NASSR Annual Convention, 1996

Note: The formatting of the following program follows the original. We have made only minor changes throughout, correcting obvious errors and making some listings more uniform to facilitate electronic searching.


November 14-16, Boston area (Sheraton Tara, Newton)

Go directly to: Thursday, 14 November -- Friday, 15 November -- Saturday, 16 November

Sponsored by:

University of Massachusetts-Boston and Boston College

Co-sponsored by:

Boston University
Harvard University
Northeastern University
Tufts University
Wellesley College

1996 Conference Committee

Elizabeth Fay, U of Massachusetts-Boston (Conference Director)
Alan Richardson, Boston College (Program Director)
Leo Damrosch, Harvard Univ.; Alison Hickey, Wellesley College; Sonia Hofkosh, Tufts Univ.; William Keach, Brown Univ.; Stuart Peterfreund, Northeastern Univ.; Tilottama Rajan, Univ. of Western Ontario; Charles J. Rzepka, Boston Univ.; Irene Tayler, MIT

Thursday, 14 November, 1996

Thursday, 9 a.m.-11 a.m.


Thursday, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Concurrent sessions:
  • Romanticism and Conspiracy (Special session organized by Orrin Wang, Univ. of Maryland-College Park): Thursday, 11:00
    1. "Paranoid Politics: Shelley and the Quarterly Review" (Kim Wheatley, Univ. of Maryland-College Park)
    2. "Retroactivating the Past: Prophetic Cognition in Blake and Coleridge" (Thomas Pfau, Duke Univ.)
    3. "On His Majesty's Secret Service: Was Wordsworth Spy Nosy Too?" (Kenneth R. Johnston, Indiana Univ.)

  • Discursive Junctures (Chair: Stuart Peterfreund, Northeastern Univ.): Thursday, 11:00
    1. "Voltaic Piles and Poetic Similes: The Sonnets of Alessandro Volta" (Stuart Peterfreund, Northeastern Univ.)
    2. "Schelling's Tragic Medicine" (Martin Wallen, Oklahoma State Univ.)
    3. "Crossing into Reason: The End of Legal Revenge in Ashford v. Thornton, Ivanhoe, and Popular Discourse" (Mark Schoenfield, Vanderbilt Univ.)

  • "Gross and Violent Stimulants": British Romanticism and the Idea of Germany (Special session organized by Michael Gamer, Univ. of Pennsylvania): Thursday, 11:00
    1. "Ballad Crazes, Spectacular Stages, and the Problem of Germany" (Michael Gamer, Univ. of Pennsylvania)
    2. "Domesticity and Disappointment in Ann Radcliffe's German Travels" (Jeanne Moskal, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
    3. "The Reputation of German Drama Domesticated in Joanna Baillie's Prefaces and Plays" (Marueen Dowd, Loyola Univ. of Chicago)
    4. "Dora Wordsworth, William Wordsworth, and a Jewish Family in the Rhineland (1828)" (Judith Page, Millsaps College)

  • Between Politics and Aesthetics (Chair: John Mahoney, Boston College): Thursday, 11:00
    1. "Blake, Reynolds, and the Aesthetics of Race" (Paul Youngquist, Penn State Univ.)
    2. "Unmanageable Sights: Wordsworth and Constable at the Panoramas." (Gillen Darcy Wood, Columbia Univ.)
    3. "Aesthetic Ideology and Aesthetic Critique" (Deborah Elise White, Columbia Univ.)
    4. Response (John Mahoney, Boston College)

Thursday, 1:30 p.m.-3 p.m.

Concurrent sessions:
  • Romanticism After Literature: Parallel Universes (Chair: Clifford Siskin, SUNY Stony Brook): Thursday, 1:30
    1. "Introduction: Romanticism After Literature" (Clifford Siskin, SUNY Stony Brook)
    2. "The Picturesque Imperative" (Nancy Armstrong, Brown Univ.)
    3. "In and Out of the Universe of Writing" (Philip Martin, Cheltenham and Gloucester School of Higher Education)
    4. "Is There (British) Romanticism Without Literature?" (David Simpson, Columbia Univ.)

