lyrics of Resistance" (Jonathan Barron, U of North Carolina-Charlotte)

"Romantic Aesthetics, Pedagogy, and the Academy" (Chair: Jerome McGann, U of Virginia)
"Poetry and the Law: the Poet as Legislator in Shelley and Rousseau" (Lorrie Clark, Trent U)
"The Political Economy of Aesthetic Consumption" (Margaret Russett, U of Southern California)
"Shelley's Unhumanizing Pedagogy" (Paul Youngquist, Pennsylvania State U)
"Genius School: Coleridge, Schiller, and the Productionist Aesthetic" (Kathleen Dillon, Temple U)

"Romantic Knowledge: Institutions of Production and Pedagogy" (Chair: Rhonda Ray Kercsmar)
"Institutions of Romanticism: An International Perspective" (Clifford Siskin, SUNY-Stony Brook, and Philip Martin, Cheltenham & Gloucester College)
"Can We Teach Romanticism to an Unromantic Generation" (Debbie Lee, U of Arizona)
"Between Irony and Radicalism: the Other Way of a Romantic Education" (Karen Weisman, U of Waterloo)
"A Histrionic Romantics Classroom" (Thomas Crochunis, Rutgers U)

"Romanticism in Canada" (special session organized by Tilottama Rajan, U of Western Ontario)
"Nobler Savages: Representations of Native Women in the Writings of Susanna Moodie and Catherine Parr Traill" (Carole Gerson, Simon Fraser U)
"Made One with Nature: The Commemorative Odes of the Confederation Poets" (D.M.R. Bentley, U of Western Ontario)
"Frye in Canada: Jonah in the Belly of the Whale" (Ross Woodman, U of Western Ontario)
"European Romantic Nationalism, Colonial Nationalism, Canadian Literary Criticism" (Margery Fee, U of British Columbia)


"New Romantic Canons in the Same Old Classroom: A Problem-Solving Forum on Teaching" (special session organized by Morris Eaves, U of Rochester)
Position papers by Laura Mandell (Miami U), Anne K. Mellor (UCLA) & Richard Matlak (C of the Holy Cross), Jerome McGann (U of Virginia), and Stuart Curran (U of Pennsylvania).

"Teaching Wordsworth's Teachings" (Chair: William Galperin, Rutgers U)
"Teaching a Sheep to Talk: The Spiritual Education of Romanticism" (Walter Reed, Emory U)
"Wordsworth and the Problem of Authority in Feminist Pedagogy" (Michael Fischer, U of New Mexico)
"Wordsworth's 'The Thorn' and the Social Imagination" (Scott Harshbarger, Hofstra U)
"'Strange Discipline': Aesthetic Education and Community in Wordsworth's The Ruined Cottage" (Kurt Fosso, Westminster C)

"Romantic Education as Social and Aesthetic Practice" (Chair: Richard Swartz, U of Southern Maine)
"The Professionalization of Knowledge: Female Education in Middle Class Romantic Culture" (Annette Wheeler Cafarelli, Columbia U)
"Britain and the Culture of Disestablishment" (Nanora Sweet, U of Missouri-St. Louis)
"State Education, Taste Education" (Timothy Morton, New York U)
"Lessons of Radical Difference: Mary Shelley and the Politics of Family History" (Deborah Weiner, U of Rochester)

"Genres as Modes of Education" (special session organized by J. Douglas Kneale, U of Western Ontario)
"Let nature be your teacher: Wordsworth and Poetical Correctness" (Stephen Bretzius, Lousiana State U)
"The Rising Glory of America" (Julie Ellison, U of Michigan)
"The Ambivalence of Romantic Identity: Harmony and Conflict in Self-Descriptions by Wordsworth and Byron" (Jean Hall, California State U-Fullerton)
"Transport and Persuasion in Wordsworth" (J. Douglas Kneale)