  • Hybrids and Native Grounds: Romantic Ecologies I (Special session organized by James McKusick, Univ. of Maryland-Baltimore County): Thursday, 1:30
    1. "De Quincey and Colonial Dietary Anxiety" (Alan Bewell, Univ. of Toronto)
    2. "Blake's Deep Ecology" (Mark Lussier, Arizona State Univ.)
    3. "Defining the Self, Defiling the Countryside: Autobiographical Travel Writing and Romantic Ecology" (Heather Frey, Indiana Univ.)

  • At the Borders of French Romanticism (Chair: Robert R. Daniel, Saint Joseph's Univ.): Thursday, 1:30
    1. "Constituting the Petits Romantiques" (Robert R. Daniel, Saint Joseph's Univ.)
    2. "When Less is Too Much: Guatier and the 'Petits Romantiques'" (Lois Cassandra Hamrick, Saint Louis Univ.)
    3. "A Fantastic Narrative Titled 'Romanticism'" (Margaret Miner, Univ. of Illinois-Chicago)
    4. "Maxim and (Un)commonplace: Forneret and Baudelaire" (Amy Ransom, Univ. of Montevallo)

  • Redrawing Political Boundaries (Chair: Charles Mahoney, Univ. of Connecticut): Thursday, 1:30
    1. "The Big Chill: 'Frost at Midnight,' John Thelwall and the Poetics of Repression" (Judith Thompson, Dalhousie Univ.)
    2. "Literacy, Illiteracy, and Ventriloquism in the Writing of Robert Wedderburn" (Michael Scrivener, Wayne State Univ.)
    3. "Cockneys in Tuscany" (Jeffrey N. Cox, Texas A&M Univ.)
    4. "Periodical Indigestion: Hazlitt's Unpalatable Politics and the 'Sandwich of Literature'"(Charles Mahoney, Univ. of Connecticut)

Thursday, 4 p.m.-6 p.m.

Reception at the Castle (hosted by Boston University)

Thursday, 6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Keynote address (at Boston University): "'A Crisis in My Mental History': Mill, Wordsworth, and the Question of Borders," Peter J. Manning (Univ. of Southern California)

Response: Karen Swann (Williams College)

Friday, 15 November

Friday, 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m.

Concurrent sessions:
  • Hybrids and Native Grounds: Romantic Ecologies II (Special session organized by James McKusick, Univ. of Maryland-Baltimore County): Friday, 9:00
    1. "Romanticism and the Metaphysics of Species" (Onno Oerlemans, Univ. of Ottawa)
    2. "Coleridge, Darwin, Linnaeus: The Sexual Politics of Botany" (Tim Fulford, Nottingham Trent Univ.)
    3. "An Absence of Azaleas: Imperialism, Nativity and Exoticism in Romantic Ecological Ideology" (Greg Garrard, Univ. of Wales, Swansea)
    4. "'Ultimate Weeds' and 'Writing Larks': Introduced Species and Native Semiosis In/Between Contemporary Biology and the Natural History Poetry of John Clare" (W. John Coletta, Univ. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)

  • Collaborative Crossings (Chair: Alison Hickey, Wellesley College): Friday, 9:00
    1. "Generic Desires: Godwin and His Wollstonecraft" (Ranita Chatterjee, Univ. of Utah)
    2. "Authorial Crossings / Editing Minervas: William Godwin's Liminal Manoeuvres in Wollstonecraft's Wrongs of Woman" (Gerard Goggin, Univ. of Sydney)
    3. "The Crossings of Collaboration: Coleridge, Southey, and the Anti-Jacobin" (Alison Hickey, Wellesley College)
    4. "The 'Hidden Dialogue' between Dorothy Wordsworth's 1798 Alfoxden Journal and 'Tintern Abbey'" (Jeffrey Loo, Franklin and Marshall College)

  • Crossing to Germany (Chair: tba): Friday, 9:00
    1. "Banning the Human from Nature and Nature from the Human in Kant's Aesthetics" (Karin Schutjer, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia)
    2. "Lucinde's Rhetoric of Love" (Marc Redfield, Claremont Graduate School)
    3. "Dorothea Schlegel and Italy" (Bertina Loeffler, Univ. of California, San Diego)
    4. "The Borders of a Lip: Kleist, Language, Politics" (Jan Plug, SUNY Buffalo)

  • Border Aesthetics: Constituting the Subject (Special session organized by Laura Doyle, Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst): Friday, 9:00
    1. "Out of Bounds: Epistolary Subjects and 'Scandalous' Memoirs" (Mary Jacobus, Cornell Univ.)
    2. "The Many Writing Subjects of Mary Robinson: A Clef Literature and the Institutional Narratives of Romanticism" (Christine Cooper, Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst)
    3. "Border Tales: Unsettling the English Subject in the British Peripheries" (Ina Ferris, Univ. of Ottawa)
    4. "The Uncanny: At Home with Wordsworth and Freud" (Betty Green, Boston College)

  • Electronic Texts and Textuality (Seminar organized by Bruce Graver, Providence College; open to seminar members only): Friday, 9:00
    1. "Editorial Methodology and the Electronic Text" (Julia Flanders, Women Writers Project, Brown Univ.)
    2. "The WWW as an Expressive Medium for Students of the Humanities" (David Garcia, NYU)
    3. "Hype or Hypertext: Scholarship and the Limits of Technology" (Ashton Nichols, Dickinson College)
    4. "The Romantic Circles Website and Emergent Forms of Scholarship Online" (Steven Jones, Loyola Univ.)
    5. "Romantic Text / Electronic Text: Designing a New Pedagogical Practice for Romantic Studies" (F. William Ruegg, Univ. of Florida and Ron Broglio, Univ. of Florida)
    6. "Romantic Billboards on the Infobahn" (John Anderson, Boston College)
    7. "Workshop of Filthy Creation, Cyberspace Division" (Jack Lynch, Univ. of Pennsylvania)
    8. "Electrifying Wordsworth" (Ronald Tetrault, Dalhousie Univ.)
    9. Response (Brennan O'Donnell, Loyala College and Mark Ledden, Emory Univ.)

Friday, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Concurrent sessions:
  • English Radicalism and Irish Nationalism: Transformations of Political Discourse Across the Irish Sea (Special session organized by Julia M. Wright, Univ. of Waterloo): Friday, 11:00
    1. "Celtic Canons: Maria Edgeworth's Castle Rackrent, the Scottish Enlightenment, and Irish Radical Politics in the late 1780s and 90s" (Clíona Ó. Gallachoir, Trinity College, Cambridge Univ.)
    2. "Roche's Loss: Genre, Violence and Cultural Nationalism in Ireland" (Miranda J. Burgess, Univ. of New Brunswick)
    3. "Napoleonic Ireland and the Aestheticization of Politics" (John P. Waters, Univ. of Notre Dame)

  • Writing Across Gender Lines (Chair: Irene Tayler, MIT): Friday, 11:00
    1. "Last Tango with Napoleon: Helen Maria Williams and the Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte" (Deborah Kennedy, Mount Allison Univ.)
    2. "Lesbianism and Romantic Genius: The Poetry of Anne Bannerman" (Andrew Elfenbein, Univ. of Minnesota)
    3. "Splitting the Subject: Mary Tighe's Psyche and Selena" (Harriet Kramer Linkin, New Mexico State Univ.)
    4. "Joanna Southcott's Strange Effects" (Sonia Hofkosh, Tufts Univ.)

  • Intertextual Blake (Chair: Leo Damrosch, Harvard Univ.): Friday, 11:00
    1. "Classical Forms, Romantic Cities: Blake, Boullee, and Ledoux" (Jennifer Davis Michael, Univ. of the South)
    2. "Blake's Pope" (Paul Yoder, Univ. of Arkansas-Little Rock)
    3. "Discourse, Subjectivity, and the Location of the Satanic: Blake's Milton and the Poetics of 'Self-Examination' (Kevin D. Hutchings, McMaster Univ.)
    4. Response (Leo Damrosch, Harvard Univ.)

  • Sharing the Transport: Trade and Literature (Special session organized by Timothy Morton, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder): Friday, 11:00
    1. "Peacock and the Politics of Steam Navigation to India" (Nicholas Joukovsky)
    2. "'Hitherto Closed to British Enterprise': Writing and Trading the Hispanic World after 1820" (Nanora Sweet, Univ. of Missouri, St. Louis)
    3. "Paring Away Excrescences: The East India Company and Sir William Jones as Political Context for Romantic Allegory" (Fred Hoerner, Univ. of Texas, Austin)
    4. "'Imperial Mistress of the Obedient Sea': The Spatiality of Imperialism in Charlotte Smith's 'Beachy Head'" (Ang Jordan, Indiana Univ.)

  • Romanticism and the "Other" (Seminar organized by Jerrold Hogle, Univ. of Arizona; open to seminar members only): Friday, 11:00
    1. "Introduction: The Evolving Forms of the Romantic Other" (Jerrold E. Hogle, Univ. of Arizona)
    2. "Self and Other in Coleridge: Between Ricoeur and Levinas" (David P. Haney, Auburn Univ.)
    3. "William Blake Represents the Other" (James Stanger, Univ. of California, Riverside)
    4. "The Presence of an 'Other' in Shelley's Prefaces" (Michael Laplace-Sinatra, Romanticism on the Net)
    5. "The Sublime Other: Persecution, Transcendence, and Anonymity in Shelley's Prometheus Unbound" (Robert Jones, Univ. of California, Riverside)
    6. "'A Hideous Likeness of Herself': Maternity and Otherness in Percy B. Shelley's The Cenci" (Julie Costello, Univ. of Notre Dame)
    7. "A Mother's Bequest to her Daughter: Intertextual Parallels Between Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley" (Robert P. Biehl, Boston College)
    8. "Frankenstein's Left Hand: Mary Shelley, Ursula K. LeGuin, and the Other" (Robert Frost Anderson, Francis Marion Univ.)
    9. "Speculative Dismemberment and Romantic Difference" (Linda Brigham, Kansas State Univ.)
    10. "Ireland: British Romanticism's Unacknowledged Other" (Kellie Donovan Wixson, Keene State College)
    11. "A Life of Great and Various Sufferings: Slaves and Exiles in Charlotte Turner Smith's Writings" (Kandi A. Tayebi, Univ. of Northern Colorado)

Friday, 1:30 p.m.-3 p.m.

Concurrent sessions:
  • Transglobal Romanticism (Chair: James A. W. Heffernan, Dartmouth Univ.): Friday, 1:30
    1. "'Beyond the stretch of labouring thought sublime': Romanticism, Postcolonialism, and the Transmission of Sanskrit Texts" (Kathryn S. Freeman, Univ. of Miami)
    2. "Split Subjects? Elizabeth Hamilton's Hindoo Rajah" (Susan B. Taylor, Univ. of Colorado-Colorado Springs)
    3. "(Dis)orienting the Self: Byron's Oriental Tales and Travels" (Eric Daffron, Mississippi Univ. for Women)
    4. 4. Response (James A.W. Heffernan, Dartmouth Univ.)

  • Transmission of Texts (Special session organized by Heather Jackson, Univ. of Toronto): Friday, 1:30
    1. "From Shakespeare to Johnson to Coleridge" (James Engell, Harvard Univ.)
    2. "Translation as Textual Transmission: Byron's Crossing of the Armenians" (Michael S. Macovski, Fordham Univ.)
    3. "The Space of Textual Transmission: Germaine De Stael's Coppet and the Erotics of Romantic Exchange" (Ann T. Gardiner, NYU)
    4. "Constructing the Blake Archive" (Joseph Viscomi, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

  • Aesthetics and Ideology (Special session organized by Susan Wolfson, Princeton Univ.): Friday, 1:30
    1. "The Madness of King George, by Mary Wollstonecraft" (Robert Kaufman, Stanford Univ.)
    2. "Cythna's Subtler Language" (William Keach, Brown Univ.)
    3. "'Those Limbs Disjointed of Gigantic Power': Barbauld's Personifications and the (Mis)Attribution of Political Agency" (Laura Mandell, Miami Univ.)
    4. "What's Wrong with Formalist Criticism?" (Susan Wolfson, Princeton Univ.)

  • Romantic Transpositions (Chair: tba): Friday, 1:30
    1. "Necessary Inventions: Beowulf as Romantic Text" (Clare Simmons, Ohio State Univ.)
    2. "Sing Willow, Willow, Willow, Willow: Othello in Rossinian Garb" (Jean-Pierre Barricelli, Univ. of California, Riverside)
    3. "'The Ocular Proof': Othello and Don Juan Canto VI" (Jane Stabler, Univ. of Dundee)

  • Gendering Romantic Poetry: Paradigms of Inclusion and Exclusion (Seminar organized by Harriet K. Linkin, New Mexico SU; open to seminar members only): Friday, 1:30
    1. "Fashioning a Feminist Canon? Romantic Women Poets and the Politics of the Anthology" (Elizabeth Eger, King's College, Cambridge Univ.)
    2. "Reading Romanticisms: Practices and Prospects for Rereading Women Romantic Writers" (Lori Branch West, Indiana Univ.)
    3. "Canonical Crossings: The Case of Felicia Hemans" (Leith Davis, Simon Fraser Univ., and Margaret Linley, Simon Fraser Univ.)
    4. "Gendering the Canons of Romanticism: Past, Present, and to Come" (Greg Kucich, Univ. of Notre Dame)
    5. "Joanna Baillie and the 'still small voice' of Femininity" (Amanda Gilroy, Univ. of Groningen)
    6. "Romantic Constructions" (Katherine Montwieler, Univ. of Georgia)
    7. "An Interrogation of he Solitary in the Landscapes of Charlotte Smith and William Wordsworth" (Elizabeth Ann Neighbors, Univ. of Georgia)
    8. "The 'Paradox of Cookery': Latent Anorexia in Romantic Women's Poetry" (Denise Wolitz, Univ. of South Carolina)
    9. "Inherit the Nerves: Sara Coleridge and the Sensorium Commune" (Donelle Ruwe, Fitchburg State College)

Friday, 3:30 p.m.-5 p.m.

Concurrent sessions:
  • Freedom, Lyricism, and the Cross of Greece (Chair: David S. Ferris, CUNY): Friday, 3:30
    1. "'Blank Misgivings': Wordsworth's Hellenism" (Tom McCall, Univ. of Houston)
    2. "Double Crossing the Greeks: Shelley's Persians" (David S. Ferris, CUNY)
    3. "Whose Language? Poetry for a Free World" (Jan Mieszkowski, Johns Hopkins Univ.)

  • Transgressive Readers and Readings (Special session organized by Marlon Ross, Univ. of Michigan): Friday, 3:30
    1. "The Politics of Plebeian Reading Audiences: Reading as Discipline and Indiscipline" (Kevin Gilmartin, California Institute of Technology)
    2. "Cultural Transgressions and Family Values: The Sins of the Suburban School of Poetry" (Elizabeth Jones)
    3. "My Lute Must Breathe What Is Its Own: Letitia Elizabeth Landon, the Annual, and the Critique of Literary Commercialism" (Matthew Kutcher, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

  • "The Footsteps of the Free": White Indian Wannabes 1776-1840 (Special session organized by Anthony Harding, Univ. of Saskatchewan): Friday, 3:30
    1. "Democracy and Hybridity in Robert Bage's Hermsprong" (Warren Cariou, Univ. of Toronto)
    2. "Shelley's Indians" (Clifford Marks, Univ. of Wyoming)
    3. "'Now that I have been a Chippewa born': Anna Jameson and the Representation of Nationalism" (Lisa Vargo, Univ. of Saskatchewan)
    4. Response (Nancy Moore Goslee, Univ. of Tennessee)

  • Gender Borders, Gender Crossings (Special session organized by Laura Doyle, Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst): Friday, 3:30
    1. "Looking for (a) Home: Re-covering the Domestic in Charlotte Smith's Elegiac Sonnets" (Michele Turner Sharp, East Carolina State Univ.)
    2. "The Unaesthetic Self in Ann Batten Cristall's Poetic Sketches" (Jacqueline M. Labbe, Univ. of Sheffield)
    3. "'Unsex'd' Texts: History and Romantic Women Writers" (Morri Safran, Univ. of Texas-Austin)
    4. Response (Ian Balfour, York Univ.)

  • Romantic Drama: Crossings of Stage and Text (Seminar organized by Reeve Parker, Cornell Univ., and Catherine Burroughs, Cornell College; open to seminar members only): Friday, 3:30
    1. "Theorizing the Romantic Stage: The Helen Maria Williams-Dorothy Jordan Interviews" (Catherine Burroughs, Cornell College)
    2. "On Capital Punishment and the Theater of the Body: Burke and Shelley" (Mark Canuel, Johns Hopkins Univ.)
    3. "Bisexuality and the Evasive Body of Closet Drama" (Thomas College. Crochunic, ETS)
    4. "'Sounds as Bad as Truth': Theatre of Cruelty and The Cenci" (Alex Dick, Univ. of Western Ontario)
    5. "'Nameless and Horrible': Homoerotic Desire in Joanna Baillie's De Monfort" (Lisa Kozlowski, Univ. of Georgia)
    6. "'The mind of man upturned / Is a strange spectacle': (Re)producing The Borderers" (Jonathan Mulrooney, Boston Univ.)
    7. "Casus Cenci: Shelley's Delicacy; Wordsworth's Dying Fall" (Reeve Parker, Cornell University)
    8. "Tragic Aesthetics and Cultural Politics: Redeformations of the Tragic Genre in Kleist and Shelley" (Arkady Plotnisky, Univ. of Utah)
    9. "Romantic Crossings: The Intersection of Race, Class, and Gender in Matthew Lewis's Gothic Drama The Castle Spectre" (Marjean D. Purinton, Texas Tech Univ.)
    10. "Patronage and Prejudice: Dramatic Criticism in the Novels of Mary Robinson" (Sharon Setzer, North Carolina SU)
    11. "'Woman No More: How Should I Name Thee?': Transgression and Identity in Kleist's Penthesilea and Wolf's Cassandra" (Jean Wilson, McMaster Univ.)

Friday, 6 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

Special Event at Boston Atheneum (please register in advance)

Saturday, 16 November

Saturday, 9 a.m.-10 a.m.

Breakfast Business Meeting

Saturday, 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Concurrent sessions:
  • Transmutations of Romantic Medievalism (Special session organized by Julie Carlson, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara): Saturday, 10:00
    1. "Incorporations of Medievalism in Scott and Byron: Emergent Futures or the Resurgent Past?" (Dino Felluga, Stanford Univ. and Patricia Ingham, LeHigh Univ.)
    2. "The Female as Hero(ine) in the Anti-Erloesungmaerchen: Medieval and Romantic Perspectives on Melusine" (Paola Mayer, Univ. of British Columbia and Hartwig Mayer, Univ. of Toronto)
    3. "'A Country in Romance': Loving the Middle Ages" (Julie Carlson, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara and Louise Fradenburg, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara)
    4. Response (Richard Matlak, College of the Holy Cross)

  • Romanticism in Transit (Chair: Charles Donelan): Saturday, 10:00
    1. "The Authority of the Other: Towards a Unified Theory of Disparate Romanticisms" (Walter L. Reed, Emory Univ.)
    2. "Romantic Transference and the Scene of Psychoanalysis" (Joel Faflak, Univ. of Western Ontario)
    3. "Romantic Sobriety" (Orrin Wang, Univ. of Maryland)
    4. Response (Charles Donelan)

  • Romanticism, Gender, and the Anxieties of Empire I (Special session organized by Anne K. Mellor, UCLA): Saturday, 10:00
    1. "Romanticism, Gender, and the Anxieties of Empire: An Introduction" (Anne K. Mellor, UCLA)
    2. "Shelley's Indian Circle: Pornographic Naturalism in the Travel Narratives of Williams and Shelley" (Tilar Mazzeo, Univ. of Washington)
    3. "Mapping the Interior: African Cartography and Shelley's 'The Witch of Atlas'" (Debbie Lee, Univ. of Arizona)
    4. "Romantic Travellers and the Conquest of America" (Nigel Leask, Queen's College, Cambridge Univ.)

  • Wordsworth Across Borders (Chair: Spencer Hall, Rhode Island College): Saturday, 10:00
    1. "Wordsworthian Geography: County Atlases, the Ordnance Survey, and Utopia" (Mike Wiley, DePaul Univ.)
    2. "'A bondage sweetly brook'd': Colonial History, the Idea of Sequence, and the Ballad in William Wordsworth's 'Poems Written During a Tour of Scotland'" (Steve Newman, Johns Hopkins Univ.)
    3. "The Crossing from Harmony to Dissonance in 'The Triad' and 'On the Power of Sound'" (Jill Heydt-Stevenson, Univ. of Texas at San Antonio)
    4. Response (Spencer Hall, Rhode Island College)

Saturday, 12 p.m.-1:30 p.m.

Concurrent sessions:
  • The Middle Passage: Translating Slavery (Special session organized by Mary Favret, Indiana Univ.): Saturday, 12:00
    1. "Introduction" (Mary Favret, Indiana Univ.)
    2. "A Nation is Being Beaten: Equiano's Translation of Masochistic Nationalism" (Daniel O'Quinn, Univ. of Guelph)
    3. "Crossing the Sensory Divide: Coleridge and Anti-Slave Rhetoric" (Victoria Myers, Pepperdine Univ.)
    4. "De Quincey's 'Dark Intepreter' and Three-Fingered Jack, 'The terror of Jamaica.'" (Charles J. Rzepka, Boston Univ.)

  • Philosophical Transactions (Chair: Karen A. Weisman, Univ. of Toronto): Saturday, 12:00
    1. "Kant's Misreading of Descartes" (Marshall Brown, Univ. of Washington)
    2. "Apatheia, or What de Man Saw in Kant" (Steven Goldsmith, Univ. of California, Berkeley)
    3. "Hegel, Eating: Schelling and the Carnivorous Virility of the West" (David Clark, McMaster Univ.)
    4. Response (Karen A. Weisman, Univ. of Toronto)

  • Transfigurations and Transgressions (Chair: Stephen Murray): Saturday, 12:00
    1. "The Revolutionary Body in Wollstonecraft's A Short Residence: Disciplinary Crossings" (Randi Patterson, Univ. of Waterloo)
    2. "Two Cheers for Abstraction: Rivers of Sound in Prometheus Unbound" (David Kaufmann, George Mason Univ.)
    3. "Keats' Urn, Neoclassicism, Sacrifice, and Historicism" (John Morillo, North Carolina State Univ.)
    4. Response (Stephen Murray)

  • Aesthetic Value (Special session organized by Susan Wolfson, Princeton Univ.): Saturday, 12:00
    1. "Economic and Aesthetic Value in the Elgin Marbles Debate" (Noah Heringman, Harvard Univ.)
    2. "'The Triumph of Taste': John Cheltwood Eustace, Felicia Hemans, and the Rape and Restoration of Italian Art" (Sharon Howe, Univ. of Toronto)
    3. "On the Prehistory of Poetic Voice: Coleridge, 'Christabel,' and Copyright" (Margaret Russett, Univ. of Southern California)
    4. "Coleridge as Victorian Heirloom" (David S. Hogsette, Ohio State Univ.)

Saturday, 2:30 p.m.-4 p.m.

Concurrent sessions:
  • Representation Across Class Lines (Special session organized by Beth Kowaleski-Wallace, Boston College): Saturday, 2:30
    1. "Poets of Poverty" (Margaret R. Higgonet, Univ. of Connecticut)
    2. "'One Face of Feeling': Public Mourning, Class Obfuscation, and Social Control" (Kevin Eubanks, Univ. of Tennessee)
    3. "Simian Faces, Bent Backs, and Bad Smells: The Iconography of the Poor and Rebellious in Late Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century European Culture" (Robert M. Maniquis, UCLA)
    4. Response (Scott McEathron, Southern Illinois Univ.)

  • Transforming Critical Categories (Chair: Nicholas Roe, Univ. of St Andrews): Saturday, 2:30
    1. "From Perverse Sensuality to Romantic Aesthetics: Erotic and Aesthetic Desire in Burke, Payne Knight, and Hazlitt" (Richard Sha, American Univ.)
    2. "Poets Crossing/Critics Guarding Class Boundaries" (A. J. Caschetta, NYU)
    3. "Death and the Matron: Hemans and the Post-Revolutionary Condition of Romanticism" (Gary Kelly, Keele Univ.)
    4. "Literary Style as Fugitive Subject in Gerard de Nerval's Les Faux saulniers" (Jonathan Strauss, Miami Univ.)

  • Romanticism, Gender, and the Anxieties of Empire II (Special session organized by Anne K. Mellor, UCLA): Saturday, 2:30
    1. "Dis/Locations of Culture and Gender in 'Kubla Khan'" (James Holt McGavran, Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte)
    2. "Dacre's Zafloya: Miscegenation as Racial and Sexual Nausea" (Diane Long Hoeveler, Marquette Univ.)
    3. "Tales and Laments: Amelia Opie's Anti-Slavery Poetics" (Roxanne Eberle, Univ. of Georgia)
    4. "African Sal and Black Beatrice: The Woman of Color as Icon" (Marilyn Butler, Exeter College, Oxford Univ.)

  • Transatlantic Romanticisms (Special session organized by William Jewett, Yale Univ.): Saturday, 2:30
    1. "National Acts: Marmion and Dramatic Crossing" (Elizabeth Barnes, Univ. of Michigan and Emily Allen, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara)
    2. "Scott, Cooper, and the Sexual Politics of Romantic Chivalry" (Gary R. Dyer, Univ. of Connecticut)
    3. "Transatlantic Savagism: Geographies of Progress in the Romantic Novel" (David College. Lipscomb, Columbia Univ.)

Saturday, 4:30 p.m.-5 p.m.

The Romantic Circles Research Website: A Demonstration and Discussion, with Neil Freistat (Univ. of Maryland) and Carl Stahmer (Univ. of California, Santa Barbara)

Saturday, 5 p.m.-6:15 p.m.

Plenary panel. Panelists: Stuart Curran (Univ. of Pennsylvania), Theresa Kelley (Univ. of Texas), Jon Klancher (Boston Univ.), Tilottama Rajan (Univ. of Western Ontario). Moderator: William Keach (Brown Univ.)

Sunday, 17 November

Sunday, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Special showing of "J.M.W. Turner and the Romantic Vision of the Holy Land and the Bible" at the Boston College Art Museum (transportation and continental breakfast provided by the College of Arts & Sciences)